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Slave 2 the rhythm ft. Justin Bieber??

Anyone have a clue what this is?? Apparently it was recently uploaded....

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Another reason these damn Youtube videos are still being spread around is because MJ sites keep posting them in threads saying things like; 'here is another one' all upset about them but they keep posting the links. When all the posts are removed with these links leading to the video, it MIGHT start to slow down. You would think the mods and admins on these sites would be with the program better than that. smh

Youtube videos are still up, SMH!!!!!!

It's wrong, wrong, wrong - JB did NOT seek permission to do this. If he thinks he can step into Michael's shoes then he has some very big shoes to fill - and his feet are no way near big enough!

There are MJ blogs/sites out there bashing the MJE saying this is a ploy. Yes it IS! It's a JB ploy! Gullible people that do not bother to read the MJE statements correctly and are so busy wanting to bash the MJE need to wise up and learn what the facts are here. That fool DS has the song on his blog and is perpetuating all kinds of nonsense.

Our admin (at another site) has been working with the MJE sending what is found and was told DS is in their cross hairs and there are more sites being busted for posting this stupid stunt video of that dreadful little runt calling this song a Justin Beiber song ft. MJ. It is beyond me why MJ sites are so quick to hate on the Estate. They might as well join JB sites, they are acting like them all screaming about the video being removed and how wonderful JB made this abomination of a once beautiful song of MJ's! This wanna-be actually REMOVED Michael’s vocals in key parts of the song and on other sections dubbed over MJ to bring his own weak screeches to the forefront. This is not just stealing the song, it is manipulating it to make it appear as though JB is the front vocal and MJ is background. Who does this? Well this little punk did it and will not get away with it! The little beiberettes are all oooh it's the best JB song ever. It is truly nauseating.

Well JB just blew it for all MJ fans now regarding STTR ever being released because of this self serving stunt. He could not care less as this was the most arrogant move ever and for all his lovefests he fakes about (or should I say aboot) Michael, it is clear he has no respect and only steals all he can from MJ and fails miserably trying to be something he could never and will never ever be.

The DJ (MM) and others involved are facing copyright violations now for this. As they should be.
All the "MJ fans" that are trash talking the MJE need to wise up and get with the facts

There is only ONE KIng of Pop and that is Michael Jackson. Now and forever.

There are still so many unauthorized "Slave To The Rhythm videos out there Sad

That's correct Smitt. Sony have all the BC of Michael's, they bought it for millions. It's all down to them what is released and shouldn't be etc.

Sony? why don't you do something useful for a change like releasing more of Michael's
concert tours! You have all the footage from everything he did.

@MJsmittenkitten (<--cute username btw, lol): Thanks for clearing that up for me, I was wondering!

The news has also reached Yahoo! and the article actually gave Michael some respect! I was expecting to see some horrible comments about Michael, but surprisingly I didn't see many! And it's been like that lately too! I don't know if people are coming to their senses and are finally believing the truth about Michael, or if Michael Jackson fans have invaded the forums of Yahoo!. Either way, I see a lot of people defending Michael and I like it! Laughing out loud Here's the link to the article:

@jax You are welcome!

Sony has filed a copyright claim against Justin Bieber over "Slave To The Rhythm".

Thank you Enola for posting the statement.

Faith wrote: "Now what's this I hear about Justin buying the song. Can someone fill me in on that???"

According to this article, Sony owns the rights to this song. Here's the link. I have to say I totally LOVE the way the article addresses Michael as **Mister** Jackson. About time he got some respect from the media.

Thanks for posting links-I gave them to someone to send to the MJE.

New statement from the Estate:
"For those who have been asking about the recently posted recording of “Slave 2 The Rhythm” by Michael and Justin Bieber, this recording was not authorized. We can assure you that the Estate is quite upset about the leak and is doing everything in its power to get the song removed from as many sites and YouTube channels as possible."

Posted on Twitter a few minutes ago,

I just am not a fan of most cover songs of Michael's music. Which is the same for Justin's and it's nothing against him. Maybe if he made it more of his own than imitating the original...??? Anyways, I'm not appreciating it being promoted as a collaboration when we all know that this song was finished four years ago without Bieber. But I'd hope, Bieber wouldn't be falsely stating that it is collab. and it's just the media failing to research the true story, as always. Now what's this I hear about Justin buying the song. Can someone fill me in on that???

ok then if that's your opinion, I respect it. No I'm not trying to escalate things here, I'm expressing my opinion and yes everyone's entitled to their opinion but I just can't seem to understand the hate Justin gets.

Silver, "hater" is a very strong word to be using and I sense you might want to escalate things here. Yes, Bieber has a nice voice; he's young and has potential. He's just not Michael's caliber yet. And I think a lot of the upset is that this is being promoted as a collaboration. I don't see how since Michael's been gone for over four years. To me, this alleged "collaboration" just shows how far Bieber still has to go.

If I would have sung to Michael's songs, would the world hate me for it? Hmmm I wonder really... do I have to be hated just because I love Michael's music and chose to sing to it? Hmm...

i find it so sad how many haters Justin has... lol There's nothing wrong with Justin's voice. He has a good singing voice. God if he were just an everyday person that i knew and sung to me, I would admire him for it. His voice isn't that bad and really He must be doing something right to be a celebrity. He's up there and successful... greatness is no accident. Everyone has the ability to become great and for Justin, I know he's where he's at for a reason...

I don't take Justin Beiber for granted. I don't think it's right to talk badly about him. Well better for him, you're just giving him energy!! lots of it... the more energy you give him the more successful he is getting.

haha!!! and Michael's music has been leaked many times... who's fault is that? Is it Justin Beiber's?

btw, Justin is really young and look he's got his millions already.... maybe more.

Bieber tweeted that MJ had set the bar high....I guess in anticipation of this song's release; unfortunately, in my book, Bieber didn't reach that bar... LOL! This is what annoys me the most about this. The difference between Bieber and Michael's vocals are like the difference between a weekend runner and an Olympic athlete. In fact, hearing that kid's voice next to Michael's hurt my ears so much, I had to listen to Michae's version as an antidote.

So now they are playing this UNAUTHORIZED song on Australian radio........Shocked

When I first heard it, I thought, "OK, Bieber admires Michael and this is some kind of tribute. He doesn't have Michael's depth of feeling; but the kid gave it his best shot." Unfortunately, the news headlines are now saying that Michael and Bieber **collaborated** on this song.

I don't think so.

Here's a link to all of the stories, and of course these stories have links to the unauthorized version of Slave to the Rhythm by Bieber. Look how the story is now morphing into a "collaborative" venture between Michael and Bieber. smh

I hope the original is eventually released, given that it has already been leaked. It is far more superior than any other so called remix or anything featuring other artists, that completely trash Michael and his music. Naturally, I'm also extremely relieved that the Estate took swift action regarding this unauthorised so called remix.

Second statement from The Michael Jackson Estate.......

"It is unauthorized and therefore there is no intention to release it."

That's not so good to compare Justin Beiber to Michael. Justin is just doing what he loves and wants to do. There's nothing wrong with him doing something to express his love for Michael's music. That's messed up to judge and limit someone's creativity. We are on this world to live and create the life we wish to live, how we want to live it.

Not only is it still on YT, it is being played on the radio in the UK and Canada!!!!!!

After having listened to this cover ... all i can say is that i felt the need to listen to the only One Slave to the rhythm Smiling Michael is just to big for Biber,he sould know it better and not try to imitate the REAL ONE. I think that ,if Michael would have wanted to give this song to anyone he would have done it in life but...He didn´t.
Sharing with you all such a awesome song,press play.. turn up the volume,and dance !!
Love and peace to all.

I only have ears for Michael.

Unfortunatley when I search Youtube for this song with Justin Bieber and Michael I can easily still find it. I hope the Estate gets a handle on this ASAP!

I hope Estate is smart and won't officially release this. They should not ruin Michael's work with Justin Bieber.

@Jax: Where are these popping up? This all needs to be reported to the MJ Estate so they can take steps to have removed. If these are not removed they will absolutely be sued.

Can you list the site links here?