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Describe what you want to see in the movie

Describe what you would like to see in the new movie of Michael's

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I want to see Michael joking and having fun, being silly. I want to see closeups of him laughing. I want to see the look in his eyes as he's going through the phases of the production. To see if he's pleased when the recaps are played. I want to see his energy. I want to see him discussing the choreography. I want to see every emotion he experienced while preparing for this tour, because those are the last emotions I'll ever get to see from him again. I want to watch him wipe away his sweat, take a sip of water, wrap up, rub his feet, take a rest break, everything. I want to see it all. I want to see Michael, not the cameramen, the extras, etc. I just want to see every minute of footage that they captured of him in all his glory, doing what he does best, inspiring and hypnotizing me beyond the realms of reason. My God, the reality that this is really it, paralyzes me emotionally. How I am going to miss him in the days and months and years to come. I cannot even begin to imagine it.

oo good question, probably him having fun! playing around, telling jokes, making funny faces! all of it. him just being himself, you know, like the michael we know Smiling

I wanna see Michael being Michael...

I want to see the creative genius of Michael Jackson that had been repressed for so long by personal tragedy and heartache come back to life. Michael was innovative and a lot of people forgot while he was alive. Of course, after he died people (whom of which 6 months prior were calling him crazy and strange) were now calling him a genius and talented legend. That's what I want to see.

I wanna see Michael smiling, laughing. And, of course, singing and dancing in that special way only he did. =)

The should bring out a Blu-Ray box with at least 24 hours oh Michael Jackson, it's a shame if we can only see a glimpse of the rehearsals Sad

I want more than anything to see him laughing and smiling.
And of course, the whole concert from start to finish as he planned it.

I want to see the concert from beginning to end as Michael envisioned it and planned to present it to his audience. The only thing that concerns me is the fact that because it's rehearsal footage, there will be no audience cheering and singing along and lighting lighters er.. cell phones. I wonder if the costumes will be exactly as they are supposed to be worn for the actual show (Billie Jean outfit, Beat It jacket, Thriller jacket, etc..) and also if the stage design was complete with the digital screens and all the explosions etc.. I have a feeling it's not exactly what those who had tickets to the shows would have seen.

MJ i wanna see lots and lot and lots of MJ. the Bucharest was too short so it must be longer than 2 hours! all of it would be best!
sigh i miss MJ. my friends dont understand why i miss him so much. but i was jumping for joy when i heard they were gonna release the This Is It movie! its bittersweet because i've been telling my sisters since i started working that we must go and watch MJ - front row seats! the next time he comes to Australia. its too bad because the last time he came was in 96 and i was only 9 back then.
but i hope whatever they don't show in the movies i hope they release it on dvd i would buy all of them!!! i liek backstage footages as well! MJ is so so so so cute when he's not being 'superman'. =]

I just wanna see Michael. Thats it really. Michael just being Michael, i wanna see him doing his thing on stage, dancing, singing, the lot. I wanna see him smile, laugh and joke. Every aspect of Michael that i loved and miss i wanna see right there in the film. I really wanna see anyone else, i dont want interviews with anyone, Randy or whatever, i dont care about them, we've heard from them already, now its Michaels turn, its his movie he never got to do it foreal, so it just just be about him and not have others stealing the limelight. I guess some parts may include others in order to make the movie fit together, but who knows how there gonna do it.

GabyKunstler: So quite a depressing movie you have in mind then? lol. Dont you just wann see Michael? Who cares about the others, it doesnt matter if they sorry really does it, the damage is done its not gonna bring Michael back. Certain people cant apologise for what they did because there partly responsible- so it would be a wasted movie.

Btw, i hope they didnt seem to harsh on you, it didnt mean to be- promise Laughing out loud I just read it back n thought it sounded abit forceful. lol

Just Michael please!

If anything at all then only apologies, apologies and unreserved apologies of all those who knowingly threw him over the edge, who manipulated him, who signed him up for 50 concerts without his consent, who even now can't curb their greed but keep feeding on his remains, but these who should come out to admit their criminal involvement and apologise will never do so because if they ever had a grain of consciousness and moral fabric they wouldn't have had done what they did and continue to do.

So, this line-up should include his dad for years of abuse, his family for failing to keep him on the right track, his friends for faking honesty out of fear of losing the benefits, his staff who abused his trust, his doctors who abused his trust and professional ethics to line their pockets, his managers who failed to ensure he was safe when filming the Coke commercial and securing deals he never approved, his wives who married him for reasons other than love, his lovers who betrayed his privacy, etc.etc.etc.

That would be an epic movie and the only one I am sure Michael would like to see from wherevfr he is now.

And another thing, what about the new moonwalk that Michael was planning, i wonder if that was on film.

iWanna see him laughing and joking around makin funny faces at the camera some of the rehursals of some songs, i just wanna see him looking happy

I want to see how involved he was in the planning and everything. He cared and people need to see that for themselves.


I agree with Ben, I want to see as much of the "This Is It" production as possible. I think the interviews etc... would be good as special features for a Blu-ray release.

I want to hear him sing the best songs,and much more!


I want to see all of Michael, at his best, at his falls, as he was creating and enjoying his creation. I need to see him smile and have fun.

As for words from friends of him... to be honest, I had enough of several "so called" closest ever friends. The real ones are keeping silence. Those are the ones who love him the most.

I agree with kingofpop - he always had great funny, candid moments on video. I would love to see Michael in all his glorious "Michaelness". He can be rehearsing, planning, directing, coreographing - absolutely anything and I will enthralled with it. I hope it is hours long - at least the DVD version - because it is his onstage goodbye. I won't want it to end. The rolling credits will be the worst thing. I am glad that his hard work, the show he was excited to unleash upon us, will be seen. He'd be happy, I bet.

Raw MJ

I want to see how healthy he looked, because the clips I've seen makes me cry . I want to know WHY? WHY IS HE GONE!!!?????

Love you and Miss you MJ

I want to see as much of the This Is It production as possible. To see his final theatrical goodbye to us - I wanna know what he had planned and I want to see him happy on stage, as he so obviously is in those rehearsal pictures.

For MJ, it was always about the music. I don't care for interviews or backstage clips (as interesting as they'd be) - I want the music and the performing to do the speaking

Just seeing him, regardless of any other content, is enough for me. OMG I love that man.

I'd like to see his performances or all the songs he was gonna do, id like to see the dome project, id like to see some nice backstage footage of him and some funny moments, cz michael always had a great sence of humor, Smiling it will be an emotional film, i can cetanly say that my eyes wount be dry when i watch it