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Tribute for MJ, August 29, 2013, NYC

Hi, guys. Im new in this forum but Im like all u so much in love with MJ's songs.And I have idea, maybe we can all together cando smth in memory of King for his bday. As dancing Thriller somewhere in NYC. What do u think? I will be happy to join. Thanks, best regards, Aya.

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The administrator of another site I am active on is involved with Michael Jackson "Thrill the World" which is a worldwide tribute to MJ where on 1 day per year, usually in October tons of people all dance Thriller in a huge event in cities all over the planet (after practicing toogether for awhile). We have a few members who are in NYC and have a group of MJ fans that hang together and attend events in NY all the time. Maybe you could meet them (on the site) and go from there.

If you want the website address just send me a PM (private message) and I will reply with that info for you. It is a really great site and has a lot of active members everyday. Smiling