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Captain EO Disneyland Paris to close forever!!:(

Saw this popping up on twitter,
and if it's true it's sad...! Sad :(
It's only rumours so far, I haven't read anything
confirmed though. And I will NOT take anything
for a fact before we know the truth!!

Anyways here's the link and the article:

This officially stands as unconfirmed information, but several sources, including one speaking directly to DLRP Today, have reported this evening that Captain EO will close once and for all at Disneyland Paris on 2nd April 2012. The final day of operation for the reborn Discoveryland 3-D cinema attraction will reportedly be Sunday, 1st April 2012 — ironically also the first day of the 20th Anniversary celebrations. News of the closure was apparently revealed to Cast Members at the attraction today, with no announcement of an imminent replacement.

Captain EO, a 1986 3-D film with special effects starring Michael Jackson, re-opened in its original locations at Epcot, Disneyland, Disneyland Park in Paris and Tokyo Disneyland throughout 2010 as a “tribute” to the musical star himself. It also provided a welcome stop-gap to replace the ageing Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, but its reopening was greeted more enthusiastically in some parts of the globe than others. Returning to Disneyland Paris on 12th June 2010, it enjoyed a welcome reception from a minority of fans but perhaps failed to ignite the interest of regular guests here as strongly as the American parks, where it had become much more a thing of pop culture legend.

A somewhat out-of-the-way location and a similarly dated neighbour in the original Star Tours, which remains in operation at Disneyland Paris, can’t have helped its success.

We noted last September that the attraction, already operating limited daily opening hours, was even beginning to remain closed completely on some quieter off-season days, as attendance clearly failed to meet requirements. Another potential factor in a closure could be the problems faced by its sponsor, Kodak, with Eastman Kodak Company having filed for bankruptcy in January, though the company remains an official partner and is ever-present at various other locations.

If the attraction’s Cast Members were hoping for a boost in attendance, they’ll now surely get it on the weekend of 1st April, when fans and Annual Passholders will descend on the resort for the premiere of Disney Dreams! and a grand, final farewell to Captain EO…

//CantStopLovinMJ Smiling

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OMG YES! Thanks for the good news, Luna! MJ FANMILY MEETUP for Captain EO as soon as you guys have less on your plates <3

Smiling Thanks luna! I´ll go there in the near future, right now is just not a good time..hehe bissy in school etc..! Cool

You're right, Joms. The long-term stay at the hotel is very expensive in Paris and near Disneyland-Paris, especially during the holiday period. It will be less costly if you rent an apartment. You can save not only housing costs, but also the costs for meals you can prepare and eat in the less expensive way.
An apartment, but not like Michael who lived in a luxury apartment at Champs-Elysees, but housing with one or two modest rooms Eye-wink You can rent an apartment without agency, directly by the owners at attractive prices.
If one day you decide to come to Paris for Captain EO, contact me, not necessarily on this thread, but somewhere else where you see me. I can give you helpful information. (I say this not only for Joms, but for CantStopLovinMJ and everyone.)

So you can go to see Captain EO, you MUST go, ok? Eye-wink

Aaaah Luna ,that is SO GOOD!!!! Laughing out loud :D
Now you made my day with those news!! Sticking out tongue
Thanks!! Smiling

The closure of Captain EO at Disneyland-Paris is just temporary ! This between April 2 and May 31, 2012.

I found this information on MJ France’s forum.
“Vu sur le site officiel de Disneyland PARIS : Fermerture de Captain Eo du 2 avril jusqu'au 31 mai 2012.
Lien : "

Awhhh ... will be sad if it closes Sad But I thought that disney would cancel it sooner or later ... maybe they arent getting enough people wanting to go on it?
I just dont think kids are intested in it these days ... if its not generating enough intrest disney will close it for sure, sadly .... Sad
I myself am desperate to go to disney land, not because of captin eo (thats a bonus Sticking out tongue ) but I just love disney, one of my favourite things in the world Smiling
I sure would love to see it ... but my mum can't afford to take me, she said that I might be able to go when im 16 ... but it might be closed by then Sad
man im sad nowww :L But even if it does close ... nothing will be better than disney land still ... for me anyhow

@RememberHisTime, haha lol! I wonder what the doctor would say if I actually
walked in there and said :"Hi, I have a problem. I´m addicted to Michael Jackson, it´s
called OMJD, there are no treatments, but I would like a certificate/note explaining my disease."
haha!!! Laughing out loud Sticking out tongue

@luna, you are right! When it comes to Michael there are always worth the money! Eye-wink

Come to Paris, you the fans living in Europe. You will not regret even if it costs you a little expensive (but much cheaper than going to the US).
I love Captain EO in 3D. Michael is amazing. He is so beautiful, he plays perfectly.
Without watching YouTube, I can see it perfectly if I close my eyes.
I have a lot of memories of my visits to 'EuroDisney'. My daughter was still young, 5 years old, but at each visit, we started by going to see Michael in 3D. My daughter adored him. She became a fan after seeing Captain EO.

If I had known the closure of Captain EO last September, I would have contested by petition or in other ways with other fans. But it's too late now.

Oh wow that is sad to hear =( I hope it still stays open at the orginal location in anahiem ca us Disneyland Park

luna5786, you bring up a good point. I'm seriously considering going now... I'll have a free week before I have to go back to work (on April 2, incidentally). And I'm not far at all, Paris is only 2 hours from me, so I could totally make a day trip out of it.

So if anyone wants to organize a pilgrimage to see EO the week before it closes, message me and we'll work something out! : )

(CantStopLovinMJ, can't you get a doctor's note for OMJD?)

Tell your teacher that you are sick Eye-wink
You can also come by train or bus.
You’ll leave your country Friday night, and you'll stay in Paris until Sunday night. You will sleep two nights in transport to save money.
It will be hard but you will be rewarded with Michael you'll see and touch Eye-wink

luna, of course I would love to!!! Laughing out loud
it´s just that I´m a student so I have school and it´s not that easy to just
leave everything...and I need some more money too then..hehe!! Eye-wink
but for michael I could almost be ready to take my bikecycle to disneyland and back again bcause it´s cheaper..haha lol!! Sticking out tongue Laughing out loud

Don’t you want to come to Disneyland Paris before Captain EO is finished? I watched 5 or 6 times in 3D. It's great!!!! You see Michael leave the screen and come to the distance you can touch Eye-wink

We can´t handle our OMJD if we can´t use youtube...!!! Shocked Eye-wink

Thanks for the links CantStopLovinMJ! I will settle for Michael in 2D for now... ah, the wonders of You Tube.

Since I havent seen it in 3D I can only
IMAGINE what it would be like when Michael is in
3D-coming out of the sreen roght at you......!!! Laughing out loud

I've just watched ot, so anyone feel free to join! Smiling

@Can'tStop - yes it was a crazy funn day! MJ fans are the best

CantStopLovinMJ, you're right! I think when I was a child it was the medium of 3D that scared me--things jumping out at me and such... Michael of course could THRILL me, but he could never SCARE me!! : )

Of course, I grew up and joined his legions of loyal fans! Now, the thought of Michael in 3D does nothing but excite me...

Have a fantastic weekend!

RememberHisTime, oh I see what u mean! Smiling
Of course u should go since it´s in your country!
But try to bring your children, because they can not miss it! Sticking out tongue
Even though they might not understand/appreciate it now, they will when they are older and can fully understand the amazing person Michael was! Smiling

Yes, you reminded me of something! I should clarify....

I'm not going anywhere near Disney World without kids. Cuz it's no fun without kids. Didn't Michael once brand that as "the ultimate vacation"?

I'm pretty sure that I'll be going to see EO alone though... cuz when I was a kid, I'll admit, the 3D scared me. But maybe kids these days will be desensitized due to all the other 3D movies coming out... hmm.

LJMISSMJ, aaaww that must have been awsome!!!!! Laughing out loud
haha but guess all of you were exhausted afterwards of screaming for like 16 minutes!! Cool

Aww, I guess everything comes to an end, but it would be nice if Disney Paris would let it continue until Michael's birthday or even for his coming 3rd Anniversary.
It's a classic little film and so very 1980's lol! a cute little piece of work with a message and of course a very adorable Michael. I saw it for the first time last year with a large group of MJ fans. We watched it at least 5 times. We were loud, singing, dancing and everytime Michael was on screen which was the entire film, we screamed our heads off! I even got a capt key chain. YAY!


gboete, I didn't even think about that it was 1st april they wrote.
Hope you're right...!!!!

djsmj, nooo!!!!! they can't.0, simply can't!! Sad

I hope they will at least continue selling it on dvd! Shocked

gboete, I didn't even think about that it was 1st april they wrote.
Hope you're right...!!!!

djsmj, nooo!!!!! they can't.0, simply can't!! Sad

I hope they will at least continue selling it on dvd! Shocked

gboete, I didn't even think about that it was 1st april they wrote.
Hope you're right...!!!!

djsmj, nooo!!!!! they can't.0, simply can't!! Sad

I hope they will at least continue selling it on dvd! Shocked


If this is true, I will be flying my future children to Orlando as soon as they are able to handle the transatlantic flight. Gah...

On the forum of Disneyland-Paris, they are already talking about in mid-September last year ...
I didn't know. I had other things to do: follow the trial of Murray ...

Oh no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally disagree !

I'll call Disneyland-Paris tomorrow.

OMG... if it happens in FL!!! Shocked Sad