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Michaels Bday!

hey guys .. i have already seen all the plans we have for Michaels bday ! but i think i have another idea to add to all this plans.. we know Michael is in heaven.. so why not we write a note for him to tell him all we want to.. and send it with a ballon like in christmas? on august 29 at the right time Michael was born.. please think about it.. just imagine all of us all around the world.. at the same hour sending him a note.. for the interviews i have seen i know Michael loves to recieve notes and letters from his fans ... aww i really love this idea.. please share your comments .. i hope u like it.. =)


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please resend this if you can't find the thread!


1. from the thread \"what exactly are we doing for his BDAY\" a great idea immersed!- to take a photo of youself holding a sign written happy birthday michael and whatever else you want to write and upload it here on photobucket :http://photobucket.com/happybirthdaymjHere is the link for the photobucket group where you can add your photos wishing MJ a happy birthday! You are going to have to make a photobucket account to add your picture (if you don\'t already have one) so just click the link to add your photo.a video is also being suggested.YOU HAVE UNTIL AUG 15TH

STEP 2: MAKING THE DAY OFFICIAL1. Check this page and sign up for the petition to make August 29 his birthday to theWORLDWIDE MICHAEL JACKSON DAY!!!http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/make-august-29th-michael-jackson-day2. Michael Jackson Nobel Peace Prizehttp://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/mjnobelpeaceprize(we have to sign-up...we need 1,000,000)
3. A Portrait of Michael Jackson (we need 250,000 so that David Ilan will make the portrait... the last time I visited it we already have 108,766)http://www.supportjacksonportrait.comDavid Ilan is an internationally recognized pointillism artist, which means he draws using only dots. Every single hand-drawn dot David places on his canvas represents a real person.

AUGUST 29, 2009 ON THE DAY\"missingMJsomuch\" && Myself have summarised everthing up for on the day celebrations..
1. We can wear something that will be remembered as a trademark of Michael Jackson a glove, the bandage in his fingers and bubblegum (I will definitely chew bubblegum the whole day).There is also a tribute wristband please visit the websitehttp://www.tributewristband.com(proceeds will be donated to the heal the world foundation)
2. Get in your car, roll down all the windows, and blast your favorite MJ songs....who knows, maybe he\'ll hear it and then we can imagine him smiling down on us! (Since he does have THE greatest SMILE!)3. Make a donation to the heal the world foundation (postponed until further notice)http://www.healtheworld.us&& watch this video --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rgxt0u_Zow
4. Write a note for him in a balloon and just let it fly.

STEP 4: DURING THE NIGHT\"Black & White\" Night Tribute-for those staying home

1. People turn off your circut breaker between 8-10pm \"BLACK\" then light a candle \"WHITE\'. Then sit back and watch how powerful we are as a world. And help save MOTHER EARTH.
2. Listen to MJ songs again...blast it in your car/ IPOD/MP3/4.\

"Remember The Time\" Night Tribute-for those who will be gathering together somewhere special.
1. Where ever you are in the world organize a place to meet up with fellow MJ fans (somewhere special of course)
2. Make sure if you do something! have candles and MJ music are the major necessities and to remember the night through film and pictures bring along your camera/video cameraBECAUSE ID LIKE TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD DID AND ID LIKE TO GET ALL THE VIDS AND MAKE ONE BIG VIDEO!!
STEP 5: THE DAY AFTER1. Post your videos and pictures on this thread!
2. Tell everyone your stories
3. And if everyone agrees ill make the video with all your pictures and videos (if you want)
THIS IS A ONE DAY EVENT....IT WILL ONLY HAPPEN ONCE IN A LIFETIME...We unite as one! Michael will love this...And there is not an easier way to unite.Let the world know that many people loves Michael Jackson.WE ARE THE WORLD LETS MAKE A BETTER PLACE....\"WHATEVER HAPPENS DON\'T YOU LET GO OF MY HAND\"- Whatever Happens by Michael JacksonWE\'RE NOT LETTING HIM GO JUST LIKE THAT...LET\'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!SPREAD THE WORD...WE CAN DO THIS AND WE\'LL MAKE IT HAPPEN!COME ON WE HAVE TO DO IT FOR THE KING OF POP! HE DESERVE IT!!!

im a little sad about this =( sorry guys really! maybe we cant think of something similar.. but that it doesnt hurts the animals... Smiling

When everything has finally been setteled about things people are doing on MJ's birthday will somebody please message me, cause I gotta go now. I'd love to be a part of it!

Thats okay Smiling speak to you anther day x

I am going to buy my balloon tomorrow. What is the final colour for the ballon? I am going to float my balloon into the sea on Wednesday. I know its not his birthday but its the only time i could do it, in a good place:)


hey freyaa thanks for all the help with this forum topic =) ill go now..
i send you a message! hope you can read it.. =) see ya soon

thanks guys for sharing your ideas .. but it really can be dangerous for some animals.. =)

that s a great idea

It was a beautiful idea Smiling We need to think extra hard

aww... its true.. i didnt think about that.. i think its a beautiful idea i was really very excited to do this.. but is true it can be dangerous for some animals Sad

RIP Michael: Do they sell thriller single in shops? I havent seen it. If so where abouts Smiling i love this idea also

i agree its not being a pain. if im teling the truth i didnt think of the animals which shocked me as i am a huge lover of all animals. We need to think of something that wont do any damage to nature or the environment.

Thats not being a pain it's helpful because im sure michael wouldnt of wanted us to harm loads of animals! I love the thriller idea Smiling - and i think if we did it with a single track as well it would be good because the single charts and normally more focused on if you get me?

yess it would be very beautiful... the problem is that maybe some people will be in places where they cant play music...

Sorry to interrupt guys, i just read the posts.
I think what you're all trying to organize for MJ's birthday is really wonderful. I just wanted to draw your attention to something. As lovely it would be to have thousands of white balloons going up at the same time, you have to remember that at one point, they're gonna come down. Not many people think about it, but it's a real danger to birds, and other animals like turtles, dolphins, whales, who mistake them for food and die from eating them. They're not biodegradable either...
Don't want to be a pain, but you know, maybe you guys could find something less dangerous for the environment? Remember the earth song!
Other ideas are great by the way; another post said we should all buy another copy of Thriller so it stays number 1 forever lol
take care!

Haha well they do say great mids think alike Eye-wink

All these ideas are great Smiling i have lots of Mj dvds and watch them near enough everyday anyway so yeah i will deffinatly be watching them Smiling

Laughing out loud
Actually looking now at where most of the people who have left comments on this topic, i think were mostly from the Uk Smiling - but i guess it's different timezones Smiling

I was thinking exactly the same song!
I love "we are the world", especially the demo version with just michael singing.
Maybe we could also watch the films he was in, i.e. moonwalker and the wiz etc.

Im from uk too Smiling

That's such a good idea Smiling
And im just guessing most of the people on this site are from America so i will be helping represent England (UK, great britain)

Its nice to see different ideas Smiling yeah all play the same song. Maybe something like we are the world?

White balloon, personal note inside, "happy birthday michael jackson" written in black marker on the outside to be released at midnight in the 28th...that's what i think the final balloon idea should be alond with the other things that have been metioned. Maybe we could all play the same MJ song as soon as we release our baloon??

It is going to be so special Smiling

maybe we can put inside the note.. and write in the outside.. happy bday michael or something like that.. i want to add.. that this is an idea i had for Michaels bday.. to add it to the plan that was already done for that day.. not to change it.. it someone dont agree with this please let me know... this is just for Michael.. because i want his bday to be very special..

White baloons would proberly be easier to get hold of than red or gold Smiling Thankyou for this idea.
Yes a personal message to mj inside the baloon and on the baloon written in black marker pen (keeping the BLACK OR/AND WHITE theme) we should all write the same message for example
"Happy birthday Michael jackson"

More ideas are needed Smiling

Personally I think white balloons would be best with the message inside them and, for example, "MJ, we love you" or "rip MJ" written on the outside in marker pen??

Anotherpartofyou : its a very good idea!! it will really help with all the time stuff! but i think it will not be the same.. if only one fan send a baloon with the messages. i find it more special if everyone of us in diferent parts of the world send 1 balloon... but THANKS =) its another good option!

Baloon colour sugesstions and how we are going to send the message wheather the message will be attached or written on the baloon or any other way. We need ideas Smiling

we need to finish deciding the baloon color.. and decide to do a note or write in the baloon.. lets just wait for more comments.. PLEASEEE PEOPLE SHARE YOURE COMMENTS!!!! =)

This is a good idea,but I`d loke to suggest to gather all messages from fan all over the world via e-mail or PM to drafted Fan and send it to Michael by the ballon to the sky above.All we need is to send it from USA! How do you find the idea?