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Young Talent Time this Sunday features MJ

Stay tuned this Sunday on Channel 10 at 6.30pm for Young Talent Time where they perform songs from the 80's (which was reminiscent of the old YTT featuring Dannii Minogue in the team lol) and features artists from that decade including our dearest Michael. Hopefully the team will do MJ justice and perform their own take but maintaining his original music arrangement. I bet he would've loved it, given that one of the judges Chucky Klapow danced with Michael, and was part of This Is It which never eventuated.

Speaking of Dannii Minogue, she performed Dirty Diana during her time on YTT, and her MJ-ish outfit wasn't half bad either. Eye-wink

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Thanks Jovana, while no-one will ever top Michael, I thought Dannii did a great interpretation from a female perspective.

Hi Dorita,

I finally got around seeing Danni Minogue performing Dirty Diana. She did an amazing job!

You're welcome Jax, glad you liked it. Next Sunday, the team will be performing Michael's songs as a marking tribute to his amazing musical legacy. Given that one of the judges is Chucky Klapow, who was one of the dancer hand picked by Michael for the ill-fated This Is It tour, I'm sure he'd be happy to see them do Michael justice with the singing and the wonderful choreography - and of course the outfits. Smiling

Aww thanks Dorita for taking the time to find that video for me,

Danni did a really good job, and she looks AMAZING!!!! Smiling

Jax, that episode was screened a few weeks ago now and you can always go to the YTT website through Channel 10 and look out for the episode featuring 80's hits including Michael's, which was Beat It.

Here's the footage of Dannii performing Dirty Diana on YTT in 1988

Thanks for this Dorita ♥

Try as I might I still haven't been able to watch the new YTT Sad

Is there any footage of Danni performing Dirty Diana, I don't

remember seeing that.