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so katherine had a son named brandon jackson i was just caurious sense he died that what if their was a brandon jackson instead of a micheal jackson ?. so im gusseing it would go tito, , jackie,jermaine, marlon, brandon micheal randy, so kathrine really has to be distraught about losing micheal because she preavisouly lost brandon i never knew about their other brother. so i kinda thought that this was the first child she lost out of the family. will i hope micheal and brandon are reunited with each other.( and micheal i just want you to give our twin brother brandon a hug for me) - marlon jackson. Sad

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yea cant help but wonder what brandon looks like he's probly cute of course because the jacksons have beautiful genes. Smiling

Well @general people:
I always thought that was a LOT of kids.But thank God they didn't stop before Michael.Or further.they are all lovely.

I know Brandon was Marlon's twin.I don't know but suddenly I don't feel good.

yes Brandon is Marlons twin so actually Michael was baby #8 rather than # 7 Katherine and Joe had 10 kids

Brandon was Marlon's twin right? I think he told Michael that he would be with his twin in heaven now.