Conclusion: People v Conrad Murray: Closing Arguments and Jury instructions due today! (CNN link included) | The Official Michael Jackson Site

Conclusion: People v Conrad Murray: Closing Arguments and Jury instructions due today! (CNN link included)

Today's the day we hear both the State and the defense sum up their cases and you can bet it'll be emotional, most likely from both sides. Per this article, both Michael and Conrad's mothers will be in court today, on opposite sides of the courtroom (of course).

Start time will be 9am (Pacific), 11am (Central) and 12noon (Eastern)

article link:

CNN live stream link:

HUGS, love and prayers for everyone! JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!!

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I watched Chernoff in youtube today , I knew Alvarez was the weakest link , they were going to attack his testimony

Thanks for all the updates you guys and thanks for all your support and just for being there in these last 2 1/2 years.
David Walgren has wiped the floor with the defense by all accounts Smiling
I will be checking on here today to see if there is any news from the jury.
A BIG THANKYOU To David Walgren and Ms Brasil. ((((HUGS))) to them. I would love to shake their hands too. Smiling

I agree with all of you.

Hi Jodi and *HUGS* to ya! I can't watch HLN or any of the tabloid shows/channels because of the haters. Some people just have a fixation with hating Michael Jackson and I really don't understand why (and don't want to understand it). I even have relatives that are haters and they grew up in the Jackson 5 era just like I did!

I liken it to the crabs in a bucket syndrome: every time a crab gets near the top of the barrel, the other crabs climb over each other to drag it back down to the bottom with them. The higher Mike's star rose, the more persistent and determined the "crabs" were to bring him down, including some of his own FAMILY (relatives can be HATERS, too, people).

Through it all, he stood strong, did not break until those horrid allegations began and then the trial in 2005. There's only so much a person can take and Michael's no exception. It hurts to see what happened to him, how his spirit was broken somehow, yet even then he still wanted to GIVE, to help people.

Michael deserved better.


i want to thank you all, again, for these wonderful updates! I don't even know you and i love you all!

my heart is hurting. i have been more anxious today than i have in a long time.

i've loved michael almost my entire life....since i was 8, i'm 35:) when he passed i had a peace come over me hoping he would finally find some peace. he was such a strong man. he taught me a lot!

tomorrow will be very emotional. i will be here checking as i can't watch the trial at work. i want to hear from you all first!

i probably won't be able to watch tv tomorrow night. i know the haters will be out in force.

love to all.

and someone said something about creating a law in michael's name.....wouldn't that be ironic after all the hell the law put him through.

man i miss him!


It's going to be alright, MJhome, don't worry! Reliving it all over again is hard and frustrating, so we can relate to how you're feeling. *Hug* Justice will be served. I have confidence in that jury, in Walgren and Brazil. They proved their case, ok? Smiling

Hi, Button2! Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mr. Walgren brought up (throughout the trial and in his closing) Michael possibly injecting himself to hit home the fact that that doesn't matter due to Murray being so grossly negligent in his care of him. Murray created the situation, created the dangers, then LIED about it when the mess hit the fan and tried to cover it up. He KNEW what he was doing wasn't ethical nor medically sound. His responsibility as a doctor, to first do no harm was tossed aside knowingly by him when he gave Mike propofol in his home, with no monitoring equipment or help in case something went wrong (which it did).

I hope that clears some things up for you. Smiling

I am very nervous today, and feel like ive been through wringer!. Its so close now and im not handling it very well at all Sad Sad I want Murry to be punished for taking Michaels life. I want justice for Michael and his family, and especially his children Sad This has been just as bad as when we first lost Michael, in some ways , worse, as we had to look at those photos and listen to Michaels slurred voice in that recording Murry made of him, and a lot of things we hadnt heard at the time of his passing. Now its all put out in the open for the whole world to see and hear about Sad
Im just not coping very well right now. Sad Magical Child, ive pm you.

I do not understand Walgreen’s conclusions.

Is it me, but I understand Michael does have some blame in this as well. But why did Walgreen bring it up in his closing.

I do not understand why Walgreen stated Negligence on Dr. Murray for not being in a hospital setting and later in the speech talked about involuntary manslaughter. Did anyone else catch that in his speech? I need the transcript....

Walgreen's speech was not correct at all. We all need to re- listen to his speech again. Something is wrong here.

Second Problem, why would any judge in their right mind let the jury members to go home? Who has access to the Jury the sheriff department? WRONG...they are going home. The public and their family has access to them all 14 of them....12 who sat in the jury chairs and 2 alters.

Here is a question for each one of you….would you trust the Los Angeles Sheriff Department?

Not me, Remember Sheriff Jim…think about him for a moment…do you think he is safe running around…

What can happen from now until tomorrow morning at 9 am?

Well, the weapon of choice is a gun...many people have been shot executioner style correct..Do you remember who they were? One person is kidnapped who knows about the murder. People had died.

What is the probability something is going to happen with the jury members?

The sea is always calm before the storm....

Hi, Miss Goldie! Michael was one tough cookie when most would've crumbled during that horrid time and I feel it took a lot out of him, left him broken somehow and vulnerable. Murray and many others preyed on that weakened state and that's unfortunate. If only, if only.....

If nothing else, I am comforted by the fact that NO ONE can hurt him anymore, disappoint him anymore, break his heart and use him anymore.

It's just so sad that someone that brought so much joy to so many people for so many decades was taken away so stupidly, so unnecessarily, so suddenly. He had so much more to give and was denied.

And to this day I can't, I won't hate Conrad Murray for it. I won't let that negativity, bitterness and ugliness consume me, own me. He will have to answer for his life before his god just like all of us will. I won't give him that victory of sacrificing my soul over his horrible actions. He's simply not worth it.

As long as justice is served and he's NEVER allowed to practice medicine again, I'm cool with that. No other patient should have to lose their lives because of him and the medical profession shouldn't have to be sullied by incompetent people like him. Maybe an overhaul of the system will be implemented somehow because of this and a law will be named after Michael?

It has been a long 23 days but MJ had to go through 5 months of it in the past.
It all seems so unfair.

After waiting for two years, yes, I will finally be able to move on but I think I'm going to grieve some more knowing that Michael could have been saved if it weren't for Murray's greed and lack of his medical knowledge. His heart was beating....just not breathing.

I just can't imagine anything BUT GUILTY verdict.

I bet that jury wanted to start today - lol - and I bet they don't sleep tonight.

I almost wish the jurors could have gone in and started now.... after hearing Walgren fresh in their minds. We won't know what time they start tomorrow.... I assume 9am or earlier.... I'm sure HLN will find out.

We're all exhausted... we've been through a lot.... after this is over, we may still have more grieving that it's over... it's all going to take its toll.

We need to be there for each other throughout!!


Devastating. HLN called Walgren's closing 'historic'. I can't wait until tomorrow - bet the jury can't either. Poooor Conrad Murray.

Im so ready for this all to be over. Its been 2 years focused on this, i'm ready to move on.

I'm so nervous right now...
David Walgren was really amazing! I wish I could thank him.
MJfam: God bless you all!


How would we get to know when to tune in to the live stream again?
I hope they broadcast CM in handcuffs!!!

verdict will come tommorow you guys!!!

God Bless Mr. Walgren for an amazing job. I don't see how the verdict can be anything but guilty. Holding hands with you guys for justice 4 Michael.

Collective Prayer Everyone! KEEP THE FAITH that the jury will see the truth!!

I dont' think I can respect David Walgren any more than I already do. He is amazing. I wish I could shake his hand!

Everyone... come on here tomorrow... as we wait.... we need to share our strength together! We should get a 30 min. warning that the verdict is in.

JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.O.V.E. TO ALL OF YOU!! it's up to the jury...
Guys, everything is going to be fine.
It was a hard time for us all. Hugs to you all! Keep strong!



Oh gosh you guys!!!! here it goes

See, like I said...he LIED, people! Throw the Tooth Fairy under the bus, throw my mama under the bus, it doesn't matter. Conrad Murray LIED, he LIED REPEATEDLY.

Dude is toast.

so glad Walgren brought up the fingerprints.

Deb thanks for faxing those letters from us to him! im glad he felt the L.O.V.E. Smiling

Yes, WATW!!! God bless Walgren and Brazil! They more than proved their case imho. I really feel good about this upcoming verdict now. The State hasn't dropped the ball or appeared weak at ALL.

I LOVE YOU DAVID WALGREN!!! He will forever be loved by all MJ fans everywhere. He is doing SO GREAT up there! JUSTICE IS COMING MICHAEL! WE LOVE YOU!