NEWS UPDATE: Katherine *ISN'T* selling Hayvenhurst, the Jackson family home since 1970. | The Official Michael Jackson Site

NEWS UPDATE: Katherine *ISN'T* selling Hayvenhurst, the Jackson family home since 1970.

From TMZ:

A huge development in the Michael Jackson Estate case. The Executors have done so well making money for the Estate since Jackson died, they want to fund the Michael Jackson Trust to the tune of $30 million for the benefit of Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained court documents in which co-Executors John Branca and John McClain are asking the court's permission to fund the trust. According to the docs, the Estate generated more than $310 million in gross revenues as of December 31, 2010 -- that's the latest accounting.

In addition to funding the trust, the Executors are asking the court's permission to sell the longtime family home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, CA. According to the docs, Katherine wants to sell the house and, although no price is mentioned, the property was valued at $4,150,000 when Michael died.

The docs say Katherine wants the Estate to purchase another home and she's eying several properties, but we're told the home she really wants is the Calabasas house in which she and the kids are currently living.


This makes me really sad actually... Katherine and the entire family have owned that house since 1970, Michael grew up there and transformed it into his dream home before he bought Neverland. Michael would have written some of his greatest songs in that home. He said in 'Moonwalk' that he had thought up the Billie Jean routine for Motown 25 in the kitchen of the Encino home.
It feels like the end of something. Sad

Jermaine Jackson has dismissed the rumour of the selling of Hayvenhurst - Katherine will not sell the home!!!!

''RE HAYVENHURST: Mother has NOT expressed a wish for it to be sold. She has no idea about such a thing. It will not be sold." Jermaine Jackson's Twitter Feed +
''We have no idea who or what lies behind the initial report on AP. All we know is that Mother will not be selling Hayvenhurst" Jermaine Jackson's Twitter Feed continued.

It was just a rumour, thank goodness! Laughing out loud

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According to this new report. dated 29th September 2011

Katherine Jackson has decided NOT to sell Hayvenhurst.

But, she would like to buy the home in Calabasas where she

is now living with Prince, Paris and Blanket.

AGAIN we only know 1/1000 of everything that goes on.

I cannot pretend as if there is nothing which one cannot figure out what , with this whole Hayvenhurst thing, something will come up that will bring some light , it's just out of curiousity

The Estate is not kicking Mrs Jackson and Michael's children

out of Hayvenhurst, they moved into rental accommodation while

Hayvenhurst was being renovated. I think Mrs Jackson and the kids

like it in Calabasas and want to stay there.

I personally hope that The Estate can get back Neverland which, afterall is Michael's

and the kids real home.

That's great news if it's true. Apparantly TMZ got thier info wrong.

But with all this confusion it all comes down to this -
would the Estate really go to all this trouble to get rid of Hayvenhurst, thus basically kicking Michael's elderly mother and his 3 children out of their main home for the last few years, when they won't benefit from selling it?
The house is hardly a goldmine compared to the money they've made these past 2 years just from royalties, merchendise etc. I'm sure this'll all just blow over, just have faith.

@Jenny, I personally think that Jermaine is just trying to stir

up trouble Sad

Jermaine has NO say in the dealings of The Estate.

And that's the way Michael wanted it!!!!!!!!!!

Jermaine just tweeted again!

jermjackson5 Jermaine Jackson
I'm starting to suspect Estate, or those around Mother, are trying to exert pressure. They need to shut up. Hayvenhurst's not for sale

Two different stories, still confused.....what is the truth Puzzled

As far as I know The Estate is the owner of Hayvenhurst, they

paid off the mortgage last year, it is up to The Estate as to what

happens to Hayvenhurst.

I remember watching an interview (GMA) and Mrs Jackson said that

she did not want to go back to Hayvenhurst, I really do think that

the house will be going on the market.

<cite>Permission has also been sought from Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff to sell Jackson's long-time family home in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino.

Mixed stories coming out!

Phew! Thank goodness for that. It would be sad as a part of history would be forever eradicated. Sad All wonderful memories were shared there in Encino, and I'm sure Katherine wouldn't want to part for love or for money.

I'm glad to me selling Havynhurst would be like selling the memories of Michael could never part with something like that.


I can understand that there's confusion, but I doubt the estate would sell the Encino compound without Katherine and the Jackson family's consent. Michael may have owned the house, but he allowed Katherine and the others to live there, and he never would have dreamed of kicking his mother out of the house.

The estate is doing very well money-wise so selling the relatively small (compared to Neverland and the other mansions) Hayvenhurst wouldn't be beneficial really, plus like I said it would be kicking out Katherine and Michael's children who they're basically providing for.

Nope, I think this was all just a big rumour that's been put to rest.

Ikr I was all upset when I read that they were going to sell Hayvenhurst as well. Just proves that you have to take everything you read or hear with a grain of salt as the old saying goes. It is so easy to forget that though. Plus it is sad to think that you can't believe anything you read or hear unless you are really there to observe it first hand. Also sad that there is nothing the layman can do about gossip and the like.

I wonder if there is some confusion,because, katherine does not own the house michael owned it so now the estate owns it. The estate may be thinking of sellling.

Excellent news!!!! Laughing out loud

I'm made up that Katherine won't sell Hayvenhurst... thank goodness this was just a rumour! Thank you Jermaine for clearing it up, and hopefully this will be the end of it!

Woop woop! Laughing out loud

Who in the world WROTE this article in the first place??? Haha, here I am all sad and droopy because I think the house is going to be sold, wow. haha

Well, you seem to be right Poetry In Motion, I just went and checked

Jermaine's twitter account, so now I'm really confused Puzzled

Jermaine on twitter an hour ago

RE HAYVENHURST: Mother has NOT expressed a wish for it to be sold. It won't be sold. She had no idea about such a thing. It's a false report

We have no idea who or what lies behind the initial report on AP. All is know is that my Mother will not be selling Hayvenhurst

I don't see why there cannot be more than 1 museum, and if Hayvenhurst was exploited and receiving tourists and fans, many people could benefit from, even the neighbours. It all depends on the willingness of them and the local government. But who will take action this ? It is worth a study, that is for sure. It is a beautiful home and house, and should not be remodeled or renovated at all. It would lose a lot of it's authenticity. Personally, I regret that Mrs. Jackson does not like to stay there. About the memories : his children bring back memories every second when with her I guess. I think most of the momories of her and Michael at Hayvenhurst are good ones. Maybe there are other reasons. But then : who knows what the future brings. She has to follow her heart though....

It would be nice if the house was tourable but I'm not sure if there would be enough room for parking.

And wasn't Hayvenhurst under renovation? If the thought was there for Katherine to sell before the renovation began the house possibly might not be the same as when MJ grew up in it (depending on the renovation) so it really wouldn't be like seeing the house Michael grew up in, would it?

Love you Michael!

I agree completely, Deb. I'm glad Michael felt the same way too. It's exactly what Paul McCartney did in Liverpool with the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. I hope something exciting comes of it all!

I love the artists rendition Deb - thanks for sharing!

Thanks Mariaann! Smiling Yup- it's probably quite different to Graceland in that it's more built up area - so more problematic. I would imagine it would become a mecca for tourists if it did become a Jackson museum. I still think they should create something in Gary which has a greater need for something like this.

I didn't know your account was locked out, but it's good you were able to get it reactivated.

I agree that the Estate should look into turning Hayvenhurst into a museum. If anybody can do it, they can. They would probably have to get permission from the City of Encino, due to zoning laws & other red tape.

Hi Mariaann - I asked the MJ Web Crew to reactivate this account! Happy to have it back again Smiling
I know what you mean about the neighbours - they probably won't want any kind of commercial venture happening in their own back yard! But is should be something the Estate or the family look in to in the future.

Hey there Jenny! I see you went back to using your other user name. What happened to "Myboylollip"?

This is sad, because it's like the end of an era. I guess the memories are too painful for her to stay there & she needs a change. Turning it into a museum sounds like a good idea, but the neighbors probably wouldn't be too happy about it.

I agree Erin! It's the beginning of an era for them. I like the idea of creating a museum or a music school for otherwise deprived young people (like Paul McCartney's in Liverpool) - I wonder if the Estate have thought of that.

It's great that this is just a rumor. I hate false news stories.

I hope she's eyeing something smaller to shed the deadbeats and leeches from mooching off of her and Mike's kids' estate allowances. A woman and 3 kids don't need a "compound" to live in.