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Panther Dance , What do you think ?

lets talk about everything in the video , the dance , the message ,

Panther dance

Black or White

Black or white

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LOL Angelic Eye-wink. I'll be replying to your pm soon gal. Love! it. Smiling

There is so much going on in that Panther Dance. I think there could be a college course on the "Black or White" short film. Is Michael hot in that short film? Of course, but there are so many messages in there. I think there would be a lot of debates in that class. I'd be in that class early everyday.

@TahliaH.... LOL! Seconded.

hot to trot ya'll!

I love the panther dance, I just wish he left his fly undone instead of zipping it up hehehe. Laughing out loud

He was sexy as heck that panther dance drove me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tia Smiling , thanks for the link

These are the interviews we needed , to hear him explain his creativity

Hi Julia Smiling Michael talked about the panther dance in a 1999 interview on MTV

4.29 – 5.30

With this dance, Michael is expressing his frustration about injustice, prejudice, racism, bigotry. Look at the symbols he is crashing with so much anger Eye-wink

As for Black or White song, it is Michael’s wonderful message of equality Smiling

More about Black or White by awesome Carmen..!!! Laughing out loud

Wow!!! it's getting very steamy and hot in here.

Love! it.

i think he's touching himself because the... u know... reproductive area is like a representation of masculinity. like, i think he's trying to say something like f* with me if u can.

Love the panther dance so much found a pic of the down zipper and printed it out now i can drool wherever i am. Am i past help definately do i care NO lol ♥

No problem jules Eye-wink My favourite has to be the car roof seductive zip-up routine. That could have suggested 'No f***er is gonna take me for a ride. Eye-wink


MJs Chocolate Nymph , that's a good analysis , I love it

I often thought the presentation of the whole song mirrored Michael's life. It had a bit of everything in it.

joms , I would like to see others opinion too

You see a car , a cat , water , him smashing things as a sign of anger , his sexy dances when he is in that mood , building destroyed , wind blowing , it's just pure magic

Yeah, I'd like to hear other's opinions on why he does that bit Smiling

Choco , you are right about Billie Jean , the performance and the song was groundbreaking

I like all the things you stated

Birthdays , you made me laugh

Badgirl , that's why we need to discuss his music all the time , there are different viewpoints about what he does

Yummeeee' was the cry. It's a mixture of feelings how Mikey expressed the situation. It don't matter if yur black or white...

1) No need for racism
2) Accept Life
3) Freedom
4) Love Oneanother
5) Let Go Of Anger

Mikey knew where to pull all the stops out Eye-wink This was a brilliant performance and song. But Billie Jean is my alltime favourite from him.

Mwah! x

It's my favourite moment in film history Eye-wink But what I don't understand is that it's all about "killing" racism and he's obviously extremley angry that people don't accept one another, but why then does he start erm... feeling himself lmao Eye-wink? The look on his face when he's doing that most certainly does not look angry anymore......

Love the panther dance showed how he felt also loved it for obvious sexy reasons.

I know there was a lot of controversy about the dance of the controversy said it stimulated masturbation ,

Some say there is nothing in it .

That's what I like about Michael , he expressed his feelngs the way he wanted ..

who is not grabbing crotch these days

I find it sexy , he was indeed smashing racism Hana Smiling

It's a very creative masterpiece , I like it

I love the Panther Dance in the extended Black or White short film! Smiling

I think it's probably one of Michael's most creative moments on film, he seems to just loose himself dancing. Plus, I love the message - him literally smashing through racism.

Plus the fact that it's such a sexy clip of MJ Eye-wink hehe.