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a new kindle book : “How I Paid Tribute to Michael Jackson”

This book is not written about Michael, but about ‘Michael Forever Tribute’ Fraud.
Readers say we could really understand why Michael didn't want his family involved in his business.


“How I Paid Tribute to Michael Jackson”
Andy Picheta (Author)

* Book Description

Publication Date:August 10, 2012

Andy Picheta, experienced music film producer and part time hotelier, steps out of semi-retirement and a comfortable life in the Scottish Highlands to work on Michael Forever, a giant tribute concert to Michael Jackson, featuring a host of international stars and Michael's family, children and friends. It sounds like the project of a lifetime, a perfect return to the world of rock 'n' roll, but wanton greed, massive hubris, secretive executive producers and a very rocky financial structure combine to quickly turn the dream into a nightmare of angry fans, incompetent management and wary performers. Miraculously, Michael Forever made it onto the stage. Whether it should have is a question this book tries to answer.

* Customer Reviews

- The truth and nothing but the truth.. August 13, 2012 By Shanda Holmes

This behind-the-scenes account of the debacle that was the Forever Michael tribute concert pretty much confirms what most fans already suspected; from the poorly conceived conception to bankruptcy. We also learn that the broadcast wasnt stopped by the Estate but by the broadcasting company itself for non-payment. Sorry conspiracy theorist, guess you can cross that one off your list. Picheta manages to make the whole business a little less sad with a bit humor and humility. This is a must have for any MJ advocate worth their salt.

- About the Michael Forever "Tribute" Concert Wales 2011 August 14, 2012 By nycgal

I really enjoyed this behind the scenes "tell all" of the flopbute known as "Michael Forever" held in Wales in October 2011. Particularly helpful was Picheta's self-deprecating writing style concerning the absolute chaos that surrounded every element of attempts to put this shindig together, from the signed and unsigned celebs, to the frightening realization that money was short (dozens of these stories), to the totally disgusting lack of payment to either selected charity, or to the unheralded workers, and the final "injustice" of the promoter's bankruptcy. He starts out by saying "the fans were right". What vindication! And prints generously throughout the book fan and estate executors' letters of protest as word gets out that this "thing" is spiraling out of control. I wish he had delved more deeply into the connection between Ja-Tail Enterprises and Paul Ring, the guy who sat next to Mrs. Jackson (whose name she didn't know) at the CNN interview; conveniently, post-interview, Ring's name disappeared from the Ja-Tail website. I recall when the buy-one-get-one tix were promoted on MF website and how outraged the fans were who had paid full price and then some. He even goes into great detail concerning the delays (shock and awe) at the website preparation itself. Great detail written with surprisingly candid humor and self-realization, although I feel Picheta personally had respect and admiration for Michael Jackson, the man, and sadly became swept up by other people's greed.

- Fascinating reading August 14, 2012 By morinen

Wow. I purchased this book almost by accident, and never expected it to be so fascinating. Although, I must admit, it was fascinating partly in "watching a train wreck" sort of way. This tribute was an embarrassment from its very announcement, and all major things outlined in the book were long since evident to fans. But seeing the whole story from the inside perspective, seeing how far the conspiracy theories had gone, along with people's naiveté and lack of professionalism is still quite shocking. My emotions during the course of the book changed from a somewhat sneering curiosity to an urge to explain the fans' position to actually caring for people who honestly tried to do their job. But in the end I'm just feeling sorry. I'm sorry you got involved with this mess of a tribute, Andy. I think your commitment and sanity among the chaos deserve respect.

I enjoyed the book a lot - it's very engaging and I even left from work a bit earlier today to finish reading. The wry sense of humor compliments the narration (and I have to confess, I found the description of Americans especially hilarious). It's definitely a good read - for a number of reasons, one of them being a lesson that can be drawn from this book for everyone who is trying to make a quick buck on Michael Jackson's name and legacy. Unfortunately, I think the very people who may use this lesson will fail to see it.

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This ebook is well worth the $2.99 price tag tho! Cool

Andy Picheta is going to do a Q&A with MJJC, should be interesting........

I’ve never purchased a single kindle book, simply because I don’t like kindle book, for me it's not really a book. So I won’t get this book, although it looks interesting.

Anyway, I remember I was upset last year in October, because the concert took place during the trial of Murray. And their bizarre quite disputable way to sell tickets. And the refusal of several artists to participate, and the complaint of the artists unpaid thereafter, etc., etc. I was upset with Katherine and Co seeking $$$ more than ever. I was so sad to see three children in it, although they seemed happy on stage.

Thanks for posting Luna Smiling

I've been reading about this book, very interesting......