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gene simmons and diana ross

I need my memory refreshed. I know gene simmoms was involved with cher,but,was he also with diana ross?

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ROFLMAO! mariaann.

Correction...In my previous post, I said he wore a surgical mask so nobody would see what he looked like without his stage makeup. Now that I think about it, I think he wore a scarf wrapped around the lower half of his face.

I don't ever remember him dating Diana Ross, but I do remember him dating Cher. Whenever they used to go out in public together, he would wear a surgical mask, because he didn't want anybody to know what he looked like without his stage makeup.

He;s an out and out hypocrite. Forget him doing any kind of research, he lacks common sense, and besides he couldn't even be arsed!. He's a typical rock frock with a repulsive attitude and vindictive. He knows Michael has always been innocent, he just loathes him. Jealous as s***e!.

Gene Simmons and Diana Ross dated back in the early 1980's, when Diana was still very close with Michael.

Michael met Gene through Diana a few times, which makes what Simmons is saying even worse. I just wish ignorant fools like him would actually do some research and get their facts straight before throwing out accusations, especially when the person is not around to defend themselves, and have young children who have to deal with the hurt that statements like that would bring.

But hey... Gene Simmons can say whatever he likes. He's just a past-his-prime singer who's had to turn to reality tv to make money, wheras Michael is a legend and was a better person than Simmons will ever be.