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My visit to Gary, Indiana

Hi, I lately visited Michael's childhood house in Gary, Indiana... 2300 Jackson Street to be exact!!!
Here are some pics for you guys. I had some sad moments but I'm glad I went there.

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I live in Indiana but I have never been up to Gary.
But I hope to do it soon.
Maybe during Spring Break or something.
I want to see the monument they put up for him.

Thank you for sharing your visit to Gary, Lola. The video is great. I can imagine that it was very emotional to be there. I would have cried too. I love you Michael!

thank you so much Lola, you made my dream came true, I always wish I could pay respect and visited his childhood home. You have opened my eyes, and I believe there will be more and more people coming to Gary to send message and pay respect. He knows that he leaves this world being loved by all people, everything in between can be dealt with! oh what such a remarkable human being he is....He never dies in my heart forever and ever!
Love u Michael

i loved that video of you dancing! you're really good Smiling Michael was probably smiling down on you.
thanks for posting it!

The atmosphere was like a Celebration and MJ's music was blasting all day long.
There were a lot of ppl there even though you don't see them in the pics, I tried to take "personal" pics... Many families visiting there with little kids, ohhhhh Michael would've been so proud to see it.

If you have a chance I recommend you go, it is an amazing experience...and sad Sad ... Of Course I cried... a lot, it was very emotional to be there. The house is really small and you see the older Jackson's school right behind the house. Michael used to say all the time that he could see kids playing out from his window and it's true... I'm holding a flag, I have a few of them and I liked this one cause he's smiling and looking up. I also met some fans there so we cried together and held each other, even the neighbors were very nice and caring.

I gave a little dance there, for Michael! I'm happy, I feel like part of MJ lives inside of me cause I can dance a little like him Smiling Here, look at this

Thank U all for you're nice comments.

wonderful wish i could could put a bear there for him

So meaningful!!!
I really love it, Lola, I loved it! I was wondering how was over there and you have given me the answer. It is beutiful there are so many gifts to Michael there, all the motion can be seen for sure. I'd love going there, the place where the magic was born.
Amazing! Thank you, thank you very much for sharing!

nice pics..thanks for sharing

Lola, that is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Is that a towel you're holding? Where'd you get it? LOL!

I live in Chicago and was thinking of driving there on the 29th. I haven't decided yet though. Maybe I'll go another day when there aren't as many people....I dunno...

Thanks again!


wow! what a great experience for you! i really like your pics, very touching. I could see the sadness and emotion on your face, must have been hard but oh so joyfull!

i wish i could go to Gary, Indiana! i hope you had a memorable time Smiling thanks for sharing the pics!