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Dear all MJ fans.
Over the last week, I have tried to make a playlist called THE DEFINITIVE MICHAEL JACKSON PLAYLIST. My goal was to create something that will span all of Michael's adult career and will create a list of songs arranged in such a way that they blend in with each other. I also tried to include songs that show the immense variety that MJ had. Maybe this would be great for new fans who discovered him after June 25 (sniff). Anyway, enough talk and here we go

1. Thriller
2. Wanna Be Startin' Something
3. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.
4. Off the Wall
5. Human Nature
6. Billie Jean
7. Beat it
8. Rock With You
9. Smooth Criminal
10. Bad
11. The Way You Make Me Feel
12. Man in the Mirror
13. Jam
14. Remember the Time
15. Heal the World
16. Black or White
17. Ghosts
18. They Don't Care About Us
19. Stranger in Moscow
20. Earth Song
21. Blood On The Dance Floor
22. Unbreakable
23. Butterflies
24. Speechless
25. 2000 Watts
26. Cry
27. We've Had Enough
28. History

Justification on Song Selection:
I know that Thriller is a weird way to start the playlist but when the door opens in the song and you hear footsteps and then you have the Thriller chords, I thought that it was a grand entrance for MJ. It sends chills down my spine.

I included Off the Wall because it's such a great song. MJ said that it was one of his best songs in an interview in 2002.
I included Ghosts because I think that the song is very personal to MJ and I thought that History was the best way to end the playlist because it's an amazing song to use in that place. We've Had Enough is an absolute gem as well.

The reason why there are so many songs from Invincible is because they really highlight his vocals and provide a nice balance after the angry songs from HIStory/BOTDF era. I included 2000 Watts because it provides a nice balance for Speechless and Butterflies.

Why I didn't choose some songs:
You Rock My World; This was probably Invincible's greatest hit but I didn't choose it because the intro kind of breaks the flow of the playlist.
Dirty Diana: I could never relate MJ with this song. This was probably about what he witnessed with his brothers but I could not really connect with him.

Next time you listen to MJ please make this your playlist and tell me whether you like how I arranged the songs. I have been listening to the transitions of the songs all week and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some feedback. Maybe I would be able to improve it as well. This is also for longterm MJ fans to maybe try to provide another way to look at his music.

Thank you very much

Comments (4)

That sounds like a very interesting idea. Why don't you do that and post it?

I was thinking of doing a playlist of the very intense songs of MIchael only.. like one dark side playlist and one good side.. or maybe doing a playlist with the both cumulated but in order and giving the relation to each other..
like: for example....
-Come together
-give in to me
-you are my life
-For all time etc..

Thank you very much. It did take some time and I tried my best Smiling

Nice job!