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New album with unreleased material for 2013

Unite all have to make The Michael Jackson Comapny LLC released an album with new songs, it would be amazing that Michael recorded with Will.I.Am in 2007 and 2008.

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Can't wait !!!!!! Laughing out loud won't release anything he and Michael worked on together, saying that it isn't right without Michael's blessing Sad But I really hope that new material comes out in 2013!!!

i agree with DDD i wish they would realease all of his concerts from like jackson 5 days to the history tour like how awesome would tha be:)

Why should everything be released? I mean who should be benefiting from the release of the new music the fans? His children, the estate, Katherine, Who/whom?

Personally, I feel the music was his children fortune in the future and not for anyone else’s benefited. It shows how greedy people can be and disrespectful to Michael of not carrying out his wishes. This is another factor that killed Michael the greed, demand and selfishness of think of me. We the fans push for entertainers to go beyond their limit and to stress them beyond healthiness.

I hope 2013 will bring many new unreleased material because it would be cool to listen to just like BAD 25 was in 2012.

I wish everyhing would be released & all the concerts on dvd too