UPDATE: SEE SPIKE LEE TWEET for Bad 25 Documentary BluRay/DVD Release is Available FINALLY! | The Official Michael Jackson Site

UPDATE: SEE SPIKE LEE TWEET for Bad 25 Documentary BluRay/DVD Release is Available FINALLY!


5/29/30 Update: We can all finally buy this now!

According to Spike Lee's '40 Acres' web admin the release date has been pushed back. The Bad 25 DVD will not be released in February 2013. Fans are asked to 'stay tuned' and check back on the site for an update. This information was obtained from an email response to a MJ fan who had sent an inquiry about the release on the 40 acres.com site. Nothing else was divulged.

Sorry for the disappointing news.

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I just saw this on the site I am active on daily. I thought I would post it here on my thread on the Bad 25 documentary.

Spike Lee tweeted there will be worldwide sales with added footage & at MJ's "ONE" at Mandalay Bay 6/29/13.

In addition to being available on michaeljackson.com, the “Bad 25″ DVD and Blu-ray, which does not appear to include any additional footage or bonus features, will be made available at the merchandise stands at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino when Cirque du Soleil’s brand new production, “Michael Jackson ONE”, premieres to the public on June 29, 2013.

Update: Spike Lee has tweeted a fan in response to questions about the documentary. Lee confirmed that the “Bad 25″ DVD and Blu-ray will be free region, released worldwide and that an extended version WILL available also.

See below…

“@saino23: @spikelee will the #BAD25 be free region and released worldwide ?! will there be extended version or somethin ?!”YES”.

— Spike Lee (@SpikeLee) May 31, 2013

Fingers crossed that Spike is correct and we get to see even more footage of Michael doing what he does best. Time will tell. Stay tuned…

Previously reported: The MJ Estate do not plan to make “Bad 25″ available to retailers around the world – meaning you can’t buy the documentary in stores. Instead documentary, which is available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats, will be exclusively sold online.

I checked Spike Lee's website again to find nothing announced regarding the availablity of the documentary now. (Surprised) I did see SL last night on the "Inside the Actor's Studio" 250th program special and he did mention his work with pride on the MJ doc which was cool to see and they flashed a picture of Michael and mentioned a bit about it.

Thanks for the update Annie Smiling
Gosh, I'm getting so impatient.....

•No set date for BAD 25 DVD/Blu-ray release yet (as of 3/14/13)

@DDD: I think you may be on to something! It would make sense right? Especially since Spike Lee has held MJ BD parties and last year he had to cancel it and many fans were very disappointed. It also could be on 8/29? Time will tell I guess. Smiling

just a thought......maybe will be around June 25th????

ok no set date yet,thank you so much for the information Annie^_^

Do you know what is the exact date that the DVD will be released?I can fly to anywhere in this world just to buy the DVD

Million thanks^_^

Still the same exact message on 40acres

•No set date for BAD 25 DVD/Blu-ray release yet


It's a countdown to ? this summer. Like you said Jax, we aren't getting any younger! lol

Counting down the days........

@jax02: Sure thing! I am looking so forward to the release as I know millions of MJ fans are!

Thanks for the update Smiling

There is an update now on SL's website 40acres.com

There is a new picture of MJ - see below - with this written below it:
"BAD25 available on Blu-ray and DVD this summer"

Along with this same statement which is still in the news on his site:
No set date for BAD 25 DVD/Blu-ray release yet."


Now we watch SL's site for the news update with an actual release date.
Hopefully it is released early summer, not the end of August!

MJs Annie, If I find out anything else about the release date I will

post it here Smiling

i really hope its not too much longer i am getting ancy but it is worth the wait i hope i can get it on DVD at walmart!!!!!! I WISH I HAD A BLUERAY PLAYER when they said blueray first i got angry cause i cant do blueray but then i read further and it said DVD!!!!! WHEW!!!!!!

Just updating (seen on another site):

There is a fan who has sent SL an email (using his contact on 40acres.com) a couple of times, She received a reply email from her 1st email a couple of weeks ago and had sent another to have this reply email today:

The fan said:

"Finally got a replay to my email to 40 Acres (SL)"

Quote: "The Blu-Ray/DVD Released Has Been Pushed Back. Stay Tuned For More Info.
Thank you.
40 Acres Web Admin"

"So...no new info. :("

@Jax: Thanks for your input, I hope you're right about SL and this Summer for the release. I just want the full 2 plus hours of the BluRay ASAP as we all do I'm sure. Any other updates are appreciated Eye-wink

Most of the people that I follow on twitter have interpreted the tweet to

mean that the DVD will be released in the North American summer.

Spike does have a strange way of replying to tweets, he usually quotes

the tweet then answers it, his answer was 'SUMMER YO'

however MJs Annie does not agree with that interpretation.

I guess we will all just have to wait and see, won't we, but I do hope

it won't be too much longer, I'm not getting any younger.........

It is clear that this summer bit is a fan tweet (read my last post). SL did not say anything about a release date yet. A fan asked him about it on his twitter. I provided sources and links to show you, to make it easy to verify Eye-wink

Thanks for the update Jax, so that means it will be our winter come around May or June when there's a possible release date. Was so very much looking forward to it. Sad

The SL website does not have this mentioned about a release date today, it seems to be a fan tweet. (see below)

There was a new statement on the SL site (2/12/13) which still states on 2/13/13:

Under this heading: 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks - In the News

•No set date for BAD 25 DVD/Blu-ray release yet


Here is the twitter (for the filmworks SL site-which is where SL says to watch for the news):

Spike Lee's 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks is officially on twitter

BROOKLYN, NY · http://www.40Acres.com

Is this the tweet you saw? It is going around like SL tweeted this-when it's a SL fan tweeting him asking about the Bad25 DVD release-the fan said "SUMMER YO" in his tweet and it seems like people are confusing this-there is no convo on that tweet-just retweets

Spike Lee Verified account
The truly official Spike Lee Twitter account. That's the truth Ruth!
Republic of Brooklyn, New York • http://www.40Acres.com

"@Jeremy_Horn: @SpikeLee Yo Spike! When is the DVD release of #BAD25 coming out? I know you said it was Feb. 2013. Keep us updated.SUMMER YO

Everything SL is on about right now is about the 25th Anniversary for his "School Daze" which is on 2/12/13.

Just checked Spike Lee's tweets and he said that the DVD would

be released in the Summer, I suppose that would mean the

North American summer, because it's already Summer where I live.....lol

Update: Checked SL's site again today, (40acres.com) and the news has not changed. The home page (tweets) still says the same "No set date yet" as of 8 days ago. It would be great if they'd at least give an approximate or tentative target release date, such as Summer 2013 or something similar. I guess we need to hang in there and Keep the Faith.

I watched it on 99 (GO!) last year and it wasn't the full Doco, but it was still a great insight. I watched this in Australia, did it air in any other countries?

The update is now on Spike Lee's website: This was on SL's twitter feed on 1/30/13
(I saw it posted on the other site I am on):

40Acres&AMuleFlmwrks þ@40AcresBrooklyn
@CedricHco "The release of BAD25 on DVD has been pushed back. No set date yet."

So just watch the feed and "Keep the Faith" Eye-wink

I guess the best way to stay updated is to visit Spike Lee's 40 acres.com website. Hopefully they will post news there now since there are people contacting them with questions about the date of the release. If I learn anything new, I'll try to post it.

Thanks for updating us about this!
We just gotta be patient I guess... :/

I am looking forward to it as well. I saw ads and that was about it. I bet it'll be sweet!

Tks for this disappointing information. I'm particularly eager to see this DVD as the documentary was unfortunately not aired on French TV ... So, we'll wait a little more.

Thank you for the update MJs Annie.........

I guess we just have to wait a bit longer Sad