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anyone know Michael's favorite Flower

was watching a youtube video on his house in Gary, and they have the same Lamb Plalnter in front that I've had for years in front of my house, sometimes I put dwarf sunflowers, carnations, Marigolds.
I'd like to plant some of his favorite flowers in it.
I know from Jermaine's book he likes flowers of all colors so if you don't know is favorite I'd like suggestions.
Keep in mind I live in Canada so some may not be possible unless maybe I start them indoors

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fans who were close to him say roses , I may think that's why we have one rose for Michael project

He gave roses so I imagine he loved them. Neverland looked very colourful.

it was sunflowers

Smiling lol Sunflowers and Roses are nice flowers. I love the many colors of each flower. It's interesting that things are full of color on Earth. It's amazing to view the world in terms of colors and to see beautiful flowers too.

Michael loved Roses really all flowers but his favorite were the Roses.

As far as I know Michael loved roses. I think I read that in an old interview of his, but I can't remember where, sorry. As for the sunflowers, well, I'm sure Michael liked them, but I'd take anything Lisa Marie says with a grain of salt... but that's my opinion Eye-wink

You just go with what your heart tells you and I think colorful would please him very much.

Choco I had Earthwalker ones last year too, while looking around a garden centre I was looking at the sunflower seeds and all the different varieties and I saw the moonwalker ones I knew I just had to get some of those Smiling I hope they grow well

SweetWings that's correct, he did call them happy flowers for their smiley yellow apperarence. Smiling

Sarah, you're right about them called Moonwalker. I didn't know they had those as well as Earthwalker. I'll get some of those next time to go with the Earthwalker.

Smiling SUNFLOWERS Smiling indeed!
Michael used to call them "Happy Flowers" that's what Lisa Marie said.

Awesome I just bought and paid for some Moonwalker sunflower seeds to start and then transfer to my lamb planter.
Also have a tall seeded variety I did last year and tthis year want to put them along the sunny side of the house!!!
Can't wait for spring!!!

Moonwalker hmmmm. Have to get me some of them LOL

Sunflowers and Roses were his favourites

Sarah, thanks for your email I'll reply soon Smiling. Those sunflowers were called 'Earthwalker' nearly like Moonwalker though Eye-wink We had those last year. They grew to about 4ft and the colours were like a blood orange really unusual. We also had some short ones which sat in the tubs just right and didn't need any canes. I also have a peace lilly which I bought 2 years ago on june 25. It has grown to full size and looks fabulous. Naturally it's called 'Michael J'. Smiling

I had one that was really tall but the other for some reason didn't get much taller than around 5ft, I actually found a variety this year called Moonwalker so of course I just had to get some of those

That is the only way I've gotten them to grow, I think chipmunks and squirrels steal the seeds.
I had a few giant ones this year one had two faces on it and was about 12 feet tall.

I love sunflowers too I have grown them in the garden over the past 2 years and I have got seeds ready to plant this year too. I always start mine off inside I think they grow better if you do Smiling

I think he liked roses too!

Sorry you replied before I had a chance to post, had a keyboard error.
Wow Sunflowers!!! I love them and they are so cheerful sounds like something he'd like

Lisa Marie said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey a couple of years ago that his favourite flowers are sunflowers