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One giant MJ fan convention....

Don't you think it would be amazing if we all really got together. Imagine on his birthday if as many fans came together as possible. Imagine the biggest M.J party, the biggest MJ flash mob ever. I'd love that ♥

What would you plan for the biggest M.J party ever?

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I would so plan to do something like this, on a global scale

Would be very amazing!

OMG this is what i've been telling everyone ! Smiling :) Smiling i loveeee this idea, i'd be so happy and joyful to be in the company of just one mj fan, like me. Imagine a thousand or maybe millions of mj fans together, that'd be awesome.

Hmm what would i plan? Definantly some kind of flash mob of course, i've been wanting to do that since forever, and i dont know, just basically a dance party or something!!!!