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I heard that news too Tig! I imagine the website is pretty low down on their priorities unless they have something to promote! However I did hear from the Web Crew recently so I guess they still look after this place! I think things feel more stable from that point of view. There are other fansites, but I like the feel of this site as it doesn't feel as though it's owned by one particular community of fans - just Sony!!!

JJ, I'm always chuffed to see another Brit face on this site cos let's face it there should be more of us. You in Warwickshire, me in Yorkshire.

I heard on the news this afternoon that Sony are making lots of employment cuts worldwide so who knows, they might just close this site. I'm not bothered anyway because there's other MJ websites around that are equally as good. I've just joined a fabulous one, waiting till the refurb of it has finished because they are sprucing it up well and truely. Let me know if you'd like the address and I'll PM it to you.
As for me and my time I am here for Michael. Smiling

This threads a great idea Tig, Id love to know what else i have in common with the rest of the amazing people on this forum besides michael.
Good luck with your thread Smiling

they want to kick us to the curb, that's what it is!!
j/k!! lol

There's nothing confusing about an 'Off Topic' subject. It's exactly what it means 'Off Topic'. The rest of the website is MJ related (as a rule) and there's been some subjects on the General Discussion page that were completely non- Michael related so instead of filling that page with other subjects there's been an Off Topic page created here for non-Michael related chat. Hence "Off Topic".

Sad it does seem sort of mean...
especially since the web crew said to move our threads to the off topic forum... lol that is super mean like saying our threads don't deserve to be seen in general discussion. It's like segregation in the forums.
I hope i understood it right. lol I'm kind of confused now.

This is an OFF TOPIC forum...shoo!

Oh, that's just mean.. Sad.

We ARE off topic!!!!

Tig - didn't you simply say this was a chat thread for talk about fashion, cream cakes and whatever else ladies like to talk about. I can't see why you feel obliged to remove it.

I have to tell you about a talk I went to see this morning in Wellington. Germaine Greer and other feminists were talking about where they were in 1972 and how much or how little things have changed for women in society today. It was quite an invigorating and inspiring conference which got quite heated at times. I came out feeling quite fired up about the things that women have to contend with in politics, education and so on... I went with a friend who is visiting from the UK - we went for sushi afterwards and could not stop talking about some of the things we heard. I think we forget how much prejudice and discrimination there still is based on race, gender, ethnicity and age.

I like the idea of this thread where Michael Jackson fans can get together and find out how much we have in common besides our love of MJ - and often BECAUSE of our love for him. Please don't feel what you suggested earlier doesn't matter on this forum. It does - very much. Smiling

MJ fans are amongst the most intelligent, inspiring and generous people I have EVER come across. It makes me sad when I see intolerance over what is essentially free talk. Sad How will we ever change the world if we can't even communicate with each other?

Tig as long as your thread did NOT violate forum guidelines, please do not be bullied by this troll brigade. In fact, if I were you, I'd report their harassment to the MJ Web Crew. If they have nothing to contribute to this OFF TOPIC thread, then they can skedaddle back over to the General Discussion on the MICHAEL JACKSON forum.

Did certain somebody's miss the title of this SPECIFIC forum? This is an OFF TOPIC forum...shoo!

<strong>Michael deserves better than this , on his OWN website, doesnt he</strong>
I agree...and I guess someone else agrees with you... or it would still be here.

I see you removed it now , Michael deserves better than this , on his OWN website, doesnt he Eye-wink

Oh My God Sad

What happened to <strong>MICHAELJACKSON.</strong>com. ?