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One Bad Apple...

OK. Who on here remembers back in the day when The Osmonds came out with the song "One Bad Apple" and many people at first thought it was the Jackson 5? Well here is the song for those of you who want trip back to the 70's with me and also for the other generations who never heard it. Sounds like it could be Michael and Jermaine on lead vocals. Enjoy!!!

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"One Bad Apple" was a single released by The Osmonds in December 1970. The single hit number-one on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart in February 1971 and stayed there for five weeks, and also reached number six on the R&B charts [1].

The song was written by George Jackson who originally had the Jackson 5 in mind when he wrote it.[2] He also wrote the single "Double Lovin'" for the Osmonds. Both "One Bad Apple" and the Donny Osmond-credited single "Sweet and Innocent" are on the 1971 album "Osmonds". Singer Aaron Carter covered the song on his debut album Aaron Carter, in 1997.

"One Bad Apple" was also used as the theme to The Osmonds cartoon show on ABC-TV.

According to Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson later told him that the Jackson 5 almost recorded this song first, but chose to record "ABC" instead.

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Thanks for sharing that info!! I haven't heard this song again! It's cute!! But i love ABC most!! Simple like 1,2,3!! Eye-wink