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ANOTHER Sick Bashir doc on Michael Jackson allegations! NEW?

Hello all…Just had to post this…Sorry if it has already been posted!

Has anyone seen these latest videos posted on YouTube? Some Anti-Michael Jackson plonker by the user name of, ‘An NFL Fan’ - posted the link on the Michael Jackson thread in the Topix Website forum under heading: Profile of a Pedophile: Does Michael Jackson fit? …page 2947…

Link to Topix forum page with video link:

Could even be one of them who set this up on YouTube.

Here is the direct link to first video clip and the rest automatically loop into play:

It is ANOTHER ABC sick documentary about Michael Jackson with Bashir heading it.
I don’t know when it was filmed/shown! First time seeing it! (Have checked in Google for more information, but with no results)!

Some hater has uploaded them and set them to loop…and it seems they have closed that same YouTube account… How the videos remain after seemingly closing account is strange…unless …Hmmm!

Anyway, it has the ever-ghastly D Diamond, M Orth, Ray Chandler, etc.
It even runs through Terry George phone conversations.

Bashir, AGAIN…had/still hasn’t done his homework…or more-than-likely, deliberately put fourth the sinister, unfounded side because he is just like the above mentioned.

I have already flagged two of them and mentioned that the up-loader appears to have closed account.

This is sick!! It was uploaded just days ago with no information on when it was made/broadcast.