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"Billie Jean" performed by Johnny Ruffo on Australian X Factor

Well done Johnny, see you next week Smiling


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And the winner is..............'drum roll'.........

Reece Mastin

Congrats Reece, and welcome to the Sony family.

The Winner's Single......"Good Night"


@Dorita, I remember Young Talent Time very well, good old days ♥

Me too Jax, talent shows nowadays are just bloody popularity contests. I wonder why the global "talent" contest is called the X-Factor in the first place. Talent? Uh-uh! Sex appeal! Yep! Same thing with Idol.
Never mind the talent. What happened to the good old days of Young Talent Time for example? You remember that show, don't you Jax? Thank goodness for Australia/America etc. Got Talent. It's not restricted to singing or, to the extent, image appeal, but a diverse versatility of talent that stretches from dancing, instrumentalists, magic and even visual illusion. Sorry for the rant but just needed to get it off my chest.

I'm really surprised, Johnny is still in the competition,

only four left.


No probs Jax! Glad you enjoyed it! Laughing out loud

Beautiful quality video, thanks snck Smiling

It is a well known fact that Michael was miming in the

Billie Jean segment, but still the most AMAZING performance ever, iconic ♥

Yeah, thanks Jax..it was alright. Shame you never got to see him live coz you would have just loved it if you don't mind him miming! Smiling

Thanks for the clip, I'll check it out Eye-wink

@snck, well I hope you enjoyed some of the concert,

I never saw a Michael Jackson concert Sad

I found this video of Michael rehearsing "Billie Jean" for the Dangerous Tour,

singing live, enjoy Smiling


@joms, I'm glad you liked the performance, thanks for watching ♥

@ jax

mmm...not for me...I went to see a live performance so I expected the singing also to be live... Sad

It was still ok. sigh.

@smck, I would have felt HONOURED to attend a Michael Jackson Concert,

I would have never felt disappointed even if Michael was miming.

Just to see Michael dance would have been AMAZING!!!!!!!

Umm..I'm not putting MJ down, but Michael Jackson used to Mime when he was doing his concerts...I went to see him in '92 & it was quite disappointing because you could tell he was miming!!

Spot on Jax, I agree with everything you said as well. He was in the bottom 2 and survived another week. I can sing and dance but not simultaneously, it is hard to multi-task, but Michael was the ultimate professional as he was extraordinarily unique and there will ever be another like him again.

Oh, I agree Dorita. Johnny is not the best singing in the world,

but he has improved Smiling It just goes to show how hard it is to

sing and dance at the same time. Michael was truely an

AMAZING performer, NO ONE even comes close.

I saw that last night, Jax. While his singing is mediocre, the dancing is quite slick, however no-one will EVER match the greatness and the consummate showmanship of Michael Jackson.