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Tom Sneddon

Check up on this Tom Sneddon, who was maliciously after Michael there no justice?

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Some of us are seriously thinking that Sneddon organized the Bashir documental...
It would be great if we could discover this. So far I couldn't find any information. Any ideas are welcome..

I should probably have known this, but... Who is Tom Sneddon?

Hi! Check out this videos!

Tom Sneddon SLAMMED on LIVE TV :

Tom Sneddon, Michael'ın çocuk tacizi davasıyla ilgilenen bir avukattır.

Thomas W. Sneddon Jr. (born 1941 in Los Angeles) was the district attorney of Santa Barbara County, California.
He had 22 years experience as a District Attorney and 35 years experience in prosecution. He is best known for prosecuting child molestation charges against entertainer Michael Jackson in 2005 – a trial that ended in Jackson being acquitted.

I really don´t know why this piece of crap deserves an own threat. He will finally turn straight to hell after been struck by a lightning while sh.... !!! This is the only he deserves.

Whatever you do, please check out Dick Gregory on youtube You Can't Handle the Truth part 3 of 3 in an interview from last summer he was discussing just discussing Michael since they had a close relationship for years. In addition to this, Mr. Gregory was talking about the format that was to be detailed when he came my hometown of Baltimore Maryland. On Saturday August 8, 2009 the Civil Rights icon came to the East Baltimore Campus of Sojourner Douglas College and gave a lecture.

As a matter of fact, he made a DVD that was given by Reality Speaksbookstore called You Can't Handle the Truth. Recently, I purchased it from However, during the phone call to Darin Muhammad who has a show on Radio One with African-American founder Dr. Kathy Hughes who is the president he discussed the fact that there is oil under the ground at Neverland. So, when you all were discussing MJ I thought about this he also talked about the Beatles Catalogue as potential targets.

I read that the whole thing was so Tom Sneddons friends could get Neverland from Michael because they had wanted it before he bought it to start a vineyard/winery. It was a group of affluent Santa Barbara businessmen that had financed Tom Sneddons election. Tom Sneddon maliciously prosecuted Michaels " next door neighbor" to try to get his ranch too. So what I would like to see happen is for someone to actually investigate Sneddon to find out if he maybe put the Arvizos up to the whole thing.

Ugly is as ugly does.

Horrible man.

<3 <3 <3

@cassi: AND looking like he's been beat with an ugly stick! LOL!

Tom Sneddon is going to wake up one morning with a boot up his has with a white glove in it and it will be about time... In the words of someone he maliciously prosecuted.. SBDA is a bunch of thugs with badges...

a better term for them would be the GET-A-LONG GANG! LITERALLY!!! CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW.


he was really out to get michael, at any cost.... Sad a very bad man...but karma is a beautiful thing, he better be praying for forgiveness or i know where he will spend eternity

i never wish never bad for people...but with this guy is very diferent...

tom sh*t on is a cold man!!!!! funky bastard

Gee, I wonder what Tom Sneddon is doing to help Hatians?

Tom Sneddon's sins & faults go far deeper than being merely a cold man. I hope with all my heart that he gets what he deserves, in this world & the next. Worst wishes for Sneddon now & future.

He does carry an evil aura about himself,but that's just shadow projection because we all don't like him much.Although he charged the wrong person,Sneddon was doing his job.A prosecutor's job is to win cases;they don't really care if they are wrong,all they have to believe is that they have a case with significant evidence,so that they can win.Winning a case is all a lawyer really wants.Sneddon is a particularly cold man,in my opinion.He didn't have a chance at Michael with the Chandler issue and he couldn't wait to get his claws into Michael with the Arvizo scam.What Sneddon wanted to do was to bring a famous person down and earn brownie points so he would be in a good position at work.
The legal system works when the innocently charged are found innocent and their records purged.But the legal system isn't perfect. Sneddon was so filled with bias against Michael that his office failed to research the Arvizos and their claims.That last trial was so unnecessary and it really damaged Michael's ego and health.
Many years ago when I was in university,the Theater Arts Head came to talk to my Shakespearean class about acting and what majors did;he astonished everyone when he said that many go on to law degrees,that trials were about drama,acting as well as case work.And law professors only backed what he said.

Tom Sneddon..

..Is a cold man!

Lets' s agree to come and spit on Sneddon's grave, if we survive him! I'd LOVE to do that (if there are boys here, they are welcome to pee on his grave in public!)

MJJmahal you are hilarious!!!!!

...*finishing sentance* a douche bag. Actually, he's the king of all douche bags. He and his douchy douche disciples the Chandlers, the Arvisos (or whatever their names have been changed to) can get bent. One of ya'll said it best...God will have no mercy on them...lying sacks of crap...

Tom Sneddon is a colddddddddd man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually love this song! Smiling I wish I could write some cool hate songs like this Smiling

I vote to let him loose in an arena filled with fans. We will take care of him. We can get very creative!
EVIL, EVIL MAN (sorry excuse for a man)!

I read somewhere that Tom Sneddon has retired.

Does anybody know if Tom Sneddon has been removed from his position?
How was this which hunt, lynch-mob mentality allowed in the first place. Tom Sneddon was instrumental in the decline of Michael. Who could have survived the trauma and humiliation?
All should read Redemption and Conspiracy to see what really happened -court transcripts are accurate-------the media still has not let up on this shining light amongst us.....still they want to dissect and ridicule each nuance, each word and every action.
The poem at his memorial service, we had him- amongst us-BUT-let him slip away......

Okay now I know this is a bad way to think and all, but wouldn't it be justified to put him in jail and let those people do what they want to him? Or or or.....set him free in an arena filled with fans...oh yes, that would be mighty nice. This man is evil and he should be punished. These are moments where I hope that there is a hell, so he will go to it and get tortured forever with other scum.

God will have no mercy on him.

He and the accusers are all responsible for Michaels pain.

If Tom Sneddon does not get down on his hands and knees and pray for forgiveness from GOD Almighty, then I hope he dies the slow, miserable, painful death he deserves.

Michael Jackson did not talk or act like his idea of what a 'real' man should be, so he assumed he was guilty of something. I blame 'D.S.' for everything and always will.

I am just lookign around the is not hear do fnd these articles...these men really performed injustices and went after Michael for money and a way that is so evil and malicious it makes my stomach physically hurt...

I wonder why the Jackson family does not sue them?

Another creep with the nerve to say he is saddened. Just like Bashir. He will get his !! ! ! ! ! !