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Listening to music right now?

Which song are you listening to right now?

Michael Jackson - Heal The World

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Will you be there ...

Forever came today..

Children of the Light ..

When I come of age ...

Dear Michael ...

You`re good for me ...

Here I Am (Come and Take Me) ...

Human Nature ..

We`ve got forever .. Smiling

It's too late to change the time ...

Keep an eye ...

Beat it ..

Too young ..


Wanna be startin `somethin` me sing ..

Working day and night ..

Rock with you..

Beautiful girl..

Shake your body (down to the ground )... Eye-wink

Don`t stop `til you get enough..

I`ll come home to you..

You can`t win ..

Just a little bit of you.. Smiling Smiling

Remember the Time..

Human Nature ..

Music and me..

World of Sunshine ..

Corner of the Sky ..

I'm losing you ...

It`s great to be here ...