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What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Hello, My name is Ali Breezy<3 I love michael Jackson soo much. Im just soo intrested in other peoples opinion in there fraorite MJ song:)<3 Thank you.

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He has so many, but let me think....all of them!!!

Well, as many others have already said, there's just too many songs that Michael has done and there all good!!!!!! For me, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove all of his stuff, but it just really has to be on my mood. I go through fazes with them as well as albums. Right now it's Human Nature!!!!!! I f**kin' looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will You Be There! I love, love, love this song and the way Michael performed it. It went straight to my heart and stayed there.

Who's Loving You
Billie Jean
Earth Song
Heal the World
Stranger in Moscow
Too many to say...can I just say all of the above?

Who's Loving You
Billie Jean
Earth Song
Heal the World
Stranger in Moscow
Too many to say...can I just say all of the above?

They dont care about us or maybe dangerous

errrm.. i cant choose!! its a tie between, ''one more chance'', ''speechless'' and ''the way you make me feel'' :]
i love all his songs, especially the older songs, and each song has a different meaning so its soooo hard to choose ! xx

I cant decide either every song is special to me, but if i really had to choose i think it would be rock with you / human nature (sorry i cheated a bit :] ) but really i love love love every song of michael jacksons so really the answer is ALL OF THEM xxxxxx :]

Es difícil decir una, pero creo que Earth Song es mi favorita!

I have sooo many! Its too hard to decide one, so I'll say them all Smiling

2 Bad, Smooth Criminal, This Is It, Cry, Heal The World, Who Is It, They Don't Care About Us, Black or White, Ghosts, and Leave Me Alone.


Hmmm, That is a hard one to answer. I guess it is usually the first song and then the last song I listen too! LOL! Those seem to be the ones that sick in my head the rest of the day. But, if I had to actually pick then I guess I would have to say, Billie Jean wold be the #1. Then the list goes on! I like Dangerous a lot too.
Going Hollywood, Jam, Beat it and so on and so on! LOL!

My favorite songs area I'll be there, keep the faith, wanna be starting something, gone too soon and all his other songs. By the way my name is anna sophia jackson

But all songs are favourite, of course

will you be there and probably someone put your hand out

tengo otra opcion


Will You Be There has always been my favourite because it means a lot to me then every other song comes second Smiling

I smooth criminal and ghosts the best

god bless you michael

Hi Ali, I cannot really choose just 1 favourite lol!. I'll give my best choice and then it'll be another, and another, and another............ and so forth Smiling but I often have Stranger In Moscow in my head or Blood On The Dancefloor. That's just the first 2 to start with lol. The list goes oooooooon. Smiling

Good to meet you Eye-wink

Girl you have to ask me my favourites songs because I cannot just choose one.


I Just Can't Stop Loving You and Wanna be startin' somethin'

Probably thriller and beat it is the all the favorite and i have been listen to mj since i was young. We growth up listening to MJ songs.

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Umm...let me think...ALL of them! Smiling

So many people have asked me this question, but I can never decide what my favourite one is Eye-wink there's too many, I have over 200 songs myself any I'm still collecting more XD