Let's all pray together for Michael on Aug 29 @ 9:50 am Pacific Time | The Official Michael Jackson Site

Let's all pray together for Michael on Aug 29 @ 9:50 am Pacific Time

For Michael's B-day or unfortunately funeral, let's all pray together at the same time, so he can see and feel our Love. Fans from Europe and other parts of the world make sure you know when. Light up a candle and donate something, anything, no matter how much. Michael said he cannot change the world by himself, we are the ones who can help him do that. He was magic and this magic touched us in such a way that we cannot let go. Our feelings are of a strange mix of spiritual and physical attraction, undescribable in words, almost linked to insanity. We love him as a man, worhisp his as a God and follow him as our mentor. Our chest hurts, we feel tired, we lost our smiles and appetite, and his appeal to so many people can only be explained by the fact that our souls are of the same kind, we feel what he felt, his loneliness, his need to help others, his inner child. It doesn't mean we all are frustrated with our lives or had an abusive father, it only means that we have the power to understand, to recognize a genius. The only regret I have, besides him not knowing that I exist, is that he died before he experienced a true love relationship. People close to him did not love him like we do, while we... were so far away.
I love Michael Jackson, and you guys, wherever you are.