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Joe Jackson launching a fragrance line

Michael Jackson's father is set to launch a fragrance collection dedicated to his late son.

Joe Jackson has teamed up with a French perfume company to create the male and female scents, called Jackson's Tribute and Jackson's Legend, which are inspired by plants grown at the late King of Pop's Neverland Ranch.

The family patriarch signed the deal with bosses of the Julian Rouas Paris company in December, and the fragrances have since gone into production ahead of a Mach 7 release in the U.S. A portion of the proceeds will given to a number of the late singer's favourite charities.

The firm's chief executive, Franck Rouas, tells the AFP, "With Joe Jackson, we are 50-50 partners in world sales, television rights and advertising receipts (for the collection)....We did it very, very quickly. Usually it takes a year."

A representative for Jackson's estate has confirmed the project has not been authorised by them, branding it "a Joe Jackson deal".

I know nothing about the source

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Dorita Smiling , that's worse

crismc , he doesn't care whether you like him or hate him , he is living his life , a very good life for an 80 year old .
I wish he used other disciplinary methods to his children , it's done , it's done , it was acceptable at that time , Michael forgave his father

I'd rather smell like Pepe Le Pew than this lowlife opportunistic grub.

He's a celebrity in his own lunchtime. Eek! Barf!

I hate Joe Jackson! Opportunist!

He is a Patriach . He knows how to make deals , he has been doing this for a long time

I'm interested in his perfume , I can't get over it . I posted this link before , I hope it will be something like this

yeah Joe is def. a celeb in his own way.
and you do have to give him his props, he knows how to hustle and make a buck lol

Joe Jackson is a celebrity in his own right . Wherever he goes there is a crowd.

I would like hanging out with Joe , does he care what anyone says , that's what he taught his children

He is keeping his son's legacy alive , I would wait for the smell of perfume .

XD Yeah, everyone wants to smell like a total a$$hole. I know when I makeout, the first think I want to smell is 'evil greedy a$$hole.' Yummy.

Why don't we launch a smart fragrance line? Like Mikegasm. That would sell like hotcakes =3 His fans can design the smell. And then give most if not all the money to charity. Not just a 'portion'. Puhleeez

But seriously. Joe Jackson fragrance? No.

If its reasonably priced, and I like the smell, I'll buy. At least Joe is trying to earn his money. Cut him some slack. Michael made peace with his father.

Julia that vid was hilarious!!!
and so are the other comments on this thread!!
omg what's Joe thinking??
oh yeah, that's right $$$.

Whaha Smiling Julia, that was priceless!!!!

ROFLMAO Jawdropping!

Julia that is a keeper! Thanks for posting that video!

Julya Ha ha ha XD I am dying here

Flatline: ____/\___/\___________________ Dead at the thought of Joe Jackson launching perfumes!

You too can smell like Greed, Jealously & BloodMoney!

No thanks.




LMAO! Thanks for posting that clip, Julia! I added that to my favorites. Laughing out loud

@Julia why down there LOL Sticking out tongue That was too funny especially the ppl in the photos HAHAHA.

Mikki Smiling , LOL

Murray will use some of this plants for his fragrance line that's the treatment he will give , they are misbehaving , hopefully is photoshopped , I don't want to loose my appetite .

Maybe Joe wanted to create a fragrance that HE can spray "down there" on himself. Sticking out tongue

Good grief....

Next In The News.......... Dr. Murderer will launch his own Fragrance line... hmmmm what will that smell like? Evil

If it smells like this , Michael won't approve

He will come back like this

I was reading everyone comments , it's interesting

Let's give him a benefit of doubt people , Is it not nice seeing Michael everywhere than seeing nobody doing nothing Smiling ?

There is always money involved

Ah, the sweet smell of money... LOL!

Oh, boy. What will Joe think of next? Sheesh!

Pfffffffffffft! LMBFAO at Angel! I nearly spat out my dinner with raucous laughter lol lol, that was priceless! LOL LOL

I could've sworn that something strong was reeking and the stench was wafting through the house and I thought for a minute it was a clogged up sewer, but all the while it was Joe trying to make more measly bucks at Michael's expense.

I can only imagine his "perfume" would reek as bad as his lame ass publicity stunts. What a fruit loop! Evil The more I hear about this fool, the more I regurgitate at the mere thought of him. Barf! Just as Michael declared in the Oprah interview, I truly feel his pain.

Well, the Toronto Sun is NOT a tabloid, but a desperate attempt for a newspaper. It is usually viewed by men who skip the news and aim for for the ''sunshine girl'' page. It is laid out in Tabloid format and looks like the National Inquirer and sort of tacky. Much of the news is reliable, but not always 100% accurate.
However...this one I could believe. Joe, is grasping at straws!

julia Smiling

I won't be buying it , and I won't be spraying it

down there.

Hm, the Toronto Sun. It's a Canadian newspaper not a tabloid so let's give it the benifit of the doubt. I don't read it since I live 5 hours away from the city so I can't tell you if it's trustworthy or not. But I think it's all right.

I can tell you right now that I won't be buying what Joe puts out. If it was Michael it would be different.

OMGOodness it must be for those over 80 spending time in a barber shop lol

Fragrances will not smell like Joe

what Joe smell like cigarettes and whiskey haha Danica


Only Joe could utter these words and think they sound gerd.......

Here is a link for Michael Jackson Cologne:

Eye-wink Danica.

He say 'Bliyng idd awn' 'It feelz gerd'...


"Bling It On"

Danica Cool