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Michael's Happy Moments on Videos, Concerts, Shows etc.

Had you seen Michael's videos, concerts, shows etc. that makes you laugh hard because of funny stuffs?

Care to share and tell!


For me:

I remember, I was watching his "Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies" and there's a part on the video where Michael is on top of the bouncing diving board, dancing, saluting and marching like a soldier after then took a steps near on the edges of the diving board but he had no plans to dive!

He says: "Knowing Mcaulay Culkin, He made sure! He skimmed! He told me to go up on the diving board and I went up there like a nut..."

He's still dancing carefully on the bouncing board when Mcaulay Culkin climbed up carefully and silently on the stairs of the diving board!
Thou watchers knows what Mcaulay's planning to do!
So Mcaulay carefully take a few steps to reach Mj.

After reached the enough space Mcaulay pushed Michael's cute butt!
What I was laughin about on this video was Michael's reaction, his voice on the very high pitched after he was pushed by Mcaulay!

"Ahhhhhhhh Noooooooo!!!!! ayyyyyyyttttttttt" water flash Laughing out loud Smiling :)

Smiling LMAO