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Whitney: My thoughts

I'm not too good at writing, so please forgive me if I stumble, I've seen an interview that Oprah did with Whitney's daughter, brother and sister-in-law. It was a very emotional moment. They've lost a very beautiful and talented mother, sister and daughter. Towards the end of the interview, Whitney's brother sang her song, "I look to You" . It was so sad. Sad I remember listening to that song just a few months before she died. I thought she was such a radiant singer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Pze_mdbOK8&ob=av3e

Let us all keep praying for her family, and let's also remember that she and MJ are both in heaven having a good time with the Lord and singing beautifully!

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I agree!

I hope people will remember her for what she did in the music industry and acting, and I hope they remember all the wonderful things she did.

I hope that people will remember the good things about her no matter what the autopsy reveals.

I watched the interview as well, and I thought it was well done. I was saddened when her brother sang her song at the end. This is a great loss and will be very hard for her family, but in time it will get better for them. I loved the interview and will continue praying for them always.

Does anyone have an opinion?