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The Truth About Who Owns Neverland

1. when Michael made the the deal with Colony back in 2008 he retained a % of ownership

2. when he died that % became part of Estate, therefore Prince Paris Blanket as heirs to Michael;s Estate are part owners just like Michael was

3. When Michael did deal contents of Neverland ie animals, funfair furniture etc were all moved out and alot was sold.

4. the main house where Michael lived was original house of Sycamore Ranch before he bought it

5. the Neverland ranch even when Michael lived there was a proper working ranch & nothing has changed since he died

6. Michael said he would never live there but he still retained % of ownership & rights

7. thank you @ Qbees 87% according to last financial report submitted to the court by Estate (the % of ownership of Neverland the Estate has)

thanks to @ andjustice4some Neverland (Sycamore Ranch LLC) is under CA State agricultural preserve contract.

Neverland cannot, but CA state law, be "demolished". The Estate has the final say and want Michael's kids to make that decision when 18.

The Williamson Act protects agricultural preserves on a 10 year contract, and saves the landowner from 20-75% on their annual property taxes

"A Williamson Act contract runs with the land and is binding on all successors in interest of the landowner.

Anyone who says that Michael's children do not own Neverland is lying. Anyone who says that John Branca owns Neverland is lying. John Branca is The Executor of Michael's Estate. This means that John Branca manages Michael's Estate, ie Michael's possessions and money. Neverland is PART of Michael's Estate, managed by John Branca, on BEHALF of Michael's heirs who are minors.

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Hi everyone
“There is something about Michael Jackson that nobody can explain. Something that beyond the explanations.
What is all about? Do you have the answers?”

thanks for the info! I wonder if his kids will ever live there when they're older

Hello Moon-Street, let me start by saying that I wish I was as close to Michael. I am wondering, how did he look to you in person, did he have an aura I mean could you feel his energy? I hope this is not offending you as I just would like to know.

some further information

When you buy a house you borrow money from a bank. You then agree to pay the bank back this money, a certain amount every month for a number of years. This is called a mortgage.
If you do not pay the bank back their money, the bank can force you to sell your house so they get their money back. This is called foreclosure.

In 2008 this is what happened to Michael with Neverland. The mortgage money had not been paid for a long time and the bank decided that the only way they would get their money back was for Michael to sell Neverland.

Michael did not want this to happen. While he did not want to live at Neverland, he did not want to sell it and get rid of it either.

So he did a deal with COLONY CAPITAL and TOM BARRACK. The deal was that COLONY would buy out the mortgage. This meant that the bank got all their money back in one lump sum.

COLONY CAPITAL is an investment company. So instead of the monthly mortgage payments being owed to the bank, they are now owed to COLONY.

As part of the deal with COLONY, Michael retained a majority % of ownership. This meant that he still kept control of Neverland but did not have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of the property. The loan would be repaid, and Neverland would be safe from foreclosure and Michael would not have to worry that someone would try to take it from him again.

thank you, i wondering about some of this stuff.

Thanks again, Moon-Street ! I also saw this on fb. Finally, we can have a clear view !!!

Thanks so much for this info, I knew he still owned it but had no idea of the percentage he owned

if you are on twitter you would have seen it being tweeted & re tweeted by @mjjstreet which is me Smiling I decided to post it here too so that as as many fans as possible see it, not just fans on twitter

I've seen this info from another source already.