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Michael's favorite color is Yellow

After a little bit of research and deducting I've found out Rather surprised, that Michael's favorite color is yellow wooooooh! tell me what u think below

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I think it's both red and gold. That's ALL he wore was red and gold....And black. Smiling

he looked good in yellow, have you seen the pictures?

really? nah i dont really think so. I'm sure it was red.

Huh...I thought it was red...


i think it was red

i thought it was red andd back

I read that Michael's favorite colors were RED & GOLD. Remember the gold casket with the beautiful spray of red roses with smaller gold flowers.

Well, I thought his favorite color was red...

At least, I've seen more pictures of him wearing red than yellow..

But...he looks great in both colors!

great idea..i think i'm gonna do the same!

....yep yellow means true love..................

I heard michael's favorite color is black and red.

Am I really the only one that thinks it's orange and red?

i don't know but i always knew that his favorite color was gold

Yellow? Of all the colors he could like. Sad That's the one color I don't like. Having said that, he looked really sexy in Come Together (wearing yellow)....And don't even get me started on Thriller (wearing red)..................Good grief was he hot there.

i think i may do the same thing and let each of my girls do it too because my youngest one her favorite color is yellow and they both love Michael. I think a couple of balloons will reach him with very special notes in them Smiling

To any of you that have stated Michael's favorite color was Yellow or Red, you are all correct. Michael favorite colors are Yellow AND Red. That is why all of the male family members, on the day of his Memorial wore yellow ties and a red rose, and his casket was gold/yellow which was drenched in red roses. Of course, he loved to wear black, I think because black is just a great color to wear. Black is a very complimenting color for all of us.

On his birthday, I intend to send up a yellow ballon with a note to Michael on it. This idea originated from another thread on this site. I think he will like the yellow best, he looks so good in yellow (and red) but I favor the yellow. Love you guys!

Michael, I love you more!

I am pretty sure his fav color is red. He wore lots of red. Although he liked to wear white shirt underneath jacket. Black and gold are other of his fav colors

gold and red makes sense. nearly every time you see him not on stage he wears a red shirt


Could pants of any other colour be as sweet??????

I thought Jermian said it was gold, although gold and yellow are pretty much the same color.

whiteglovelove18: you're right. I swear also that Jermaine said that it's GOLD and RED. hmmm.. i'm confused know. Smiling

whiteglovelove18: you're right. I swear also that Jermaine said that it's GOLD and RED. hmmm.. i'm confused know. Smiling

I swear Jermaine said on an interview i watched that michael's favorite colors were gold and red thats why that casket was gold and thats why they wore gold ties i could be wrong but i am pretty sure thats right.

Now where exactly did you find that out? I was under the impression it was always red, black, gold, and silver.

I thought his favorite color was Red, maybe red was one of his favorite colors, he wore red alot



thank you i've been wondering what it was for a long time now. it was a bit of a shock to me though,lol.

That is an interesting piece of news. Thank you for that!

Yellow, the color of felicity Smiling