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MJ was pumped full of Valium, Lorazepam, Midazolam, more Lorazepam, more Midazolam, then Propofol and Lidocaine IV. Murry then left the room to make a phone call and when he came back 10 minutes later, Michael Jackson was dead! I believe its a conspiracy to murder, or Hollywood are the STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!

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Michael was murdered plain and simple.It took a long time but I am glad that justice was finally served,and that man is in jail.I totally agree that where Michael was in that house is not the point.But that he was give a drug only to be given in an hospital.However it was one of the things that just are included.I don't know about two hours but for him to purposely give Michael that overdose,and then leave for ten minutes and find Michael dead still trying to give him CPR.That is crazy.I love Michael,and I miss him SOO much.I too am hurt,mad emotional,and angry about this whole thing.Another point is thatMichael should still be here.I don't doubt for one second that if he had received proper medical attention he would still be here.I am in a nightmare,waiting to wake up.I always will be until I am away from here,and I will be so glad when this is over.Look at this link about all of that,and what Latoya knows.It made me cry looking at it,and it is just so messed up.

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Enough is enough,my fellow readers we all love our celebs who provide us precious and invalueable entertainment.No doubt we are curious about them and so we want to know as much as possible.As we being individuals we have limited resources,so media acts as a tool and gets all that information.

Unfortunately in recent times and strengthening of tabloids with their mushroom growth has started a war where they some time step into their boundaries,legally may be correct but ethically wrong.

Now iam going to forward a question shouldn't we boycot all that media which victimise celebs and adopts hawkish tactics.Dont you think it's right time that we should adopt a self censorship.

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This is a definite case of negligent homicide and gross medical malpractice. Lawyers have stated that this is a case of manslaughter and not first degree murder as there was no malice aforethought,no plan to actually kill Michael.Now we must wait to see the exact charges to be filed by Los Angeles prosecutors.

i totally agree..i think the la investagators think it is way more too thats why they keep pending everything and searching for more evidence..i think they want to push it to find some evidence to push to 1st degree really i agree kingofpop..its way more

Just my opinion, BUT I think the LA investigators already have a case for manslaughter, maybe just maybe they're trying to collect even more evidence to maybe go for a charge of 1st degree murder?!! They had legal experts on CNN saying that at most right now all that could be pegged on Murray is malpractice. BS!!! He's a doctor and he had to of known very well what risks he was taking. The fact that he pushed on and decided to go forward with administering this drug shows a COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!!!

kingofpop..i totally agree
i remember when i was really sick..it was liquidy and looked milky..this is when i first got sick with lupus..i was in incredible pain and they injected with this..I PASSES OUT i dont rememebr anything..and when i finally woke up i had an oxygen mask!...remember i said PASSED OUT..you dont know what happen you just out cold...i woke up to an OXYGEN MASK! k..
it is bigger than anything and way more then we think..id leave it to God..theres nothing we can do..but its sadder when we feel we have more sense then the detectives ..i mean we were talking about this..many of us had a feeling it is more..many of us said murder..now it is homicide..guys dont think for a second it could just end with this..it can excalate into something bigger..God wil reveal what he wants..right now its homicide but they are not done investagating..i am not specualting just saying its fishy as hell ..and something more

@MJtruelove: Whether or not Dr. Murray left MJ's side is irrelevant. He had no business administering this drug outside of a hospital setting in the first place. CNN had an ANESTHEGIOLOGIST on yesterday who said she found it highly unlikely that Dr. Murray only administered 25mg of Propofol because a dose like that would have only put michael to sleep for about 10 minutes. I encourage you to watch Anderson Cooper too. They showed Diprovan aka Propofol being administered in an OR setting and within in 5 minutes the patient was sleeping and immediately stopped breathing. They had to insert a breathing tube. There was no place for this man to be administering such drugs in the first place because Diprovan is usually a drug that ONLY ANESTHEGIOLOGIST should administer.

here is the latest news from Dr. COnrad

Dr Conrad said he never left the room to make phone calls as reported by medias...
JUst leave it till justice prevails, in the mean time we just cool down for a sec

God forgive me for judgin so quickly but from the beginning i said murder murder murder..now i want to be wrong at this..because when we all starting saying its could be more than just manslaughter we were deiscouraged for even thinking that way and now what happend? we were right and now its rule a homicide..guys i ve said this before to my mom in the words of michael "you have seen nothing yet." nikki your right it is festering like a bacteria...it is way more mjgurl..i agree i have so many names in my head its rediculous.i dont think its one person..and i also am suspicious of those phone calls..also the two boxs removed ..that call murray made was 2 hrs before the ambulance call..which mean michael passed a loonng time ago...which means murray was hiding his own A$$..the person that made the call..where is he..he didnt state his name and i found it weird that he didnt even state it was michael..also if there was no phone how come murray was able to call his baby mama and have convo but he could not call when mj passed saying all types of excusses and hes not taking any i mean NO RESPONSIBLITY...michael said 'if it didnt come from me dont believe it."..hes mentioned this type of stuff...D.S....conspiracies he said it himself..i think its way more guys..and since we are right on it being more than manslaugher..heck its rule as homicide ..i think this is only the beginning..this is the biggest thing ever..let me tell you my spirit dont take murray and well i think its way more people involved i really..do mjgurl i wish you could tell me what you are thinkin cause a whole bunch is going on in my head..i think its murder..i dont want to jump and say that..maybe it was an accident but accidents are innocent ande this is beyond gross negligence!!!

Hello there,Diana!

No one have eyes for you right now,you see?
But me...sorry that you have to read all these..Really sorry about it,
Pleace, do feel embraced from me.

As fans we've had to endure our Beloved King of Pop's name being tainted with unfound rumors and speculations. I find it odd that the only drugs mentioned in his system being mentioned are drugs that "the good ol' doc" administered. If he was this hardcore drug addict as so many claimed he was then why the hell haven't we heard news of other ORAL RX DRUGS in his system? The only ones found are those Dr. Murray either prescribed or administered himself. I was watching Anderson Cooper lastnight and they did this special where they went into an OR where a patient was being administered Diprovan. Within FIVE MINUTES, the patient(who seemed larger in size than MJ) was knocked out!!! But even more horrific, the patient stopped breathing IMMEDIATELY. The surgeons had to place a breating tube in the patient. This goes to show just how EXTREMELY DANGEROUS diprovan indeed is when administered outside a hospital setting. It shows the ANESTHESIOLOGIST, mind you Murray's a CARDIOLOGIST, keeping a watchful eye and monitoring the patients blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate with the aide of MONITORS. Thankful to say the patient recovered from surgery with no problems and is on the road to a healthy recovery. This ignorant doctor had no business administering this drug in the first place. He had no regard for human life and the end result is our Beloved King of Pop's departure from this HELL. So many of us under constant ridicule for mourning an alleged "drug addict," and now this. I seriously hope this opens the public's eye to how easy it is to look for perfection in others, when we ourselves are lack that same perfection. How easy it is to SPECULATE and be COMPLETELY WRONG. The ignorant media and people who spewed all of it took no consideration to the fact that this HUMAN BEING had family, children, and people who LOVED AND ADORED HIM!!!


Right now I'm sure all of my fellow MJ fans are well aware of the breaking news regarding our Beloved King of Pop. The LA coroner's office is ruling MJ's death a HOMICIDE! Furthermore, lethal amounts of Propofol aka Diprovan were found in MJ's system. Here comes my anger and rage...

1. I would like to say BRAVO, to all the ignorant people who spewed unfound speculations...

2. BRAVO, to all the IGNORANT AND UNPROFESSIONAL news outlets that reported such speculations...



For 2 moths MJ fans have had to endure ignorant people and the media crucifying MJ. We've been ridiculed and even bilittled by so many for mourning the death of an icon that people were SPECULATING committed suicide!!! The truth has prevailed, as MJ said it ALWAYS would and MJ fans around the world have been now set back in their grieving by this news. We're now left for a hunger that ONLY JUSTICE can supress!

If it was in fact anything more than Murray being a quack, I doubt we will ever know.

I have been feeling upset and confused all day, and the feeling I had two months ago is now even stronger: IT STINKS!!!!! Big time!

they indentified the person who called 911, he'll be another witness. i forget the name but it was one michael's employees

You are correct. It was murder.

Unfortunately, I can't say on this site as to who else was involved. Murray was just a puppet.

i do believe there was something really wrong at that time...
n my big question will be : who was calling 911????
how can we don't know anything about this stangerrr??
he should be the #1 witness, rite?
but why he just gone with the wind???
n seems like police didn't care about it... why??

Helloo e every person on this place im Diana and proud to be called that way im only 6 and i am honoured to be six aswell but i love Mr.Jackson very much i think he is the best ever my daddy dies a long time ago my mom keeps saying he is going to come back but i know that she is lying and ever since my daddy died when i was 3 my mom liked Mr.Michaels music so i saw something in him and he was like a daddy to me that i never met but i tully tully love him as much as the whole icecream in the world my mommy lets me use the computer so maybe i can make some friends on here because i dont remember my daddy but i do remember Mr.MICHAEL as my virtual daddy i hope i can make some very very charming and lovely friends and i wanted to tell MR.JACKSON ilove you more daddy
you really are like a dad to me though i only met you once i very very very much think that you are very cool
thank you
kisses and huggs to all Mr.JAckson fans!!!

MollyPop: AEG stands for American Entertainment Group. Its a large corporation and I suspect they killed Michael because he was worth more to them dead than alive.

well the minute the caller said that the "doctor" was giving compressions while michael was on the bed, i knew that something was fishy. thats not what you do and it's clear that murray probably didn't even do much of that

@Necey - I agree with you; there is so much more to this that we don't know. I am so saddened by all that I read. I hope law enforcement does a thorough investigation.

what cracks me up is that MJ was dead almost 2 hrs and the Dr. was "attempting" CPR on the 911 calls tape. HELLO if someone's been dead for almost 2 hrs I don't think CPR's gonna work. Can anyone say , " Dr was trying 2 cover his a**". Also the EMT said he could already see the blood collecting to Michael back which usually happens 1 1/2 to 3 hrs after death. That MJ was also cold. That's why he was curious as 2 why the Dr. was still insisting on them performing CPR. But because he was a DR. the had the authority and they had 2 listen 2 his instructions. This whole thing stunk of Murder 4rom the beginning. ** sorry 4 the gruesome details, I know it makes me sick 2 just thinking about it.

What is AEG's (the concert promoter) role in all of this? So much more to learn!

goodnite cassie! OXOXOXOX

I agree...there's sooooo much more to this than what we know at this point!

My stomach hurt all day after learning this. And so guess what I did? Took a Pepcid. Hardly comparable to what Michael was supposedly taking, but I believe he was in so much pain both physically and emotionally and was surrounded with beasts disguised as doctors. And I've went to my own GP and told him I needed an antipressant, and so he gives it to me. He only asked me why I thought I needed it and I said "because I'm depressed". So upon MY OWN diagnosis, I was given a pretty powerful antidepressant. Well upon reading the enclosed precautionary statement I decided I didn't really want to put myself through all the potential side effects and drug interactions and never took them and on recurring visits, my doctor never once asked if I was taking them. It's a frightening reality that doctors cannot be trusted to have our best interests at heart. And I can only imagine the money hungry monsters surrounding Michael. THEY could've done something if they would've truly cared like they took an oath to. But everything is kept hush-hush to stay aboard the money train. All of these doctors could've staged their own intervention. Murray's a LIAR and his story is full of giant holes. He was trying to wean Michael off Propofol so after giving him enough prior sedatives to fell an elephant, he capitulates and gives him a lethal dose? WTF? And no phone, no known address, no correct CPR and then yelling for Prince? I know I'm NOT supposed to hate, but I do, truly, hate this man. God forgive me, I do.

Anybody take a real serious look at some of those characters in Michael's entourage? Intimidating to say the least. Geez. I would've been sleeping with one eye open ALL the time. Speaking of which, I'm really out this time. Talk to you guys tomorrow. Maybe by then, we will have let some of it sink in and can discuss things with more "compassion". But for me, tonite, that's not in the house of cards. Just is not going to happen, So I'll just say goodnight. Loving Michael forever. He rocked my world! Hugs to all.

jordy and gavin saw a gentle, sensitive soul.
the doctors (if you want to call them that) saw a medical history and $$

I have said since day one that there would be a lot of other people finally implicated and perhaps convicted in this web of deceit. It's not over yet. I still believe that some of his" handlers" and "essential employees" are gonna be implicated on some level before all this is over. Michael had let things get too out of hand in his own home. He was allowing too many folk to take charge and not knowing exactly what they were indeed taking charge of. They were out of control and handling things the way they wanted to, leaving Michael kinda in the dark about their decisions. That does not set well with me at all. Feels like a scheme to undermine him and use his money to finance some pansy schemes they had up their sleeves. Michael's drug dependency made it all the more easy for them to keep him in their back pocket. Just get him drugs. Well take care of the rest. I don't like where it''s all headed. But then, that's just me. Greed is one of the deadliest sins. And that house was full of it.

even is michael wasnt killed (and yes i say killed) the fact that murray used SURGICAL GRADE ANESTHETIC at someones home should get him a healthy prison sentence and loss of license.