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OT - Ratings: Martin Bashir’s New Daytime Show Off To Slow Start At MSNBC

Doesn't surprise me one little bit.


<em>When Martin Bashir announced he was bolting from ABC’s Nightline for his own daytime show on MSNBC, he called it “a rare and special opportunity,” telling The Washington Post’s Lisa De Moraes “I cannot wait to get started.” It’s been a slow start. Bashir made those comments last summer, and his MSNBC show, Martin Bashir, didn’t debut until February 28.</em>

<em>So how’s it going? On the basis of viewership, not very well. Nielsen ratings released Tuesday show Bashir struggling against the competition, with CNN’s 3 p.m. CNN Newsroom crushing Bashir among viewers 25-54 (262,000 to 89,000), and Bashir’s name did not appear in a lengthy news release MSNBC put out detailing the network’s ratings performance.</em>

<em>New shows can take time to develop a following, of course, and it’s still early. In an interview with NBC’s in-house NBCUniversal Direct, Bashir described the intensity of preparing the program each day, especially his end-of-show commentary, “Clear the Air:” “At the end of the show, I’ve been writing an op-ed piece every day, this is the fourth week, so it’s been murderous to try and do that.”</em>

<em>Bashir may get a boost by taking his show to London for the Royal Wedding, and he hopes to try and find “ways to deliver stories that resonate with Americans–from London.”</em> Barf! Barf! Dear God, no!!!!!!!! Barf! Barf!

After his sickening, abhorrent treatment of Princess Diana (as well as Michael), this self-aggrandising opportunistic cowardice snake has the bloody hide and the temerity to get the scoop to cover the royal wedding of her son! The world has gone stark raving bloody bonkers!!!! Barf! Evil Anything for ratings and to suit his hedonistic agenda. ♪ Desperado, why don't you come to your senses? ♫

Some of the media - including the faceless bureaucrats at MSNBC - really need to take off their insular blinkers and wake up by coming to the realisation at the type of journalistic venom lurking from the poison pens, TV screens and the wireless. Believe me, he is up there with the worst of the worst when it comes to insatiable and often sensationalised media reporting. He's nothing but a charlatan who lives of the scraps and breadcrumbs of other people's genuine hard work and a self-centred low-life opportunist who gets a thrill out of using his "profile" to take advantage of others - particularly genuine celebrities - for his sickening self-absorbed gain.

Enough is enough! Something's got to give in order to finally eradicate this poisonous journalistic termite from the industry and out of our lives FOR GOOD! Evil

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Not even the royal wedding can save this snake. Just let those ratings continue to be low. MSNBC will be more than ready to "Clear the Air" of the putrid odor of au de Bashi*. The end is at hand.

i can't stand this a-hole. i hope this show flops.

My sentiments exactly, Mikki and Eden. I just hope he just flushes himself down the toilet along with his......... "career". Evil The sick sod! Barf!

Mikki belive me you have chose no bad words he derserve them all and more hee hee

Give it time...his show will be cancelled & his career will go further down the toilet. It hasn't gotten past the toilet seat yet (sorry for my choice of words. Evil)

I don't think the royal wedding will help him either because CNN will air it in full so just not watch this sneaky snake

I don't even know he has a show it is a good sign for MJJ fans we don't even care much
He will be tosted soon MSNBC will fire him soon

Are these people mad or are they just stupid. This creature is lower than a snakes belly if Prince William knows about him covering his wedding only hope he tries to put a stop to it or his wedding will be ruined. ShockedShocked:

I don't like Martin Bashir and i hope his news show on Msnbc will be cancelled.

In due time, this creature will reap what he has sown! Sad Barf!

LOL, good one, his. LOL LOL Touche! That was priceless! lol

I hope his show and his career end up in the crapper.