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Michael Jackson's Death Hoax??

Hey, guys!

I've heard a lot of buzz about MJ's supposedly 'faked' death... I'm not really sure that I believe that he's still alive, but a ton of people seem to truly think that not only is he alive and well, but that he's coming back, too. Personally, I think that if his death was faked, he'd want to stay out of the eyes of the media, and be with his children.

If you all could give your opinion on the subject, and maybe even some evidence of the hoax, it would be hugely appreciated!

Remember, "it's all for L.O.V.E."

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I cannot believe I set here and wasted valuable time reading all of this. IF... I F... Michael is alive, let the man alone, already!

Play his music, read his book... find something to do to calm yourself. We all miss him - let's comfort one another in love.

I personally do believe that he could be alive. Wether I totally believe it I'am not to sure about.

It would be really nice if Michael faked his death. I would just like to say I love the song Love Never Felt So Good and I am really excited about the Xscape album.

Well Michael once said we only have a short time to make all wrongs right did we? will we? are we? i love the world what mike had to say is so ture i love him so much hes not gone to me he will be in my heart forever MICHAEL I LOVE YOU

i dont have the time to read you now, ...soon.. i do my housework now and i though..about what i said before...ummmm well i think i love him unconditionally i bought a good aspirator, thats all every problem have is solution ♥

Well, if he was alive, i just want to tell him that to follow this video.


its not the way to seduce a woman...by broking the glass.

for my part, when i broke a glass , it's everywhere,
I hate picking up the glass .. if he is to break lights or glass when he is angry .. well ..i think it twice.

I wish this was true... Sad I miss Michael.

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lol yes we are all fans Smiling

I thought of coffee or caughing each time I read that word Dorothy. I like that song, very nice!

Oh I thought Conniff instead of Coffin Joms, (i let something about this on I feel judge) yes i remember the ceremony, it was the 7 of 7, the same date of my brother's birthday..

There are thousands of pictures of mj (many, many) this video have some, I've put one more in bonus.



DEafjaime there is no way he can be, we all saw the coffin and the ceremony and all it's sad but you must accept reality.

YEs MJ are Hoax cause His friend have pass way .. his name is Soule Shaun MJ "ALIAS" i know Jackson's family keep secret from us.. cause MJ want secret life. same Elvis Presley .. did you know that ELVIS is ALIVE . .. I did read that website about MJ 's Hoax cause He want to be Secret life for fresh life.. and i talked to Pearl Jr.. that she say that MJ will Get return soon as possible.. Did you hear That MJ make New CD? that change to Be MJ is ALIVE that is true.. i know that .. ALL FANS IS KNOW THAT MJ IS ALIVE>> and im BELIEVER that he is! NEVER DIE !

Dorita, do not worry with little things like this, it is nothing, it does not deserve your attention, there are who have time to waste, don't let nothing to disturb your wonderful day, bring your attention on what is beautiful in life. I love you. (I know you already know this, but sometimes it is good to remind us.)

Please, for the love of God, stop bloody spamming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B.A.M. = Back Again Michael I hope Michael Jackson is alive, I love and admire him whit all my heart <3

Hello and welcome mjfanforever1969..... do not take it personal but your post inspired me to write this : sometimes we write in the heat of the moment and we do not think twice and although I respect your opinion but we have believers on this site there and I think we should be careful before judging , these are not all ignorants. Who can claim to have the truth l00% ? I think the world will go better if everyone began to be in the shoes of others,opinions may be different, it's like taste, everybody has his reasons , I myself am a believer I do not believe what they showed us about his death for me it makes no sense but I respect your opinion, I love hoped for a better world and for that we must all do our part and accept that other is different from saying it is a first step then we have to work non-judgment because we are not in the shoes of the other if the other has such a belief or taste is that it certainly has good reasons. I think we are all entitled to our opinion but we must have respect , it is also valid for the religion , culture , beliefs , tastes etc. . I do not hold the whole truth about anything , I think there is good and bad in everything, and I think if we 're all one step closer to try to make a better world, is already a big step. With that, I continue my path on my yellow brick road , and I love you all , even if sometimes I do not agree ... I love you , Dorothy ♥

ps sorry maybe I misunderstood your message, english is not my first language ♥ this is why you should not take it personal what I understand, inspired me , have a great day .


always remember the shoes , its a good idea:



Yes i love Beatles too, Michael


Oh my gosh! I can't tell you how excited I am to have found this forum. You would think :-\ what do you mean, "just found it?" I know, right! :-\ I've been hanging around all of the death hoaxers, and I haven't believed since day one that he was alive. I am so glad that I have found a place to vent my frustration, as well as, feel welcomed by others who feel the same as me. I do have to laugh though, because all I've been hearing about are the beLIEvers and the KNOWers, well....I was just thinking about it just the other day, that I, too, am a knower, but what I know is that the beLIEvers are all a bunch of wackadoodles :X lol. Okay, so, maybe that's too harsh, but anyways.....as you can tell, no, I don't believe in the hoax either! LOL

Voted, sorry wrong thread.

I've heard a lot about BAM, too. I know people say that Michael Jackson BAM is when they expect Michael to come back and perform again. Does anyone know what the letters BAM stand for?

As for whether or not Michael would come back, I don't think he would. After all, he worked for at least 45 years, beginning at an age when the rest of us were taking life easy without a care in the world. He worked hours at that age that most adults don't work. And he went through hell on earth. He sang about that hell for years, including in "Scream," "2Bad," "They Don't Care About Us," "Morphine," "Blood On The Dance Floor," "This Time Around," and many, many other songs. If he came back, he would just face more of the same, from greedy people and others who mistakenly think they have a reason to hate him.

Michael would just be with his children. He would make a new life for himself and them and stay away from the media and other people who would hurt him or them. And he would keep on doing charity work and/or giving to charities, like he did before, only in a way that doesn't have the media all over him.


thanks for this news Lag ♥


CBS NewsMarch 18, 2014, 8:54 AM
Faking celeb deaths a big business for some websites, expert says

Actor Wayne Knight is alive and well, no matter what the internet would have you believe.

The "Seinfeld" star was forced to confirm that fact to the world, after online rumors exploded this weekend.

The hoax is part of a trend that may be no accident, Kevin Frazier of "The Insider" reported.

Knight once became dinner for a dinosaur in "Jurassic Park" and nearly burned to death in his mail truck on "Seinfeld." But in real life, Knight is still very much alive. He took to Twitter on Sunday to refute reports he had died in a tragic car accident.

One of those stories appeared on the website eBuzzd, which received 8,000 Facebook likes. EBuzzd uses the url TMZ.today, which some viewers may have confused with TMZ.com.

Tim Stevens, editor at large at CNET, said, "A site like TMZ makes maybe 100 million page views a month. Obviously, these fake sites aren't getting anywhere near that, but if they can get really a fraction of that, they can make tens of thousands of dollars off of one of these fake stories over just a couple of days."

On its about page, eBuzzd warns: "...if you find stories on eBuzzd shocking or even real at all, then you should log off the Internet..."

Another website, fakeawish.com, even allows users to generate their own realistic-looking, but false news stories designed to go viral. The fake celebrity deaths often involve jet-ski accidents and trips to Australia.

The site's creator Rich Hoover refused to go on-camera, but spoke to "CBS This Morning" by phone.

"It's important that the articles are structured so they're not slanderous," Hoover said. "In almost every single article, there's a statement that says 'drugs and alcohol were not a factor'."

Knight's "Jurassic Park" co-star, Jeff Goldblum, was the victim of false death rumors back in 2009. He appeared on "The Colbert Report" -- itself a parody news show -- to refute them.
Goldblum said then, "I'm sorry to interrupt my friend, Stephen, but look! I'm not dead!"

Colbert said, "Do you mind, Jeff Goldblum? I'm reporting on the death of Jeff Goldblum!"

"No, no, Steve," Goldblum replied. "In fact, last week, I was not even in New Zealand. Look, I'm not dead."

Colbert said, "Jeff, I read it on Twitter!"

The list of actors prematurely killed off by the internet include Will Smith, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber -- just to name a few.

Stevens said, "If you're someone who just casually reads headlines or reads the first couple sentences of a story, you probably would never notice that these stories are fake."

Hello and welcome SoAmazinMJ , thank you for your references , I always paid attention to the lyrics, I did not know this song, I 'm glad you let me know ,excuse my english, I’ll try to be understanding, I’ll do my best but sorry Sad … indeed his message is very clear , my God ,he must be tired of all this medias circus, it's been almost 5 years since he left and they still say absurd things about him . As regards his death and all that surrounds, it is completely ridiculous , I do not buy that. It is obvious to me that we do not know the truth . Me , I noticed that here it does not seem to be big fan of the hoax , do not expect something, but take what you like , I like being here, it does not bother me, if they are black or white , we all have our reasons to believe it or not and I respect that. The most important things is that we all love Mister Michael Jackson ♥

This makes me even think that often in life, when you are not of the same opinion as another , you become immediately the enemy and the war almost started , instead of hearing the version of the other , people close immediately , they have their opinion and want to stay there, it is not nobody's fault , it depends how you were educated by your parents, teachers , society and the medias. Unfortunately, in some countries, it does not even think that there could be other things, because they do not have the right to free opinion, for generations, if you talk, they'll throw in jail , I'm forward that change , it's so unfair not to be able to speak , is to take away the life, liberty , it take me deep inside me (hope you know what i mean). But I think if people had a little more open-minded it would be better , because to discuss different points of view , we would learn , this is how we evolve. Speaking of evolution , here this he he he :


You know, I wish with all my heart , that he is alive and enjoying his freedom and as in this song, he take another chance at love , that he has not abandoned his dream, we should never give up ... hope that he found someone to trust , someone who will be there for him, no matter what happens , someone who is in love with his qualities of heart and its good values and they are both happy.


I also would have liked to ask the paparazzi and the media if they would be like being sued at each moment, fear they are a hidden camera and they will invent all kinds of nasty things, terrible things about you , how difficult it must be for him and his family , I wish they could be in his place , to imagine for two minutes, are they have a heart ? or is only the money who is their master regardless of another human being ? They don't see all the bad they cause to another with their creations, inventions? Believe they will get their money in heaven? We are born naked and we leave naked, but we carries what are the most important , L.O.V.E., only love is eternal. They understood nothing . They should question the purpose of their life, instead of trying to destroy the other . Their eyes are completely closed, I mean those of the heart . When we want to open our heart eyes there is wisdom everywhere, for example, there is much wisdom in the movies.





I understand he would like to retire, I 'm not a star , I do not have this pressure, and I confess that sometimes I would like to find myself in the peace of the forest, escape near on the nature, away from all for some time.

I'm sorry to have tell you some negative things today, it is not very negative.. but there are things that must be said, I do not feel good when I do this, but I ♥ U All.

Spend a day filled with peace , what i wish for the others will coming back to me, lol

Don't be afraid, i will come down , forgive me (even jesus has already made a holy anger) lol


Dorothy ♥

IF Michael Jackson is Alive so is elvis Right???

Good luck with your believing SoAmazingMJ this is not one of those forums obviously we don't talk about it here.