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Conrad Murray has been convicted of "Involuntary Manslaughter" where the maximum penalty allowable is only 4 years in jail! From what has come out in the trial, Dr. Murray's actions were FAR FROM "involuntary"! He was in complete control of his actions and he knowingly broke the law and every ethical code for which doctors should stand! He not only showed complete negligence, but complete and utter incompetence! Thankfully, the jury got it right!

I am proposing to the District Attorney of Los Angeles and to the Governor of California to enact, "MICHAEL'S LAW". A law that will make this kind of gross negligence by health care professionals, prosecutable as 2nd Degree Murder, and not just involuntary manslaughter. Doctor's wrongfully and negligently prescribing harmful narcotics has become an epidemic and it must be stopped! Simply having the AMA chastize these doctors or removing their license from one state or area, is NOT acceptable! There needs to be stiffer penalties for doctors that are enabling addiction and causing harm, hardship and DEATH. These doctors are no different then drug lords, who are distributing illegal narcotics! In fact, these doctors are worse, because they are doing it within the system that patients are supposed to be able to trust to HEAL them! These doctors are breaking the law for financial gain, with absolutely no regard for human life! Murder is murder, regardless of the weapon!

Perhaps, even in death, Michael can help to heal and change the world. His music and talent was a wonderful legacy, but he wanted more - he wanted to make the world a better place. Perhaps, "MICHAEL'S LAW" will save others from the extreme deviations in standards of care, from self-serving, greedy doctors like Conrad Murray.

"Think it, see it, believe it, make it happen." One step at a time, positive change in Michael's name.

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Actually, I think it should be Mjay's Law. Because there are many 'Michaels', but there is only one 'Mjay' the whole world recognize. When you think of 'Mjay', you automatically think of the cool King Of Pop. And it could be easily associated with the trial and what murray did, unless we say the whole name, 'Michael Jackson' known globally. However you want to spell 'MJ', or 'Mjay', or 'M-Jay'....

Good idea! I concur -