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Michael and Freddie Mercury duet???

Does anyone know anything about this? Is it confirmed? Holy Moly, this would be awesome!


With the L.O.V.E.

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WOW!!!!!!!..............THAT would be MORE than awesome!!!!!!!!!.....I saw Queen back in '76.....OMG!!!!....It was spectacular!!!!!!!.....BUT,....Michael AND Freddie??????.....Wowsie...Wowsie...Woo..Woo!!!!!........Shocked...Smiling...Cool...

I Love state of shock and it must be more ......
I cant wait never heard of Mr. bad guy and I am forward to listen to it .
I think they done great job together.
thanks for sharing

i hope we can have this 3 excellent and beautiful duet soon!!!!!!!!

From what I hear, 3 tracks of their duets will be released! Exciting! Love, "State of Shock" Smiling

Woww....The King and The Queen...two amazing legends!
Awesome song, would be wonderful if it will be released! Smiling
Thanks for the info Timaran.
With LOVE ♥

You are SO lucky to own it Angel. Smiling Don't worry, I'm old enough to remember vinyl 45s (and 33s lol) but nevertheless, Freddie was a great showman and all-rounder with this fantastic swirling powerful soft rock voice. It's amazing how much impact both Michael and Freddie had in the music industry, and with State Of Shock, it's easy to see why, even though I'm so used to the version with Mick Jagger, you hear this from a different perspective.

OMG, I'm very excited with this great news, guys!!! I love 'there must be more to life than this" ... What a duet!!! Laughing out loud


Hee, hee. I actually own the Michael and Mick, "State of Shock," somewhere in my parent's attic on a 45 rpm. (That was a little vinyl record with a big hole in the middle, that usually contained one song on each side.) Mick Jagger never could sing--he mostly shouted-- but he knew how to get attention and perform; and he and Keith Richards wrote some amazing songs. Freddie Mercury on the other had could perform and had a superior rock voice. There is no way he could be outdone by Mick. And of course Michael is the voice of all voices. I look forward to hearing their work together.

Yeah - I've heard the Michael and Freddy version of State of Shock.

They sound as if they are having a blast. Laughing out loud

Hope this works out too Freddie was a great guy just like Michael. Probably doing duets even now in heaven x

I did read it and Brian May mentioned that there could be a possibility but will not elaborate any further. I managed to hear State Of Shock with Freddie's vocals, and it's just amazing. I also sincerely hope that these recordings do come to fruition. Smiling

Thats great news, I love there duet of 'There Must Be More To Life Than This' but I gotta say I prefer the version of 'State Of Shock' that was released with Mick Jagger better than the Freddie version. Can't wait to here the third song they did together Smiling

I agree Don'tBeMessin. I hope it happens.

There was also a Michael and Freddie Mercury

version of "State Of Shock"

The Michael and Mick Jagger version is on the "Victory" Album

by The Jacksons

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bN9PA8PV7A love this song ♥

Don'tBe, State of Shock was released by Michael and Mick Jagger.

With the L.O.V.E.

Yes, I have heard about this, I hope it's true.

"There Must Be More To Life Than This" Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury


I think this is very exciting - I hope it happens Laughing out loud