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im not sure if any of you guys have heard of this show. but on May 8th the contestants on this show will be doing tribute tattoos of Michael on people. and Jermaine Jackson will also be on the show. on my tv its on the channel called oxygen. it seems like it would be really cool to watch:)
love, Savannah

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dont forget this tuesday on channel oxygen at 10pm check your local listenings:)


here is a picture of my tatto on my right shoulder blade:)

haha ive never watched it either! but when i searched Michaels name on my tv best ink came up and i was like hmmmm what could this be! haha but everyone checj your local listings just incase dont want you guys to miss it! @mjforever2013 would love to see what kind of tattoos you have of Michael!Smiling

i've seen it advertised never watched, until May 8th that is! thanks for the news

awesome! I myself have some "MJ Ink" Laughing out loud

yes, will watch..thank you