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Michael Jackson was gone way before he died.

Michael Jackson lived for his career and never connected intimately with himself, in my opinion. He saw himself as just a performer. Entertainment Tonight said that friends of Michael Jackson's donated sperm at his request so Michael could use it for artificial insemination with a chosen women so he could have a family - Jackson DNA. He would do anything to distance himself from Jackson DNA. Entertainment Tonight says that the friends that donated were Marlon Brando, Vincent Price, Johnny Cochran, Chris Farley, Mark Lester, and other famous celebrities and used the sperm randomly so nobody knows who is who. Poor Michael. It breaks my heart that he was so unhappy with himself. When a person feels ugly on the inside, the outside is never good enough. You're never good enough so he wanted somebody else to fill his place, somebody Michael could respect; wouldn't you? I don't mean to get on the Jackson family, but what on earth happened to Michael? Who turned a blind eye? This breaks my heart. Why, why, why did he feel that way? To Michael, his performances were never good enough. He was NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! Here goes! SHAME ON YOU JOE JACKSON, and you too Katherine for turning a blind eye. I gotta say it, I gotta say it, it has to be said. WAKE UP!! WHEN WILL PEOPLE START TO HEAL THE WORLD BY INTERACTING WITH THEIR CHILDREN PROPERLY! MICHAEL SANG IT, HE LIVED IT, WHY CAN'T WE?

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I agree with the other comments here. ET is not the bible. And can anyone of us say our childhood was perfect? Parents are humans too and we all make mistakes, some are bigger than others. But I believe most of us do the best we can with the tools available to us at that time. Try to put yourself in Joe's shoes JUST FOR A MINUTE.....poor, all of them living in a 2 bedroom house, a dead end job, no real skills to get his family into a better place. And then one day Kate says, "Watch the kids Joe, they're pretty good." That's the ticket, thats the ticket outta here! Now, do I think he may have driven them a little too hard-YES. But that's hindsight sweetie and it's always 20/20. Joe's only motivation at the time was something better for him and his family. If you think Michael was damaged by that ,how bad do you think he would've been if they never succeeded?

poshlily: i respect your opinion, but is it really yours ? your conclusions seem to be drawn from ET's assertions, so that makes them at least biased. Et is not the bible dear, why are you being so permeable to outer sources? we all know what Michael went thru his childhood, that undoubtedly marked him, but i don't think he grew self alienated nor emotionally detached, he did love his - cos they were HIS- children dearly and learned to sublimate in a way the grief and pain from his youth thru his music. Michael was a loving father and a pure soul who made the change inside, and despite the suffering he forgave and loved and attained motivation to help healing the world. He was never gone until June 25th.

Dont put me into the mix please. I love Michael, I really do..but yeah, dont include others in this..i think michael has been hurt way too damn much and after awhile, it does take a toll on you, i know from experience with this....

Dear Poshlily
We are all upset and grieving about his loss, but I do not think it's a good idea to start the blame game to his parents that's bad taste. Michael was a big boy all grown up not a child. In hindsight we all could have said hay your not doing 50 tour dates, did anyone care then. Stars that big should have some form of state protection. People took advantage of him. Sad to say I am surprised he lasted this long.
Kind Regards
Blue bird

Do not try to understand Michael. Perceive him as he is, listening his music and reading his books. Do not believe tabloids. He is genius, an extraordinary person.He had the other vision of reality, and regular people did not understand him, and did not like him (excluding fans- we loved, love and will be loving Mike forever). One thing we can do, just " take a look at your-self, and then make a change."
Spreed any kind of LOVE around your-self , guys, and the World will start change.

Michael is immortal.

I also disagree! Michael was not gone before he died. He had his family and his children, who he loved deeply. He had passion for his music. The fact is, no fan knows Michael personally. You don't, and I don't. You don't know what he was thinking, you don't know what he was feeling. You can speculate all you want, you can try to relate. That might be hard for some fans to hear, but it's true. You can't make a judgement call on what you read or hear from the media. All you can do is respect Michael as an artist, as an entertainer, as the humanitarian he was. That's all he could give us, his fans. He had the right to his personal life, he had the right to privacy, he shouldn't have had or needed to give us anymore than his talent. That is what was so tragic about his life. He gave us joy through his gift, and that's all anyone should have asked for. Speaking to everyone, If you are a fan of Michael Jackson, try to do good from his message of love. Try to bring joy to others in whatever it is that you do.

@ starlights: Who are we to say he hasn't? I, myself am a testament to that, my mother, may she rest in peace, wasn't the greatest, but she made up for it with her grandchildren(my children). They loved and adored her, as I'm sure MJ's kids love Joe, so why taint any good image of him they may have?

And I agree, their FATHER is MJ, it takes more than DNA to a daddy make, so why bring up the topic. Paris' speech at the memorial is more than enough proof to show who her REAL DADDY was, so why not leave it at that?

Michael was gone way before he died? I disagree...

Michael was not at all the "weak" person that some media portayed him to be. Sensitive to certain things? Of course, but we all are. June 25, 2009 and only June 25, 2009 was when Michael "died". Not at all had he given up on life.I use died in quotes because I believe that death is not the end. I believe in spirits so therefore to me he nor either of us can actually "die". We just leave our physical bodies here in coffins and float on to something more divine. Did he have insecurities? Of course, who doesn't? I know that I do. Some of us have more or less than others but nonetheless, we have them. Michael had so much to live for. He knows it. GOD BLESS THE ENTIRE JACKSON FAMILY & FRIENDS CIRCLE. Shower them with strengthening compassion so that they all will be able to SMILE again. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL AND I MISS YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND MY SOUL.

Quit reading the tabloids. Michael Jackson was Prince I, Paris, and Blanket's daddy.

Why doesn't anybody believe that Michael himself the father is?
Just because anybody says it different even a so called friend he "donated" it.
Lies are more easily to believe then the truth.........................

And his father will never learn from his mistakes ..................

Am I missing something here, where did poshlily say the children should go to their biological father??? I would just like to say, although I don't like Joe Jackson for what he did to MJ, I'm sure he's learned from his mistakes, he's had to learn thru his son's death. Believe it or not, sometimes when people are horrid parents they make up for it as grandparents, so give them a chance, if not Joe atleast Katherine, she deserves a chance to redeem herself. She was adored by MJ, why else would he have only included her out of the whole family, besides the children and the charities in his will? Seems to me he wanted the ones he cared for and adored the most to be taken care of!

Wow give the kids to their biological father? Well he is dead, I think. But in case you mean that Michael is not their biological father and you say there could be many who are, nobody knows, how so you see this happening? They should be with a man they have never dealt with or dealt with as a friend? Wow, talk about ruining the kids forever.

Yes they lost their father in a horrible way, whatever the way turns out to be. But that is not all they have been given. They have been raised by Mike for many years and he was good to them and taught them to love and to respect.
If they had not been raised to be good kids, Paris would not be up on stage so strong and the boys would not be so polite and nice.

I don't like Joe either, and I think it is wrong that Katherine didn't stop him. But Michael truely loved her and respected her and knew he was leaving them with the people that raised him. But Joe is not even allowed near the kids.

I am worried too about their wellbeing, but you have to think about what you are wishing for them here. Don't want more bad things for them, pray for them and pray that Mike will keep protecting them from heaven so they will be okay.

Those kids already have something that'll stick with them forever, the fact that someone murdered their father, you cant ever get over losing someone you love to death...it just doesnt happen..

JACKSONS TOO!!!!!!!! MONEY CAN'T BUY YOU LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't, give them to their biological daddy. He could do alot better than YOU, and you know what I mean, Joe Jackson and Katherine and whoever else enables this soul murder. HEAL THE WORLD, MAKE THIS A BETTER PLACE, FOR ME AND FOR YOU AND FOR ALL HUMANITY, ESPECIALLY MICHAEL JACKSON'S CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T LET THEM GO DOWN THE SAME ROAD YOU SENT MICHAEL DOWN!!!!!!

Michael has problems, I saw that from my first impression of him....His childhood issues, the fact that his father beat him, he never felt like he was good enough for anyone, not to mention, he was called every name in the book, he was called a child molester when he loves children more than anything else...this man was already killed emotionally before this happened....whenever someone did tell him good things, its like he is surprised, like huh? really? poor michael...his drug use says alot, why you think alcoholics turn to drinks? because it takes their pain away, same for drug addicts..emotional and physical pain and eventually you just get addicted to it, you dont want the feeling of high to stop....love you michael <3

I think that Michael forgave his family. that was the Christ in him. However his childhood scars never healed. That is why he never thought he was good enough. He was told that, made to believe that, during the formative years and unfortunately it stuck with him throughout his life.