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What was your favorite part in MIchael Jackson's This Is It?

I had two favorite parts but of course I loved the whole movie but my favorite two parts was when Michael Jackson was dancing to the beginning of They Don't Really Care About Us and Billie Jean. The King still had it at 50 years old but I knew that He would have had it at any age because age isn't nothing but a number.

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I love it all but my favorite part is Human Nature and at the end of the movie, when they all stood in a big circle, i cry in that part

Although it makes me cry every time, my favorite scene in TII is when Michael sings Human Nature. His voice sounded so perfect and angelic. *sigh*

I miss you Michael Sad


Hi My favourite part was when he sings speechless , human nature , and the jackson 5 melody He always seems happy when singing the J5 melodys xxx Smiling xxx

I love when he starts to sing speechless and then sighs, shrug his shoulders, and simply says “I love you”. He looks so sad there that it breaks my heart.

One of my favorite cool moments is when he says “I’m sizzling” and the dialogue that follows.

However the most poignant moment for me is at the end when he’s singing Man In The Mirror, out stretches his arms, then crosses them over his heart, closes his eyes, and holds his head back and the words "love lives forever" appears, and it ends. Oh My God. The first time I witnessed that in the theater, I lost all sense of pride and fell to my knees weeping my heart out.

I love This Is It a little bit more every time that I see it and believe me I’ve seen it a hundred times and still counting. But that last part never fails to leave me wanting for more for Michael. It should have been the beginning of the rest of his life. Not the end. Never the end.

I just watched bits and pieces of TII tonight (whilst pasting together photos in my wedding album!) and I noticed all the cute moments that you all just mentioned! I loved and appreciated getting to see some of Michael's rehearsal process.

@clairakitty, I just bought (another) new copy of TII on Amazon for a pretty unbeatable price, if you're in the market. Highly worth it!

@RememberHisTime, I LOVE that air guitar he plays! That was so cute!
@Clairakitty, "a little more booty" cracked me up!

I also really liked when Michael and the dancers are all in a circle in front of the green screen and Michael's dancing so hard but he looks so casual. I love watching him chew his gum on suck on his lolli-pop! And I loved when Michael was talking to the band about The Way You Make Me Feel and the band guy asks, how do you want it? and Michael says "I want it the way I wrote it". Ahh! The whole movie is just amazing to watch, getting to see MJ candid and behind the scenes....

I loved the cherry picker scene, too, and it was so funny and cute when the music people screwed something up and he was all 'No no no!' it was cute when he giggled about the 'little more booty' part. I think my favorite, however, is when he and all the dancers are in a circle and I think they sing. It's been a while since I last saw it, so I don't really remember what happened, but I started just bawling. I really need to buy that movie...

puedo elegir todo? jaja

Ooooh, that's a tough one. It's hard to pick a favorite moment, the whole thing was great!

I'd have to agree with SLG--my favorite most unexpected moment was giddy Michael on the cherry picker. Can't help but to say "Wheeeeeee!" all the time now.

I like when he is trying to get the right sound for Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. "It's funkiER." And then plays air guitar while singing the baseline!

Not gonna lie, I also enjoyed his air-spanks. You know the ones. Sticking out tongue

LOL! King, you know what..that's also one of my favourites too Laughing out loud especially when he's waving his arms in the air as he says the no's.

Yes! to see the whole 100 hours would be sensational. I wonder why the rest has never been released. It's mean of them.

@Michael's ChocoNymph, I also love this part with the "no no no no NO".

I would like to see all the other 100 hours of film-material!

The whole movie was great but there was too much dubbing. Like in MITM, Billie Jean and The Way you make me feel most vocals are dubbed over original rehearsal vocals.

When Michael was doing the soundcheck during 'The Way You Make Me Feel' and the guy on the keyboard kept coming in too quick. Michael said 'no!.. don't start so soon, yet'. (So soon, yet'?) lol, lol. That is so damned sweet Smiling

Also the part where he walks away during that same rehearsal with his arms waving in the air 'no,no,no,no, NO! Eye-wink Laughing out loud

the entire movie was gr8..and i loved it..there are many of the favs..includin the start and end of beat it performance..where he said laughing dat he realy do wanna get on the top and finally at the end whn he jst jumps around and made it to the tune of piano..i jst love him...esp. The earth song part..it was jst the day before he died...

I liked all of it, but the part that I remember was when Michael was on the cherrypicker and he said, "Wheeeeee!!" just like a child Smiling

i guess u did ask what my fave part was, so (i do luv it all Smiling) my fave part would probably be when the piano guy said 'booty' and mj thought it was funny, and michael also was wearing a popeye top which was very cute Eye-wink

I love all This is It, but Human Nature is so special for me. This is an anthem of my life, thank you, Michael, for this GREATEST songs we can listen!

I liked all of it, Michael is so cute. You know, the only parts that they showed in This is it are from the last two days of practice, which is when Michael started feeling better, because he was very unwell most of the time in practices, which is very sad Sad

The Whole Movie was my favourite he is greatley missed by the world R.I.P michael 27.7.2009