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I know this seems strange and Lord knows I am not usually a believer of strange phenomena's or appearances, however, sometimes it gets too uncanny for words and for that I must share.
Please don't send out the men in white coats...Like I've mentioned in the past before,I suppose anything is possible but this is one thing I truly WANT to believe.

Awhile ago I told a story about my sisters and the deer (It's on a thread somewhere)...Let me refresh for those who don't recall or didn't see it:

My three sisters and I were driving around our old alma mater town nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, shortly after Michael died . We visit there every summer and go to reminisce, have fun, listen to Michael Jackson songs and talk about our love and admiration for him. WE were on a side street very close to the main street driving when we came to a divide in the street(kind of like an island in the middle of a fork going two directions) with our Michael music blaring sweet songs and the windows wide open whipping our hair with the softest of warm breezes. Suddenly we saw a beautiful deer statue right in the middle of the island...only it LOOKED like a statue!!! As we got closer, so close you could actually touch him, we realized it was a LIVE young buck, with the most lovely big brown eyes you EVER saw!!! He cocked his head as though listening to michael sing and we stayed there, our car parked, our mouths agape, during the entire song. When it was over, he blinked his eyes, turned gracefully and pranced across the road, into the nearby woods..I dare say a whole minute went by before any of us could really utter a word...it was that astounding, that "special" a moment..we call it our, "Michael Moment". Ever since, deer hold even a more special meaning to us and whenever I see or hear about one...I think of only one person. Michael.

Anyway, my sister just sent me this...again, goosebumps...please read it and look WHERE this is TAKING PLACE...OMG!:


I wouldn't share this with anyone...but loyal MJ fans...so am hoping you "get it"...Others can call me crazy, whatever they want...I like to call it this phenomena... "MICHAEL" Eye-wink


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I always thought that Michael reminded me of a deer. His gracefulness, poise and vulnerablility, not to mention those doe-eyes and long eyelashes. Smiling

What a nice story.

What a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Ok, so any Michael fan who gets the opportunity to view a deer, just remember, it may be him batting those beautiful brown eyes Eye-wink ....I'm just saying.I do believe he loved animals so much that perhaps he comes to those chosen, in that spirit..
It's funny, but since that time with my sisters, whenever we view a deer statue, photo of MJ with a deer, or anything involving a deer...Michael comes to mind immediately. It's now something we collect for each other...just because.
Would I have ever felt this way before my chosen moment? I highly doubt it. Go figure.

Thank you, dear friends, for not thinking me insane or if you do, for keeping it mum Eye-wink
@Kate...I so appreciate your sharing your story and reminding me that I'm not alone. I believe that all of us who love and miss Michael for the amazing man he was, feel his presence and have our "Michael Moments"...that's what's so lovely about this site...WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Check this out...sweet!


What an amazing story....... thank you for sharing Magnetladi Smiling

You are not crazy ♥

How amazing that this event happened at a Forest Lawn Cemetery Shocked

Magnet -- what a wonderful story -- both of them. Brought tears to my eyes.
Deer sort of scare me ... I've come <em>too</em> close to hitting <em>too</em> many driving around Pa. Maybe this will make me appreaciate them more, next time I see one, I'll think of Michael Smiling

OK, I've been waiting for someone else to validate my experience, and that I'm not totally crazy. On Sept 28th, 2010, I was driving to work (I'm an elementary school teacher) and I was driving through a Publix shopping center at about 6:30 in the morning, and there was this beautiful buck/stag sitting in the parking lot, of all places, apparently sleeping. I woke him up as I went by; I rolled down my window and looked, asked him what he was doing there sleeping in the parking slot next to some holly bushes; he just looked at me with the beautiful brown eyes, and then laid back down...

I'll never forget that morning because it was so extraordinary and unusual... I, too, was listening to Michael's music, as I always do, and had Michael on my mind and in my heart. I've always thought of this "happening" as a sign from Michael, and I'll always cherish it... Smiling

I miss you so much, Michael...

With the love, always,


That's your ''deer'' Maggie!!!! Smiling I do believe!!!

Awww how cute

Somehow, I KNEW YOU'D "GET IT"...I so love you guys! XXXOOO Eye-wink Shocked Laughing out loud

O my goodness wow I cant believe this .
what a wonderful Michael Moment . thanks for sharing Michael love deers .
I live in NC suburban and still we have many in our backyards and everyday remind me of the pic Michael feeds the little deer shockingly amazing moment

This is such a beautiful story - I love it - and I love deer.

Is this the same Forest Lawn Cemetery - or is it in New York?

Either way, what a magical event - I wonder if the buck will stay by her side and protect the chicks.

Thankx Sis, this has confirmed my deer antler 'find' last week as no fluke. Infact tomorrow I'm going to pick it up from my old neighbour who has mounted it on a plinth for me. I have to think of an appropriate name for it so it can be engraved onto a brass plate.

Your story is very moving. So amazing Smiling and this picture of the deer at Forest Lawn is just........... remarkable!! Quite unbelievable to say the least. These deer'est connections have to mean something, they are too much to be just a coincidence. I'll see if I can find that Deer thread Smiling

~~tears~~ goosebumps, OMG..Truly MICHAEL MOMENT!

@Maggi..we got it! "..MICHAEL"

Thank you for sharing this..."MICHAEL MOMENT" with all of us! Smiling

Sweet M&M...thank you for not thinking me crazy....thank you for responding...and thank you for your friendship!!! Love you more!! XXXOOO

OMG..... Jawdropping! Forest Lawn cemetery Jawdropping! Magnetladi.... I got it right away... and I believe it too! OMG!
No doubt in my mind!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.