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Hi I am new to this site. Is there a chatroom located on this site? If so - what is the link. Thank you.

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please don't listen to moon street she is a hater of mine that spread rumors and false story's please judge for your self then take the word of somebody like this person that stalk me around the internet I would watch out for moon street adding this person as a friend because she gonna give you an head ache and high blood presser and maybe even lie on you too watch out and beware with caution. because this person is extremely dangerous and mental

for those who are not aware... Peter Midani is also known as PETERPAN PYT. He is a soundalike who for many years , even before Michael died has been active on chatrooms , pretending to be Michael. After Michael died, Peter became involved with the Believer /hoax crap , Pearl Jr and has been alluding to naive fans that he IS Michael. Over the last few months, he has been involved in alot of arguments with many in the fan community, due to his continued involvement with the Believers and the fact that he uses his soundalike skills on chatrooms. He is now on here promoting his Believer website and chatroom. Don't be fooled by the spin, he is NOT Michael and he is not to be trusted.

i host a chat room please join if you like to chat

Yes I think it would get a little crazy because there are so many fans here but it could be a lot of fun getting to know everyone

i think if they ever did have a chatroom it would get chaotic.

Welcome to ... no chatroom but everyone talks about everything all the time

hi wemissumj and welcome to michael jackson .com Smiling sorry but there is no chatroom on here. but you are welcome to post anything you would want to share in the fourms.