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More reasons not to buy Frank Cascio's book...talks in detail about Michael's supposed "drug use"

New Michael Jackson book details drug use
By Maria Puente, USA TODAY

Another book about Michael Jackson comes out next week with fresh details about the late King of Pop's use of the drug that just got his former doctor convicted on involuntary manslaughter charges.

Frank Cascio, a former personal assistant and manager to Jackson, writes in My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man, that Jackson took propofol as early as 1999, according to The Associated Press, which bought an advance copy of the book to be published Tuesday by William Morrow.

Propofol is what killed Jackson at age 50 in June 2009. On Monday, Jackson's personal doctor at the time, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for using the drug, a powerful anesthetic that is supposed to be used only in operating rooms, to treat Jackson for his longstanding insomnia.

Cascio, who became friends with Jackson at age 5, writes in the book that Jackson first began using the drug Demerol as early as 1984, after he was burned while making a soda commercial. Later, Cascio says, he noticed Jackson using Demorol for his "Dangerous" tour in 1993, and that he used it to treat the skin disease he suffered from.

Cascio says Jackson took propofol in 1999 in Munich after the singer was injured in a fall. Eventually, he realized Jackson's drug use was escalating. He says he sometimes paid Jackson's doctors in cash and put his own name on prescriptions to hide the singer's medical problems and their cost.

Cascio sought help from three of Jackson's siblings before his 2001 anniversary shows, but the singer "simply pushed them away." He writes that Jackson started the first of two anniversary shows an hour late because he was drugged in his dressing room.

Murray's defense included arguments that Jackson had long used dangerous drugs supplied by other doctors. But the Los Angeles jury at his trial decided he was responsible for the dose that killed Jackson in his bedroom of a rented Los Angeles mansion. Murray is in jail awaiting sentencing.



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I've just started reading this book. It's very interesting reading all the past comments, that's for sure!!!!

The most damning item to Michael's legacy is the allegations of child molestation and Frank can refute that and does so forcefully in this book. It's true that nothing will change a hater - even chandler and arvizo coming forward and denying the allegations won't change their minds. Haters would simply claim they had been paid by the estate to do it. However, a forceful denial by someone who spent time in Jackson's house and bedroom as a small boy is enough to sway someone who is "on the fence" so to speak. Also, although Frank mentions drug use he also says that Jackson was not an addict. I wish it were better written, but there is no reason for fans not to support this book.

I'm no hypocrite. I bought the book to see what his "friend" had to say about his good friend Michael Jackson. To me it is another opportunity to make money off the late Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was an intensely private individual. I find it distasteful and disheartening that people are still stripping this man of his integrity and pride long after his death. Michael Jackson was a human being...he struggled with demons like you and I...only he had to deal with his struggles in the public eye...not because he wanted to but because of opportunists, who at any given time would sell their friend down the river for a buck. Until such time as we realize that Michael Joe Jackson was indeed human and not a commodity...then perhaps the man's soul can finally rest in peace

I loved how this book brought out the human side of Michael and his ability to make EVERYTHING around him and the people blessed enough to be in his close circle a learning experience. I think he would approve.

That's the cool thing about this book, it DOES discuss much more than his shortcomings. There are hilarious stories, funny stories, bittersweet stories, and insightful stories. I loved the bit about the 'mind maps' that Michael taught Frank to create. We know that Michael used affirmations etc. for years in creating his life, and believed the mind had power to create whatever it wanted. Getting details (other than notes on his mirror) about how exactly he went about that was fascinating. He lived and breathed 'The Secret' years before it existed. To see the ins and outs of how someone so incredibly talented harnessed and focused that talent, knowing the outcome was unparalleled success, was inspiring. The story of Michael consulting a psychic before the '05 mess was interesting. The entire impression this book gives, imo, is positive and loving. So what if he talks about Michael's drug use - that really isn't news anymore. And Frank doesn't reveal anything here that feels like a line was crossed. Personally, I'm glad he shared this stuff, because he had to know that he would get a huge blow back from MJ fans. And I doubt he did it for the money - there isn't huge money to be made from a book like this.

I still pose the question - why does this topic need to be discussed by anyone? The only thing the media would EVER discuss was something they could use to perpetuate their hate campaign against him. Michael was so much more than his human shortcomings. Those other parts of Michael- his creative/artistic genius, his humor, his intelligence, his humanitarian works are the little known, little discussed, little acknowledged rich and wonderful parts of Michael that we were deprived of really getting to know while he was alive. It is time for people (I don't care how close they supposedly were to Michael) to stop discussing "his shortcomings" and PERSONAL (that word seems to mean nothing to anyone) struggles, as it has been done and dissected more than it should have been by everyone and his dog -even while Michael was alive - boy, he must have been weary of it. I love hearing, seeing, experiencing stories about the multifacets of Michael's personality I mentioned before ( the ones we rarely get to hear about) but I WILL NOT lend validation of any kind to anyone who is willing to peddle, what I'm sure Michael entrusted them with keeping personal, Michael's PERSONAL difficulties. I don't care how long and close someone was to him it is not their business to disclose. Plus those situations are ultimately tainted by a second party's perspective who may NOT have all of the information they need to fully understand what and why things transpired they way they did - because they are not Michael and living in his shoes - they are still just a spectator to his life. Or to sum it up more succinctly - if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all.

I LOVED this book and hope he writes a second (and third and fourth).

I'm LOVING it so far and believe MJ's friend did the best he could to be honest and loving. I'll give it a better critique when I finish it and now that the holidays are over, I may even get that chance! :>)
I agree that we always want to jump and defend Michael's name but I honestly do feel Michael Loved Frank and his family and I trust whatever frank says to be the most accurate and honest in describing Michael even though some of the things caught me a bit off guard.

I understand that there's a lot more inside the book
compared to what media writes about..:S
I think people, or MJ-fans/lovers (including me), reacts as I did
because we just want to protect MJ. Everytime I read or hear something "bad" about him
I automaticly start defending him..!Shocked
Anyways, I will read the book since so manu of you guys say it's a
very honest book about MJ! Eye-wink


I totally agree with you guys.
You can't hate it till u try it.

I was excited when I started reading this book, some things really did shock me though, and I haven't been the same since, but some things had me laughing SO hard! Loch Lomond!! LOL that story will never get old! And the little inside joke game he and MJ would play, like when they went to the museum and the "ugliest" painting in there,they went up to it and MJ started "crying" because it was so "beautiful" !!!!!!!!! HAHAHHA

Michael:"Do you perhaps, by any chance, have a tissue?"
Frank:"He's very emotional..."


@CantStopLovinMJ, many folks who have not read the book assume that Frank wrote it to betray Michael and make fast money. I've read it and it's obvious that he loved Michael & cherishes their friendship. I agree with TatumMarie and JohnnyQ.

It's not Frank's fault the media wants to use one aspect to promote his book, while twisting his words as well, the book has so much more. Your opinion on the book is based on the media coverage. Read the book first, please.

I loved this book. It was honest. It gave me a better understanding of all that Michael had to go through and a better perspective into his human side.That’s more than I can say about a few others I have read. Some of the things revealed made me smile and laugh out loud, while others made me cry and hurt for him. It was such a relief to learn that Michael was not the lonely reclusive person he had been made out to be. He had fun. He had girls. He had people he hung out with even if it wasn’t in a club or brothel. He wasn’t always brooding and worrying and crying. He wasn’t a saint, but he was still an angel in my eyes. He was fun loving, and insecure and sure, and a loving, kind, a decent human being who reminded me at times of myself, and at other times of people I have known. I totally enjoyed reading this book. I applaud Casico for being brave enough to write it.

Seeing as throughout Michael's life the media made it their mission to discuss and present only things that could be viewed as negative about Michael I think it's more than past time for the truth to be told about the depth and breadth of the artistic/creative genius and humanitarian efforts that is Michael Jackson. THAT is the real Michael Jackson that is NEVER focused on, presented, and discussed at length. Now, that would be a welcome and refreshing subject for a book which I would gladly read.
The recycled accusations, speculations, and negative finger pointing at Michael has already been done to death, Frank. As Frank presents himself as a person with an extremely close relationship with Michael, therefore, more credible insight into the man, than others would have, I expect more and better of Frank than resorting to perpetuating the same old tabloid fodder about MIchael, which is undeniably what he did. If he didn't want any negative backlash then he shouldn't have done it. Frank made a choice and he'll have to live with the consequences of his decision. I wish someone would have the guts to do something really unique and compile a book of all of the wonderful examples of Michael the artist, humanitarian, and man which we were always robbed of getting to fully experience when he was alive by the media. Quite frankly I resent this omission as I am just learning all of the wonderful, beautiful things about Michael's personality, artistry and humanitarianism ( even though I'm a life long fan ) since his being taken from us and I strongly resent not getting to know all of this about him while he was alive. Michael deserves better, Frank.

Frank Cascio: "Okey how do I earn some money easy and fast...??YES I backstabb my friend Michael and write about his drugs-that will sell!!He's dead anyway..!!"

That's just my spontaneous reaction to this.... Shocked
Haven't read the book so I should not say more about it but feel so sad for our angel MJ...:'(

I was Okay with reading this book. Franks fills in some tid bits of Michael’s life. For example the MTV Awards mix-up where he supposedly invented the Artist of the Millennium award. In actuality, he was told he would be receiving that award. Don’t get me wrong, this book has its imperfections but is not an exploitative book. I also think that Frank could have used some hard core facts and done his research to put the molestation claims to shame.

I have to agree with JohnnyQ on the drug matter, this book is more about Michael not being a drug addict but using the medicine for relevant reasons. Some issues that Frank speaks on I believe he was too young to fully understand the depth of but overall it was a good read. It’s sad that publicity wise the media chooses to expand on the drug use portion which is their own fault not Frank’s.

In his book Frank talks about Michael's drug use, but he also says that he doesn't believe Jackson was addicted to drugs. He used drugs, but not compulsively. I don't know how anyone could believe Jackson didn't use drugs. As far as the MSG concerts go you could tell Jackson was on something by the way he came in with ET and the way he was talking. Someone else, and I can't remember who, said they talked to Jackson before the concert and couldn't imagine how he could perform, yet thirty minutes later he was bringing the house down.

The biggest problem for Michael Jackson's legacy is the untrue pedophile charges. On this subject no one is in a better position to speak the truth than Frank and he has done so over and over and again in this book. For this reason alone fans of Jackson should support the book. No one who admits Jackson had flaws is going to write a book that makes some fans happy anyway.

I bought the book and I like it, but if you want something that whitewashes Jackson then don't buy it.

That's in the Shumley book too!

well i bought it and love it.

I read Roger Friedman's lame attempt to save this book , flush after use
You may think somebody who witnessed the victimisation of Michael would know how to behave , it raises a question what kind of a person he is , the Cascios know how to behave when it suits them , on Oprah it was time to sell Michael the album , which did very well , now it's time to sell this trash by Rupert Murdoch , the tone and language is inappropriate , even Joe Jackson said Michael's marriage to Lisa was real , the whole thing is irrelevant and unnecessary , it's reflecting poorly on Frank , so he can't dissociate himself from people who are not reflective of himself ... it's bizzare

No wonder poor Michael had trouble trusting people. He had every right to have those feelings. I've scanned through a couple of books in the stores and they leave me shaking my head. I don't even think about buying them because some of the info. in them are damaging, and so ridiculous.
I would like to hear about all of Michael's charity work. He had done it most of his life. I believe there is more than enough info to write a book about it. That would be refreshing to see. He gets no light shed on that, but someone else does one good thing and that's all that is talked about.

Another reason : it was published by Rupert Murdoch

Frank was never really good at defending Michael. There was one interview in particular, that Frank did during the Arviso allegations that I didnt care for.

We can argue constantly about what is truth and fiction, but what kills me about this is that Frank is still labeling Michael for his own death. I guess the fact that his death was ruled a homicide means nothing. I don't care about Michael's two issues with medication in like 30 years- what is the point of writing about this- when you know the media is going to dwell on that portion?

I thought parasite Chandler was ordered to keep his vile mouth shut for good, forevermichaelj? particularly as he was paid to p**s off. Plus he'll be living the rest of his miserable life feeling raw with guilt! and so he should.

I doubt very much that Jordie Chandler will speak up now, after all this time.

As for Frank's book, I wasn't going to read it, but I think I will and make the judgement for myself.

Correct maria, their true colours were showing even when Michael was still around.

@Dorita, you got that spot on.

LeaveHimAlone, I agree with you. Chandler in particular needs to come out of hiding and speak the truth. Then the Haters would have to sit up and take notice. How can this person live with himself?

Although it's nice that Casio goes on record to say Michael was NOT a pedophile, I doubt that that this book will change anyone's perceptions on that matter. If a 10 YEAR FBI file that shows absolutely no proof of this crime goes ignored by the haters and media, why would the words of a man who himself was accused of playing a part in the "coverup". The only people that can fix this mess is Chandler and Arvizo, they need to come forward and admit that their parents coaxed them into lying for a fat paycheck.

I have a huge issue with the writer (Rodger Friedman) of that "positive" article that is encouraging people to buy this book. Friedman had been a long time Jackson basher and unrelenting Casio supporter, he bent over backwards trying to defend those questionable tracks on "Michael" last year. It has long been suspected that Frank Casio was Rodger Friedman's "inside Jackson source" and this only adds fuel to this argument.

In regards to another story floating around from that book that both of Michael's marriages was to please an Arab prince that he was doing business with, I'd like to quote the lyrics from one of Casio's own fanbase dividing tracks Breaking News: "why is it strange that I would fall in love/ who is this boogie man you're thinking of"

This should be in the 99 cent bin soon enough, and even then it would be an overpriced piece of junk.

Mariaann, at least both Oprah and Frank have something in common when it comes to Michael - being psychopathical liars and backstabbing maggots just to garner publicity and bolster their......"profiles", eek. Evil