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« Michael had a five-year plan sketched out » 2009-2014

Jermaine Jackson : « You Are Not Alone, Michael through a brother’s eyes », chap 21 « Comeback King »

p. 398-400
Michael was so excited about what the future held, and he had so many plans. He was buying a new property in Vegas and was determined to built a new Neverland, (…); he looked forward to a short residency tour so that Prince, Paris and Blanket could see their daddy on the road properly for the first time; he also knew that touring offered him the chance to regain control and make enough money so that he could, finally, clear his crippling debts. His outlook was positive again. His body was back in sharp. His focus was the future.

After his ‘This is it’ concerts were done, and he’d had a few weeks off, he looked forward to performing spot dates in China. In 2011, he was eyeing up the half-time slot at the Superbowl to repeat his legendary show of 1993. And then, some time before 2014, he had two more tours up his sleeve; ‘the back by popular demand’ dates that no one knew about. Despite what everyone thinks, the comeback concerts in London were the beginning, not the end. I know what Michael said in March 2009: ‘When I say this is it, this is it, it really means “this is it”… This is the final curtain-call’. That was his great tease: he was a master salesman, too, and if the world thought that London would be their last opportunity for see him perform, then they would rush to buy tickets. The rules of limited supply and big demand. Many misunderstood his commercial astuteness because he excelled at smoke-and-mirrors, mystery and big surprises.

Admittedly, it wasn’t all hype. He worried that the tickets might not sell, so the tour announcement was also a toe to the water, to test the temperature of the public mood – his confidence had been shattered by everything he had been through. (…)

Come 2008, Michael was not only hungry again, he had a five-year plan sketched out. (…)

p. 414-415
(…) But, come 2008, Tom Barrack ultimately sealed the deal for Michael’s tour by getting fellow billionaire Phil Anschultz on the phone during that dinner. Phil is the owner of Anschultz Entertainement Group (AEG) and Tom said, ‘I’m got Michael Jackson with me. What can you do for him?’ That introduction kick-started an entire comeback strategy. On paper, it was a good union because Phil was a fellow humanitarian – he’d donated something like $100.000 to charity -- and he had a controlling interest in some of the largest sports and entertainment venues, including the Staples Centre in LA, and the O2 arena in London. As one of America’s wealthiest people, he also had a checkbook to match Michael’s vision. That was probably why my brother received almost everything he asked for in a long-term deal worth a guaranteed minimum payment of $36.5 million ‘with and an upside potential of $300 million’ based on tickets sale and other attached projects, which included a three-movie deals. From what I understood, he also ensured that a $15 million fee was built in as a down-payment on his new Vegas home. In other words, Michael didn’t just negotiate a single residency tour, he ensured that his future was secured. It included an agreement to do other spot dates and two other tours with AEG. Sometime after 2011, one of these extra tours was to be a final reunion with the Jackson 5, and that was for one reason only: Mother had said to him that she was nearing the age of 80 and before she left this earth, she wanted to see her sons tour together one last time. ‘I promised we’ll do that for you, Mother’ said Michael, and he was always a man of his word. He then planned on doing one more solo tour, -- his true final curtain. ‘After that I will be done – done!’ he said, looking towards an official musical retirement age of 55. Then he’d crack Hollywood with his movie ideas.


I started to read chap. 21 last night around 11:30 pm. After reading about Michael’s plan for 2009-2014 that I didn’t know, I couldn’t sleep until 3:00 am. I had a grief, thinking about his future that never was, about everything that might have achieved, but disappeared with him… I said, why? why did God take him in June 2009, not in 2014 or 2030 or even 2050?? I'm too sad, thinking this great loss for Michael himself, for his children, for us who love him so much, for our planet earth, for all children and the suffering people in this world…

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just a part from Jermaine’s interview given on 29 February 2012

MJJC: If you could say just one more thing to Michael, what would it be?

Jermaine Jackson: It wouldn't be one thing, it would be many things. Many private things, but I would probably remind him how brilliant his London concerts were going to be because his self-doubt worried about that. That's the saddest thing for me: that his death confirmed the lie that he wasn't ready or fit enough to perform again, when the truth is that he was going to produce the most amazing show on earth and prove everyone wrong with the comeback of all comebacks.


A very good argument, especially to say it on this occasion. Bravo, Jermaine.

you're welcome

Another surprise Smiling Thank you Silver Eye-wink
I intended to write again on this thread, because I have elucidated some of the mysteries raised by cjg in her latest post. But not now, because I need more research to be certain.
Today I'll just correct some mistakes made on my first post when copying the text.
Then see you soon.


My questions continue.

If I dismiss the conspiracy theory, it comes from my naivety refusing to believe in Evil, (: evil with E). I wrote that I would never understand the psychology of criminals. I can understand some spontaneous violent crimes, such as crimes of passion, crimes committed under delusion or dementia, etc., but never premeditated murder cases.
Could the need of acquiring the catalog had really pushed these people to commit first degree murder? Was there no other way to do it instead of killing? It is true they have already done some things to create financial troubles to Michael. But have they already done everything before killing?

You will probably say that the success of TII was so obvious that they wanted to prevent. Otherwise, it will be too late to find another opportunity. But I am not so convinced. My naivety says that generally speaking, people with intelligence and rationality are not going to commit such a thing, especially murder with premeditation.

They should know that even if killing is not very difficult, to leave nothing as evidence of crime will be almost impossible. For an individual, what he expects is to spend life in prison or the possibly death penalty. For a giant industry, it will be the final end. Despite this risk, do you believe they have dared to proceed to act?

Another question:
Because of his very revolutionary actions, was the existence of Michael Jackson so embarrassing to the world of Music Entertainment to the extent that justifies his final elimination? Is not this explanation a bit exaggerated?
My naivety tells me that between the physical elimination by killing and the final exit from the world of Music Entertainment, there is an impassable distance.
You are saying : Michael NEVER signed any paperwork saying he hired or approved the hiring of Murray. That is a fact.
I believed that he had been ready to sign. That is to say: he probably would have signed during the day of 25 June 2009, if the tragedy had not occurred.

About Dr. Metzger.
He is a rheumatologist, not an anesthesiologist. I don’t think Michael really counted on him for the administration of Propofol. And if he did not explicitly mention the name, it is quite possible that there was an "implied" between them. Anyway, nobody know whether Dr. Metzger told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I know my argument is very naive, too naive, because, based on the goodness of human beings. But I cannot do otherwise.
Anyway, my mind is open and I like to discuss.

No, no, Joms! My writing with poorly chosen words is not easy to understand. I know it more than anyone.


@Silver, when I think of Michael's life with too much stress, my heart tight, I feel physical pain in heart. There is no surprise that he suffered from severe insomnia, especially if he has never had normal sleep since childhood. Anyone, without exception, would have recourse to a medical solution, if they had to live the life of Michael Jackson.

I perfectly understand his need of analgesics such as Demerol which not only relieves physical pain, but also brings psychological relief. Sometimes the effects of these drugs seem magical, I know. I'm not saying he was justified in resorting to medication, I'm just saying it's understandable. Mainly because it was not illegal drugs, but approved by FDA and prescribed by doctors. It is so regrettable if he did not seriously take into account their negative sides: devastating and dangerous side effects.

@Joms, it is not you. When I write on a public forum like this, even when I address to a specific person, I’m also addressing all anonymous people who could read my post.

Whether there was something behind Murray as some people are thinking, or that has been done only by Murray as I believe, the physical cause of death was “acute Propofol intoxication”. And if he was under Propofol, it is because he was suffering from severe insomnia caused by several elements of his life. That's why my thoughts always turn around these subjects.

Next time, I'll copy some explanations given by Frank Cascio in his book, as soon as I find time to do, so we can understand a little more about medication problems in Michael's life.

@ cjg, thank you for writing. What you say is interesting. I’ll take time to answer you.
Today, I'll just write some questions that have come after reading.
Of course I am aware of the conflict on ATV / Sony catalog that could have been a motive. But I still cannot understand why at that time, in June 2009, before his TII concerts in London, rather than do it later. Why did they choose this time instead of waiting another moment?

My second question is raised about their lack of reflection. What really happened after the death of Michael was a great financial success by selling his CD and DVD + TII movie who brought a lot of money to his estate, so that there was no need to sell his catalog. Have they ever thought of this eventuality? Did they ever think that Michael could be worth more dead than alive?

Cjg, anyway, I'll write to you more later.

I find it interesting that you are so willing to believe the very ones who wanted to destroy Michael. Sony/ AEG. What would they have gained? Total control over the music catalog Michael owned plus his controlling interest in Sony - yes, he owned 51% of Sony with his catalog. This all gave Michael much control over the direction and decisions of Sony's role in the music industry, which the higher ups didn't take too kindly to. Since Michael made decisions from an artist's point of view he very often vetoed what would have been extremely lucrative decisions concerning the use and sale of music from various artists because he, Michael, thought it would degrade the artist and his/her work ( Case in point Michael did NOT want the Beatles catalog to be available on itunes and blocked it and by golly what happened about 5/6 months after he died but the Beatles catalog was made available on itunes). Keeping them from increasing their profit margin and their money did not make them happy. He was also about to retain all of the rights to his own music ( I believe that was set to happen in 2009 in what would have been a few months after he was killed - interesting time-line, huh?) which also would have been removing all of that money making from the greedy hands of Sony/AEG. These are just a couple of examples.

Now, Michael NEVER signed any paperwork saying he hired or approved the hiring of Murray. That is a fact. Michael did NOT die from an addiction to Demerol. If he was an addict to it he would have been using it constantly ( he wasn't as proven by Kleins records and the many, many people he interacted with throughout the time leading up to the rehearsals) and it would have been in his system when he died - it wasn't as proven by the autopsy. He was open about when he saw Klein with CEOs of AEG like Paul Gongaware - who testified that at one meeting Michael seemed a little slow in his responses but that MICHAEL said he had just been to the doctor. Now, if someone is nursing an addiction and using a doctor in an inappropriate way he would not readily admit it to his employers, would he? Nor would he readily enter and exit through the front door with fans and paparazzi ready to take note and document it.

As for Michael requesting propofol from Dr. Metzger, whom I assume you're referring to, actually the good doctor said, in his testimony that Michael NEVER requested propofol by name from him and all that Michael received from him were prescriptions for the oral sleep aids which he had used before and been effective. Lastly, the issue of Murray going to rehearsals with Michael - if Michael had hired this doctor to feed an addiction (propofol) and do something illegal the last thing you would do would be to advertise it to everyone by making him known to everyone causing questions to be asked about who is that and what's his role? That would be like someone bringing their drug pusher around to meet everyone at work. It DOES NOT make sense. There are too many unanswered questions about what happened to this man. However, if you and others are satisfied with the answers that have been presented then so be it. I respect that. Peace.

The conspiracy theory is not really my favorite topic. I know Michael was afraid of being murdered, and I have no intention to take this lightly. But talk about premeditated murder is beyond me, it makes me sick.

Very sorry for my poor English skills. My question was: 'Quel est l’intérêt de ', that is to say, ‘Quel est le profit ?’ => 'what is the benefit?' in English.

I would also say that AEG would not have had benefit by killing him.

In any way, I've never understood, I will never understand the psychology of murderers, although I have read some books in the field of criminal psychology and criminology.

I have another reason to dismiss the conspiracy theory: his five years plan.

Few months after his death, we have read articles saying "Michael is worth more dead than alive”. (It is Joseph who said it, apparently). No! This is not true! Absolutely not!

Only with 50 TII concerts in London + 1 CD + 3 movies + shows in China + a half-time slot at the Superbowl + 2 other tours with AEG: Jackson 5’s final reunion tour and one more solo tour, without adding other possible projects, he would earn much more money alive than dead, no doubt. After payment of debts, he would have enough money to build Michael Jackson’s Children Hospital, and even after, he would have enough money for other charity projects and other personal projects for his children and himself.

So, what was interest to kill him at that time in June 2009, before starting TII shows, with all business projects to achieve?

I'm late to comment to cjg’s post. I'm starting now.

First: ‘I always thought and that was that perhaps Michael used these other medications to help him sleep but never requested propofol. That the acquisition of so much propofol was to help stage and hide the murder that was to take place. I believe that propofol was used that one and only one time to kill Michael. I don't think Michael was expecting it.’

=>Personally, I do not support the theory assuming Murray gave Propofol only the last day, because of:
- the fact that Michael was really looking for a doctor willing to inject this anesthetic, probably not just occasionally but quite frequently; (we have witnesses); - the existence of 4 gallons of Propofol purchased by Murray; - the calculation result obtained by Dr. Shaffer regarding the quantity of Propofol injected; -the fact that Murray has not been fired by Michael, this means, if he had waited 25 June 2009 to give him Propofol, Michael would have fired him long ago.

The next : ‘I mean at that infamous meeting that took place with Kenny Ortega, Randy Philips and others told Michael not to take anything from any other doctor only take what Murray gave him. Who says something like that if you're supposedly concerned about someone misusing medication? They weren't. They didn't want any other medication to interfere with what they were planning to do to Michael.’

=>Instead, I think Kenny Ortega, Randy Philips and many others had doubts about his addiction to Demerol given by Arnold Klein. ‘Take only medicines prescribed by Murray, etc’ means ‘de not take Demerol given by Klein', I interpret it that way.

And then: ‘I mean why would he go to rehearsals with Michael if Michael was supposedly secretly abusing propofol? Michael would have kept Murray under the radar if that was the case. It also tells me Michael didn't hire Murray. It sounds farfetched doesn't it?’

=>I didn’t understand what you mean. Anyway, AEG's intention was to hire another doctor in London, but Michael wanted Murray.

In any case, I personally do not believe in the existence of something / someone behind Murray. Because he is too stupid! In short, it is his stupidity that caused the death. I also think he is too stupid for such a mission. "They" should have found someone better and another method less stupid.

All these unanswered questions plague my mind too. I just feel sick over what happened. Nothing can explain how bad I feel for what happened to Michael and this was since he was a child things were hard. Like it never left him. Still as an adult, he was abused by the environment. He was blessed to at least have someone who cared about him. Someone that cared would have made him happy but being that he was so abused, then he would need them to be trustworthy and always loving being there.

Silver, you wrote: I'm so damn sorry about what happened to Michael. Why him? Why him out of all people?
Me too, I’m always asking the same question since late June 2009. Why him? the nicest and greatest man like him? (If this had happened to someone like me, ok, no problem.)

And I add the other why: ‘Why this way? That’s to say, why he should lose his life by stupid errors and mistakes committed by a stupid doctor?’ And yet: ‘Why so soon? Too soon? Why at that time, in June 2009, when he was preparing his big comeback? '

All this is too much, nothing is fair. As these ‘why’ remain unanswered, I still cry. I cannot do otherwise.

What is also unfair is that he has helped millions of people, but as Silver says, 'he did not get enough help.'

Silver is absolutely right to say that ‘this is what we need to fix in the planet, we need people to help more... to realize their advantage and if there are problems that whatever the problem is, it needs someone to be there and care for the problem to give that person a lift’.

Yes, help others more. I have always practiced that in my life, but now, I will do more. I promise! As a fan of Michael, I am mindful of our mission. Michael in heaven and in our heart is always giving us the strength to accomplish his dreams that are our dreams. In his life he was alone in fulfilling his mission, but we are not alone, we are here to work together.

I read your post, Silver. It made me cry, but it warmed my heart at the same time. Thank you for writing.
I'll write you later. I just wake up. My brain is not awake enough to write.

I really feel horrible that Michael went through all those bad things Sad I promise that I will continue from where Michael left off. I will do everything I can to help this planet.

I'm so damn sorry about what happened to Michael. Why him? Why him out of all people? He didn't deserve any of it(no one deserves anything bad happening). He deserved someone to love him, to be there for him and take care of him. Michael seems to me to have been very abused by his environment. It pains me, I'm just thinking about the pain and I feel it... People don't know what they have until they loose it. In that sense, it means that when you are in a situation you don't realize how bad it is or good it is until later when you gain clarity on a situation. Most people are in an advantage in their lives to do everything they can to make things better, when hard times come then you realize how much you were able and now you're not but throughout this lesson, it's good to know that all things can be worked out no matter what it is.

Michael's real problems went unnoticed. He didn't get enough help. This is what we need to fix in the planet, we need people to help more... to realize their advantage and if there are problems that whatever the problem is, it needs someone to be there and care for the problem to give that person a lift.

Michael did so many good things, he gave to charity, he help heal children and even gave children an opportunity into Neverland Ranch which he created for the children who are the next generation of the planet. What did the media do? THEY DESTROYED his creation, his dream all for selfish means... but not only the media but the people behind the scheme who did not understand what Michael was about. Instead they saw him as an easy target, someone they can take from. All those people that did that, did not care one bit about Michael, all they cared about was themselves. What they did was terribly wrong. Michael's dream will be accomplished by all of us working together. We are his helpers because we're his fans.

I'm so sad for what happened to Michael, it makes me cry. I love Michael, I will always love him because when the world did wrong to him, he always did right. He has a good heart and that's what I love so much about him. Instead of looking at Michael as a sex object, we should should look at him for his heart, he has the most precious heart I've known. He's a real man, he has been true to himself... I'm crying over what happened to him. I just wish I could hug him and just give him my love because he really needed that all his life. Someone to be there and appreciate him. He needed that and someone he could trust. If I could, I would like to meet him in heaven and hug him right now.. if it was possible for me to go there then i would come back on earth to continue where he left off.

Je suis très touchée par tes gentilles paroles. Je t’en remercie, Joms.
(Sorry, I wrote in French, because I can express myself more honestly and sincerely, with all my heart).

I am happy and proud to be his fan.
Michael Jackson fans are very special, we have a very big heart. We love Michael, not only his music career, but also his personality, his life, his thoughts, his will... (Rabbi Shmuley is entirely wrong to believe that the fans love him for what he does, not for what he is). We are here to let others know how he really was, and to continue what he was doing for our planet Earth and for all the living.

If your wish to go watching Immortal Show gives you the strength to live, why not. There will certainly be something else in the future.

I've never been in the U.S. I regret not having traveled in the region of Santa Ynez when Michael was still there.

Don’t say ‘sorry’. I cry every time saying if.., if only.., if ever…(for ex. 'if he had been happily married, ...)
I'm not his friend, I'm not his sister, I'm just a fan. I know I could not do anything for him, but I feel remorse...

Joms, I totally agree with you. Reading your post has almost made me cry.
In my opinion, the tragedy was not inevitable. If there was someone, just one person, who had led him on a right way, … But there was no one… His children were too young. His family was not aware of the state of Michael.
I feel remorse for life.

Sad life is full of sleepless nights for most people who live fast paced lives but his was much more serious and he was well known so things were more stressful it seems to me. I could never live such a life... I'd be tired all the time if that was the case.

Sleep stolen during childhood is a childhood stolen.

I never really liked this picture. I feel sorry seeing the boys who lack sleep and fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

I so wished that after the great success of TII, Michael had met a good doctor specializing in sleep and definitely been out of his sleep disorder.

yes... that seems to be the case. I'm feeling sad for Michael going through that, it's not normal.. that was an extremely fast paced lifestyle. Many of us go through it but his was really stressful and it start as he was still a young child Sad

What is unacceptable is that the strippers were sleeping during the day, while the young Jackson brothers were at school. (I'm not going to talk about the ethical side of the problem now.)
Not having a normal childhood gives not only psychological damage, but also physical disorders such as sleep disorder. Michael was a typical example.

that's sad to know that as a child he didn't have much sleep. I can understand because that was show business... that lifestyle is demanding and time consuming. I feel sad for that. Sad because of the fact that this isn't good because it causes struggle throughout the day just to work. This seems to me like training... and its almost like the military except it was show business. Because in the military you don't get much sleep either.. I remember being in training and there was only like a 3 hour sleep then we were out for training... each day. That's hard to deal with it... so it's like Michael was trained for the show business. I try to think of his life and picture myself in his shoes and how he may have felt.

It is true that there are people who do not require many hours of sleep, Most of them are genetically programmed that way. (And don’t forget the aspect quantity / quality in the field of sleep. Those persons going well with little sleep time have generally a very good quality of sleep).

CJG have reason saying Michael NEVER had a " normal" sleep. But in the case of Michael, I guess hardly it was genetic.
This often happens to families who have to share the same room with several others. Michael had always another big brother in the same bed in Gary, and the two elders in the same room who should have been up late, didn’t need much sleep as the two cadets
And of course there was another reason. Their parents have ignored, I think, the importance of the normal rhythm of sleep for children. It is unthinkable to let them work in night clubs and send them to school the next morning.
Poor Michael, poor brothers. They were sleepy at school, and their sleep patterns were completely disturbed, already early in their life.
That's how the sleeping disorder began for Michael, and later, other reasons have aggravated his case.

@I know, joms, it's me who said that. Not you.

I imagined a new birth without thinking of his third marriage Smiling
You're right, Joms. He is probably not made for living a happy long-term union. But in my imagination, he’d finally, yes finally found a woman of his dreams, and "they were married, they had many children” like a fairy tale.

Marcia, I cannott remember whether he was always having his desire to adopt children of all races, even after the birth of his three children. If so, he’d have one or two more children right now in 2012.

I also imagined Murray ruined because of his new five women and three new babies.

Cjg, thank you for writing what you think. I’ll take hours or even days to respond. I have many things to say about some topics.

What I have always found curious is that Michael NEVER had a " normal" sleep pattern throughout his life. So, that was his normal. A lot of people don't get more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night and function well and that is their normal. I myself am awake at least twice a night and average four hours of sleep a night. Now, what I find the curious part is why was sleeping more than his normal made such an issue. Throughout his life he had obviously created and functioned within his normal pattern. Who made it such an issue that he felt he had to resort to such extreme measures to sleep? I guess what I'm getting at is why wouldn't whoever let Michael determine the pace at which This Is It performances would take place? He is the artist around which the performances are based he should be in control of determining the performance schedule, right? However, I know that "they" created the situation that brought on the stress related insomnia (which everyone was aware of) in order to back him into a corner and threatened him with losing everything so he felt he had no recourse but to try to get sleep through some assistance. I believe Michael tried the "natural" path through the nurse as was his nature. However, he continued to disatisfy those who were threatening him (so they said) with being "too sleepy" at rehearsal - what, did he yawn too much? Thus, giving them the opportunity to bring in Murray. Michael felt he had no recourse. I DO NOT believe Michael used propofol as Murray stated. Yes, it's very curious isn't it that a night or two before he died he could sleep without the aid of propofol. Now, if you're an "addict" to something like propofol you can't flip it off and on like a switch. That remark by Murray tells me what I always thought and that was that perhaps Michael used these other medications to help him sleep but never requested propofol. That the acquisition of so much propofol was to help stage and hide the murder that was to take place. I believe that propofol was used that one and only one time to kill Michael. I don't think Michael was expecting it. I mean at that infamous meeting that took place with Kenny Ortega, Randy Philips and others told Michael not to take anything from any other doctor only take what Murray gave him. Who says something like that if you're supposedly concerned about someone misusing medication? They weren't. They didn't want any other medication to interfere with what they were planning to do to Michael. I understand Murray accompanied Michael to rehearsals a few times to what - say to Michael we're watching you don't forget - keep the pressure on. I mean why would he go to rehearsals with Michael if Michael was supposedly secretly abusing propofol? Michael would have kept Murray under the radar if that was the case. It also tells me Michael didn't hire Murray. It sounds farfetched doesn't it? Folks, there are many dark and sinister beings out there where mega money is concerned. Michael was seen as the path to that money by such beings. Michael, the human being did not matter to them, just the money he could generate. As much as he generated for them they wanted more and with all of the controlling interest Michael had over so much of it that made him a thorn in the sides of the perpetually greedy. The only thing that would satisfy them would be to eliminate that interference in accessing all of that money and that is what they did. Michael knew for a long time they would try and tragically for all of us they succeeded. It's ashame no one would heed what Michael tried desperately to tell them about the evil forces after him. Instead they acted like he was ridiculous, overreacting, or probably under the influence. They should have listened.

Adopting children (i think he wanted to adopt children from each continent.)

the birth of his fourth child. Why not?

No "Michael" or "Immortal" Smiling, but a real new album.
No "Vision", but new short films.
No "This Is It -rehearsal", but a real "This Is It" and film "Thriller". (These were in the projects signed with AEG.)
No tribute concert in London in Nov 2011, but a concert with all his brothers.

No more debt.
Finished with Sony, etc etc

Busy, but but so happy