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OMG...I was just called a Freak...AHHHHHH

I am really sick and tired of people telling me how to feel, or that I cannot possibly feel the way I do. Some of you know what I am saying, you get the same babble by your friends and family as I get. Well, this evening...the battle lines have been drawn and I have had enough.

Everyday on my facebook, in my status, I pick one of Michael's songs and put the is just a random pick, no rhyme or reason for the song I choose...anyway, I have been getting slack from some of my family members, well one in particular...she wants me to still put lyrics, but from a different artist. I told her NO...not today, not tomorrow, not is what it is...Michael's lyrics only. She rambled on for awhile and in true smart a%% fashion, because I was really getting pissy, I said, "well, today's song lyrics are from We Are The World", you should be happy, other artists sang on that song with him...her response...."You're such a Freak"....AAHHHHH. I hung up...

You know why they don't get it...because they weren't chosen to get it. Plain and simple...Earlier today, this morning actually, I was standing outside, needed a break from work, had read some of the posts this morning and went outside to talk to Michael, I find comfort in that... Anyways..while I was out there thinking, a thought came to my mind..kind of in a whisper...That Michael has chosen Special Ones to carry on his message of love and heal the world. That is why we feel the pain, have the highs and lows and have the compassion and caring ability to support each other. He has hand picked us. All of us in this forum, he and God have brought us together for a reason. I felt an immediate peace in that moment. Does this make sense to anyone else...could this be it??? I have to believe it is. I immediately thanked God and Michael for choosing me and everyone in this forum. I have found so much comfort here and I have tried my best to comfort those in need here too.

Anyway...back to the "Freak" thing. I can endure it, as mad as it made me...I can handle whatever they want to dish out. It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt and I won't cry...but I am not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry. I am tired of trying to justify myself and my feelings to anyone who doesn't understand...or better yet, who wasn't chosen to endure this. I can do it, I can do it for Michael and I will keep his love safe in my heart and help carry out his message of Heal the World, and love each other.

Much love to all and Michael!

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Out of all the things I could say, I think that this quote best sums up what you should do in your situation as far as Michael is concerned:
"Stay strong, kid. Because there are a lot of people in this world who would just love to see you fall."

you cant make them understand why you feel that way about michael jackson anyway. not everyone is going to think michael was this special human being or a incrediable artist

Tell them what Seth Green said ; There are two kinds of people in the world, MJ fans and losers! Smiling

Proud to be an MJ FAN!

amen to that!

i totally understand.
i went through it too...and still am.

Tell those bruts MEAN PEOPLE SUCK, and GET A LIFE!

It's ok Loulou....I've been called a freak many times for my MJ love. And i'll be a freak for MJ anytime:) So be proud to be different and true to yourself. I'm proud of ya!!!

Hello everyone,

I haven't been called a freak yet but I can see some people, not many fortunately, don't understand how I feel and look at me as if I was exaggerating. It's pathetic when people call you names but it is even more irritating when they are so incredibly irrespectful, as this is a truly difficult period for those of us who really loved Michael. Didn't he have to put up with enough cr+p during his lifetime? Can't they just respect him and appreciate him for what he was, the greatest artist ever and an incredible human being?? Someone so talented, caring, loving, sweet, and good. What an angel! Those who can see that can enjoy his works and his countless contributions. Those poor people who can't should then mind their own business and leave us alone and leave Michael Jackson alone once and for all.

Thank you for all your support. It was wonderful finding this website. I am so sad. I miss Michael so much. Just to think that he's not among us any more makes me wanna cry. It tears me up when I think of all the pain some people inflicted on him and of how mistreated he was and I wonder if he was ever truly happy. But as you said, Michael will live forever, in a way he'll never die. He's above all that right now and I'm sure he knows how much we love him and to what extent he touched our lives. He must be looking at us and smiling right now.

What you suggested, Loulou, about us being the "chosen ones" is a wonderful thought. Let's "Heal The World" together and let's spread Michael's messages of love and unity. It's the least we can do. I know sooner or later we'll meet again.

Love you forever more, MJ. God bless you.

It's okay we understand you and we feel your pain.Smiling



Here is a comforting thought: last night, when I was going to the store to buy the Taraborelli book about Michael, I saw this girl about 14-16 with a black, glittery-gold Michael Jackson shirt that said: long live the king of pop on the top and "Michael Jackson" on the bottom. It warmed my heart and gave me the biggest smile. People probably wondered why I looked so weird walking all fast to get the book. That made my day and I'm glad to see people wearing that.

I deleted someone from my Facebook for making comments that were far from complimentary about Michael! What a cheek, you keep changing your status for song lyrics everyday until the cows come home anyone who doesn't like it does not have to look at your profile! A non fan will never ever understand our love for Michael. so if calling me a freak, weirdo or whatever is the only way for them to get their kicks good luck to them it does not faze me in the slightest. MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL! MICHAEL FOREVER

u know people who r calling us freaks r the same too. So yea there not fans of Michael but there fans of other things like movies, books,etc. So there the same too they should bac off of what were into and we'll bac off on them too.

Yes, that's right we are the chosen few who understand heheeh . My family could be like that and I don't talk to them about Michael because they could start being rude and i don't like that. My cousin laughed at me for liking him and that made so angry like who are they tot ell us how to feel? who to like and not like? and what to do? what is wrong with some people i mean we are our own person and if we like Michael we like him end of the discussion like hello u aint gonna turn around my decisions i like him and i love him and no matter what they say i will 4ever LOVE HIM I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT OK I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON

I've been called a freak, an over aged teeny bopper, psycho, and some other names in reference to my love and respect for Michael Jackson. Some people have even gone so far as to say, who's still into Michael Jackson? What? If you ever caught the Michael Jackson fever, then you would know that it never goes away. It's more than a notion. It's a way of life. How idiotic of them.

I get called a freak for being original, too. The fact is, most people don't have an original brain cell in their heads and can't seem to understand why different people like different things. They call us freaks because we are much more unique than them Eye-wink

You know what , I learned that when ppl call me weird or crazy for loving Michael Jackson and his music, I actually take it as a compliment! WHY? haha. Well Michael was called a weirdo too, and since ppl comsiderd him one and he was really a amazing individual then HEY if im weird , then i must be amazing too, thats how i handle it. Of course i try to explain to them that Michael had probably the biggest heart on this planet, and he didnt stop giving just becuase he wasnt getting recogition for it. But as you know, they dont wanna hear it, but it doesnt hurt to try Smiling im just glad i know the truth, the ppl who dont like Michael jackson for whatever reason are the ones missing out!

I was called a weirdo for liking MJ but I have learned to just shut them out and now it cant hurt me anymore and the reason why they call Michael a freak is because they dont know the facts I recently learned this because an MJ hater told me all of his "facts" and then I told him all the real facts and I havent gotten an answer back yet and its been about three weeks lol but now alot of my friends have started to listen to MJs music but I fear its just because he is dead now...

Well I guess I belong to this word Smiling

Yesterday Mom and my eldest sister told me I was freak about Mj!
"Aren't you tired of listening and playing his music over and over again?" they're both said!(different time lol!)
I just look at them for 5 secs. and back to Mj's site and keep myself listening to his hits songs!

My family have nothing against with Michael, the truth is they like him too!
The problem is, the avid fan vs. admiration/like is different!! Eye-wink

I know the title of this post was about being called a freak but this is what really struck me:

"Michael has chosen Special Ones to carry on his message of love and heal the world. That is why we feel the pain, have the highs and lows and have the compassion and caring ability to support each other. He has hand picked us. All of us in this forum, he and God have brought us together for a reason."

Thank you for saying that. It is true. We all grieve but we must continue on with his dream. We cannot allow others to stop us the way they tried to stop him.

It keeps ringing in my head...we are 'Michael's Army'

Thank you so much everyone...I really have found comfort in everything you have all said. We are in this together...NO one will ever change me, no matter what they feel or say. I used to say this when I was younger and last night it came back to me..."SEE ME, LOVE ME, IF YOU CAN"T DO THAT, GET AWAY FROM ME" I am who I am, I believe in what and who I want to believe in. I belive in Michael, I believe in his loving heart and the peace he tries to spread around the world. There is no one who can compare to his love and tenderness and his passion to "Heal the World"...

I love you Michael, forever more!!! I thank God everyday for you, because He truly gave this world an Angel, a miracle. I feel sorry for those who don't see this and still continue to try and bring Michael and Michael's family, friends and fans down...We love you Michael...say it loud and say it proud, he hears us..and he loves us back...Can you feel it!!! I do.

Thanks again everyone...You are the best people I have ever come across in my life...and I don't even know any of you personally, but I can honestly say, I feel like we have known each other for years and we are just seperated right now...

Much love to all and Michael!

Lolou, You are awesome! I can't bear it when someone call's me a freak (that's about 5 times a day -by my best mates- for liking MJ) As I said, you are awesome! Smiling

That is a nice story.

My grandma also didn't really know Michael and he defended him as well and said that the media should stop telling all these lies. She was really mad. I thought it was so cute. I love her. I love Michael. I love you all!

I can add something positive to that, maybe it'll cheer you up. Today I was at my parents', they're 79, no Michael Jackson fans, no pop-music-fans to begin with but they also never said anything bad about Michael, they just had no opinion about him at all, and they didn't understand me nor support me the past two months. Today they brought up Michael. I was already ready to go in defense but to my surprise they said that thy had been thinkin about all I've said about him and that I was right. That he was a loving person, that he was mistreated and that he did deserve better. I was amazed, my mom even defended him at her hairdressers' in front of other old ladies (and my mom is very ill so it takes a lot of her energy). I think this made Michael smile in heaven Smiling

loulou i just loved what you said...yes we are here because this was meant to be...we all have to endure everything that people has to throw on us...we must all remember how strong Michael was to endure all of those things...and yet he still keeps on fighting...
we just have to share this love...continue what Michael have done....
take care!

I am called a freak all my life, just by being me and not to imitate anybody else.
Yesterday I saw a beautiful poster of Michael and I said: Wow That is a beauty , he just looks how he really is. I can't believe that people believe that Michael was called stupid and all that other bad stuff. He knows more then anybody would believe if it is about art, science, the world situation, music, ect ect.
The people around me looked at me so strange and talked quietly behind my back.
Then I said, that's human nature, people like better a dirty lie then the honest truth................

I agreed with you 100% and I was just thinking about your comment and I think that is totally true. Sometimes I get confused as to why I feel this way. When I was driving yesterday this guy was trying to cut me off and I didn't get upset at all I let him go I just thought about how Michael wuold have reacted. I know Michael was a very humble person and I am trying to imitate him by been humble, doing good to others, been nice to others even though they are not sometimes. This morning I called my youngest brother who I haven't spoken to for about 6 months. I asked him if he was a fan of Michael Jackson guess what his response was; " I don't touch children" Well, I was not expecting that response from him but I went ahead and shut his mouth by telling him that Michael never did anything inapropiate to any child. Anyway, I was planning to invite him to join me to celebrate Michael's birthday. It really hurt me when he said that but I am going to ignore him and forgive him because he doesn't know Michael Jackson.

I really detest people like that. They make me unbelievably angry. I'm sorry you have to deal with people like that, but I think it's great that you're able to stand up for yourself like that and keep going for Michael and yourself. So, GO YOU! Laughing out loud

iluvmj4ever: agree with you 100%

You know, I don't understand why people talk down to other people. I mean let's be honest, atleast your putting meaningful lyrics up and not lyrics by any artist that are out there now that only talk about money or violence or sex. I don't see what's the big issue. Michael's music was about love and unity, coming together as one global family, I don't see anything wrong with that.

To be honest, I don't care what others think, I mean if they want to call me a freak then so be it! But I don't see how you can be a freak if your just trying to continue with Michael's message of unity. Stay strong and don't let anyone knock you down Smiling