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The memory of Anjelica Huston About Our Captain EO "A child sincere and fragile"

Interview with the actress, who toured with him for a short Disneyland. "I had reviewed a month ago, told me that he had stolen a dream. It 'died of a broken heart"
by Silvia Bizio

Anjelica Huston
LOS ANGELES - "Michael was like a shaman capable of penetrating into your dreams. A being unique. It 'died of a broken heart." So says Anjelica Huston, who in 1986 had worked with Michael Jackson in 3-D short film Captain Eo , directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced to Disneyland and DisneyWorld. A film in which Huston played a witch against whom Jackson, hero of the title role, was fighting to save humanity. The actress, 58, daughter of legendary director John Huston, had just begun to recover from grief for the death, last December, her husband, sculptor Robert Graham, when she learned of Jackson's death. "Another terrible grief - he says, reached at his home in Venice - cherished a special affection for him."

Mrs. Huston, as noted by Michael Jackson at the time of the shooting of Captain Eo ?
"I remember the first time I arrived on set, five in the morning, it was already rigged, beautiful, a little 'androgynous, vaguely alien. I was amazed."

Did you know him already?
"No, I had only seen in newspapers or on TV. But in person it was different. He was feeling in a positive sense I mean. The way he worked, his professionalism, perfectionism with which he studied and performed every song and choreography was admirably . Me after two hours of makeup began to impatient, he did not blink. I took her hand and calmed me immediately. "

At that time Michael was a mega-superstar. One could notice?
"Here I am on the set had a huge trailer and was followed by a lawyer, the managers and bodyguards. She had her personal chef, it was like a sheik. Every day we receive requests to star on the first day of shooting came to find Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and then almost all the biggest stars of those years. "

You became friends?
"Yes he was very sweet and shy. Invited me to lunch in his trailer, where he enjoyed watching cartoons on TV. In some ways it was, in fact, like a child, grew only in the physical, a real Peter Pan , introverted but also eccentric, electrifying, was wound up to a thousand before the public. "

He was good at acting?
"At first found it hard to express feelings such as anger, as if his DNA did not exist in that gene. He could instead express the pain and tenderness. I remember the morning when, after a week of camera turned on me, we would had to shoot his scenes, and I was annoyed that I had claimed, although not "in camera", reciting my lines completely made up and dressed as a witch. Yet, when he climbed onto the platform and began to sing and dance , my heart started pounding, I was shivering. A spell, a force of nature. A performance of pure talent that I had never seen before. "

I had seen recently?
"After Captain Eo I have rarely met ... But, ironically, I saw about a month ago, by chance, in the study of our dermatologist, Arnie Klein. We hugged and we were locked in a study rooms and chat for a couple of hours. We talked about how he had felt humiliated by the accusation of sexual harassment. And of sorrow for the loss of Neverland, where he had lived many years. "

What did he say?
"I remember his words: 'They ruined my dream. I had this dream, perhaps childish and foolish, a place designed to celebrate the innocence of that childhood that I never had, and they took me. I love children, I could never do them harm. I spent all my life to love them and try to do good things for them. A libel, as I did from the harm a child, breaks my heart. An unbearable pain, accusations are unjust and terrible ...'. As she said these things began to cry. I shook my arms. ... He was so skinny and frail "

He spoke of future projects?
"He told me he was prepaparando concert in London. I told him 'I advise you not even a clear night, or I'll slaughter.' He said 'I know, so I'm preparing for the better, because otherwise I will have no more hope of come back and love me. 'He was thin and pale, but with all the makeup he had, even to see a dermatologist, you could not tell what was underneath. One thing I can say so much pain he felt in the past and a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for the future. "

What do you think really killed Michael Jackson?
"Michael had a broken heart. For this is dead. Of course, with an autopsy will wonder how many things, drugs and so on. But the truth is that broke your heart."

What legacy?
"Michael has changed the world. It changed everything in the lives of African Americans, proving that there is no barrier between white and black. He really was both white and black. There were others such as Elvis Presley, but never like Michael Jackson. He something alien that no one else had, and no one else will ever have. "
( July 7, 2009 )

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Michael had such a beautiful heart and the media try to make him into a monster all in the name of money. No wonder he wrote this song "PRIVACY"

Thank you for sharing this.I appreciate this

I loved reading the comments here and learning all this stuff about Michael. He never ceases to amaze me and I love him more each day! Thanks for all the info.

Guardian Anjelica
Anjelica Huston remembers her late husband, the <strong>renowned sculptor Robert Graham</strong>, with love and champagne.
by John Heilpern
<em>I met Anjelica Huston in Venice, California, at her extraordinary house, which is built like a secret fortress, opposite a tattoo parlor and various marijuana supply shops. Her late husband, sculptor Robert Graham, built the house for her after they fell in love, in the early 90s. At the time, she lived in Beverly Hills—which he nicknamed “the ghetto.”

Graham, who was born in Mexico City, died a year ago, two days after Christmas, at age 70. They had been introduced by a mutual friend during Gay Pride weekend and went on to be happily married for 16 years. Though the ravages of grief had eased a little when I met Anjelica, our champagne lunch—with various gourmet cheeses and the inevitable guacamole—under the protective coral tree in her courtyard became a celebratory and tearful Irish wake.

<strong>The bright and bewitching Anjelica Huston’s roots are in Ireland, where she was raised at St. Clerans, the magical Galway estate of her father—the flamboyant, legendary movie director John Huston—who lived there as if in a masquerade. Soon after her husband died, Anjelica returned to the grand Georgian house in hopes of regaining her bearings.</strong>

“It was like seeing Garbo in a bad lime-green dress,” she told me surprisingly. “The bones of the house were still so beautiful, but they were dressed wrong.” Merv Griffin had bought the house in 1997 and tarted it up into a boutique hotel with a Japanese chef. And now St. Clerans was being sold again.

What did her sad return tell her? “I know the secrets of that house, I know its enchantment,” she replied. “But it was like being in a bad dream. Places undergo their own specific death.”

She wasn’t morbid about it. She seemed more mysteriously fatalistic. She is being helped, she told me, by an Indian guru, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, whose name she spelled out for me like a conscientious schoolgirl. “He reminds me of my husband visually. He has the same lovely brown skin and liquid brown eyes. Very handsome. He’s a modern guru. He plays Frisbee on the beach with us.”

“Do you meditate together?”

“Yes, there are about 70 of us, and you sit cross-legged on the floor for about three days and feel like calcification itself. And then, somehow, you feel a little better. Maybe even get thinner and smarter. We go through a series of exercises, which were kind of familiar to me,” she added, and began to laugh. “I had an Italian grandfather on my mother’s side who became a yogi, and whenever we visited him as children we had to stand on our heads and sing, ‘Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day!’”

<strong>R obert Graham’s public sculptures—the Duke Ellington Memorial, in Central Park, for example, or his F.D.R., by the Cherry Tree Walk, in Washington—are well known across America for their monumentality</strong>. Yet his obsessive, wonderfully sensual sculptures of nude women made him controversial. “America is still trying to come to terms with nudity in the 21st century,” Anjelica remarked, and then happily related a story from Maria Shriver’s loving eulogy during the funeral Mass for Graham at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, where some of his major work is found.

The First Lady of California amusingly recalled visiting the Venice house with her “very Catholic” mother, Eunice, who remained silently appalled by the numerous female forms splayed before them during her tour of the studio. As they left, she said a quiet prayer for her daughter, as well as for the artist and “his poor wife!”

“He loved women,” I ventured.

“He adored them. I’ve lived with other men who made me jealous. But with Bob, I never was. He was a protective, very stabilizing man.”

And in recalling certain affectionate memories of her dignified, contemplative husband, she told me about herself. “He went to work at 7:30 a.m. every day like some people go to church. His first love was always his art, and I found a tremendous relaxation in that. He smoked cigars, which was O.K. with me because my father was a cigar smoker and I was always able to identify wherever he went—following the scent like a wolfhound.”

When her husband gave up cigars for a couple of years, she told me, he rewarded himself with a new pair of white Ralph Lauren socks every day. Unlike her, he disliked walking on the nearby beach, yet he swam in their pool, eccentrically, fully clothed. He loved listening to atonal jazz, and though it drove her crazy, she now listens to little else.

He was a gentle man, she added fondly, but there was Mexican fire within. He was an expert knife thrower. (She made a whooshing sound, as if slicing off an ear, to illustrate the point.) To her delight, during dinner parties he playfully transformed the bread and even the food into miniature sculptures.

Since the 80s, she has owned a ranch with several horses near <strong>Sequoia National Park, in the Central Valley</strong>. “One day I bought Bob a horse,” she remembered. “He rode it once.”

“What happened?”

“He looked so beautiful on the horse. It was as if he was a natural rider. So I took him riding up in the hills, and we found ourselves on the edge of a precipice. And it terrified him! He never rode again. He liked the horse, though. He used to enjoy looking at her.”

Today, as Anjelica Huston gets on with her life and work, she helps oversee Robert Graham’s artistic legacy.

“And the house?”

“It would never have occurred to me to live here without him,” she answered, and showed me a photograph of her husband displayed at one end of the dining-room table of their home, along with a little shrine of objects created by friends. Two folded newspapers carrying his obituary lay under scattered flowers. She pointed to a surprising headline from one that read: wait and see.

“That’s been my guide,” she explained. “It’s absolutely Bob. I recognize it as his voice.”

<strong>Renata</strong>"Is It Scary" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. The song was originally written to have been featured in the 1993 film Addams Family Values, but the plans were canceled after contract conflicts. The song was recorded for Jackson's 1997 remix album, Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix. "Is It Scary" was written and produced by Jackson, Jimmy Jam (James Harris III) and Terry Lewis.

I didn't know Michael wrote that song for 'Addam family values' movie, AliCat! Interesting!! Thanks for sharing!

Just one more thought about Michael and Anjelica Huston, she starred in the feature length film "Addams Family Values." Michael wrote a song for the movie, "Is It Scary." The song didn't make the movie, 1993 turned out to be a turning point in Michael's life.

anjelica huston - it is arranged by year...
she is an american.. both of her parents are.. she just grew up in ireland then during her teens, she moved to london with her mother and brother...

I wonder how he felt about Angelica Huston as a co-star.Not sure if there's an interview on dis.

This was a great story, thanks for sharing.

I luv her last line 4rm da last interview I posted.

<em> He was a meteor: his flame burned incredibly bright, and not for long but mightily. </em>


Remembering Michael

Anjelica Huston

Actress Anjelica Huston met Michael Jackson working on Captain EO, Francis Ford Coppola’s 3-D movie that was shown at Disney theme parks.
I met Michael on the first day of rehearsal, and I was stunned — even though, obviously, I knew his image very well — at how incredibly sweet and how modest and how innocent he was. And fragile too. In person you felt he was almost breakable. But then this thing happened when he would start to work: your heart would beat faster and the hair on your arms and the back of your neck would stick up as he literally took your breath away. I think he was the most electrifying performer I've ever seen.
I think it was very hard for Michael to express anger. He was, I have to say, one of the most polite people I have ever met in my life. I never heard Michael say a swear word, even when he was upset. He had the most beautiful manners. And I think music was really the only way in which his passion could come through unguarded. It was immense. He was on fire as a performer — I've never seen a talent like it. I think, actually, there was a lot of the otherworldly in Michael. He had this talent that I've never encountered before, and I've seen a lot of extraordinary people perform. He was, I think, very misunderstood. I never believed any of the allegations or insinuations against him. We had lunch together about a month ago, and he talked about his ordeal. He felt like he had really been put through the ringer. He said they wanted blood. I felt so bad for him, and I felt that he was really broken-hearted from what had been done. He was a meteor: his flame burned incredibly bright, and not for long but mightily.,28804,1907409_19074...

What a beautiful story Smiling Thank you so much for sharing this Pakeeza Smiling &hearts; Smiling

Yeah she represents da 3rd generation of her family in showbiz isn't it?She was so convincing as da evil supreme leader.CEO remains my top fav MJ short film.

@ ♥Renata♥ & Pakeeza, You are so welcome! That was a really good interview. It gives you a better perspective of what life was like on the set of making "Captain EO." Anjelica Huston's father was a Hollywood legend himself; <em>John Marcellus Huston (August 5, 1906 – August 28, 1987) was an American film director, screenwriter and actor. He wrote most of the 37 feature films he directed, many of which are today considered classics: The Maltese Falcon (1941), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), Key Largo (1948), The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The African Queen (1951), Moulin Rouge (1952), The Misfits (1961), and The Man Who Would Be King (1975). During his 46-year career, Huston received 15 Oscar nominations, winning twice, and directed both his father, Walter Huston, and daughter, Anjelica Huston to Oscar wins in different films.</em>

To Huston, "Charlie Chaplin was a god."

That was a great interview, but very sad when she talked about when she last saw Michael in Arnold Kleins office. Thanks for sharing.

Angel Pakeeza, thanks a lot for sharing!!! I have mixed feelings now... sad to know about her last meeting with Michael at Arnold Klein's office... sighs. Thank you too, AliCat!

Thanks Pakeeza for posting this!! What an angelic person Michael was and... they took him away from us!!!!!! Why??????!!!!!

Thank u very much AliCat 4 dis wonderful piece of interview.I quite enjoyed reading it .

Anjelica Huston talks “CAPTAIN EO” with Terry Smith
By Terry Smith

This is my tribute to Michael Jackson, via my Anjelica Huston interview where I ask her about working with a young Michael Jackson…

I was lucky enough to interview the cast of CHOKE last year, including the great Anjelica Huston. She was gracious enough to take questions about her past work, including her work in the Disney World [Epcot Center] ride “Captain EO” starring Michael Jackson. I re-transcribed lost parts of this interview so we can hear her talk about [tribute] the greatness of Michael Jackson.

Terry Smith: I have to ask you about one particular favorite from my youth [that no longer exists] CAPTAIN EO at Epcot Center. What are your memories?

Anjelica Huston: “Well Captain Eo, I think we had an eight am rehearsal….and Michael was in full make up…I was astounded! I walked on you set, you know, um, Francis Coppola always had these fantastic rehearsals. Where anything you could think of would be there, from swords…to I don’t know, machine guns…anything you can think to have was there. And there was Michael, in full make up, he, with this tiny little whispery-voice [She impersonates him (to laughter)] and I have to be mean to him. [Laughter] It was terrible!

Then the next thing I know they strung me up…next to the rafters, it was a very-very difficult harness and I had stand-ins…but they kept fainting so, I ended up standing in for myself. I had this tremendous-tremendous headgear that kept flopping down in my face, and then they had it [on] with an elastic band in-between my shoulder blades. I was now suspended like this [shows us], with my neck in traction. Then from the first stage I kept seeing these luminaries appearing, Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren…I was like, I couldn’t believe it. Each day they would go into Michael’s trailer and sign his mirror in lipstick, it was unbelievable…I’ve never seen such a show…fantastic! Then there were all these little animals and I remember it was a 3-D camera, so it had a huge aperture, so I was like this [shows being uncomfortable].

I was called in very early one morning because Michael wanted me off camera, but in full make-up [laughs] so I found him to be irritating at the time. [All laugh] So, I’m sitting grumpily up, atop my platform for the sake to relating my ‘Witch-thing’ and he’s on a platform down here [shows with hands he’s lower] and he glides slowly and starts to sing. And hey, what can I say it was pre-breakfast, his lines were kind of clunky and all of a sudden he starts to sing.

All of a sudden, what can I say…I felt my jaw drop! He was magical…magical! And all of a sudden it was literally like being in a dream. His platform was coming up to meet mine. Then the music was on, he starts to dance and I never seen and thing like it; the man was magical! And, ya know he’s a transformed…kind of shy, clunky little thing into this BEAST, you know! Like, I’ve never seen a transformation like it, but it goes to show, also, I don’t think he had too much talent for acting but in the music department…and in the dance department, oh my God!

It was phenomenal, a true phenomenon…something I was privileged to watch.”

I will stop here, as Anjelica did...

Thanks for this testimony.
I always like reading testimony of people who worked with MJ. Each goes always in the same direction : the aura this man had is incredible, and all the love he spread. He lived for that.

ThanX 4 da translator link debcrn.They shattered Michael's dreamz yet he never stopped helping little angels.I'm just blessed 2 b in luv with a man who is so pure & child like.