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did MJ drink alcohol????

does anybody no if MJ actually did drink alcohol or not?? cuz i'm confused!! i read in his book that he wrote that he wld nevr drink n now i'm hearn on answer.com that he did!! does any1 no 4 sure if he did???

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I heard he got drunk on wine, I don't know if its true or not

My thoughts are that he didn't drink alcohol for a long time because of his personal beliefs, but as he got older he maybe had a glass of wine every now and again... what's wrong with that?! Smiling And the alcohol on the planes is mentioned in Conspiracy, he used coke cans so that his children wouldn't know he was drinking.

The story by David Gest is so funny, but I think it could be exaggerated a bit, I'd love it if it were true, poor Michael lol Laughing out loud

I don't believe that MICHAEL ever drank alcohol and till this day, I don't believe he took any drugs. What I do believe is that he developed a drug problem because he was being drugged by others who wanted to sabotage his career. The bottles that they found containing alcohol could have been sent by fans and the pictures could have been either edited, or him joking around. I can't imagine him doing this himself, because he always wanted to be in control of what he was doing. That is just my own belief. I doubt anyone knows anything for sure on this subject that we could honour, except maybe LMP or Elizabeth Taylor. (ok, maybe a glass of wine with either of the two...but I bet he would have had to be coaxed) Eye-wink

Hey jahmfan am just imagining that story michael learned the hard way me thinks. lol

oh, not dry I think... semi-sweet ! Smiling

he evidently drank only light wines, not strong alcohol drinks.
I'd like to drink with him a glass of white dry wine crossing our hands.. *aaaah*

just like the rest i heard he drank wine...
i have footage of mj in a hotel room holding a glass in his hand that looks like it contains red wine... and why not, i like wine too. he was probably more "normal" than the general public gave him credit for.

of course ........... we all do

I know he drunk wine when he boarded a plane due to his immense fear of flying. I believe he drank in moderation, occasionally.

He did drink wine, and occasionally wine coolers XD But wine maybe only a glass or two from what I've heard, and wine coolers very occasionally. I haven't heard of him drinking anything stronger than that, but when they raided Neverland (those b*sterds) they reportedly found one bottle of I belive vodka, and one that was either rum or whiskey. And there's one picture where he's holding a bottle of beer, but who knows lol. He was at a club in the picture. He drank sometimes, but not a lot. I can see why you're confused though. There are people who insist he didn't drink AT ALL the end, but that's totally not true. Hope we helped =)

Yes, he drunk wine. For those who don't know, JW's do drink wine.

I heard he started drinking wine sometime during the 80s. David Gest told a funny story about that moment. It goes like this:
Michael was staying at my place on Dohney and was happy to come along. He really respected Burt (Bacharach) but wondered, as we all did, what made him tick.

Burt had ordered a bottle of expensive French red wine, which he, Carole (Bayer Sager) and I were drinking. Michael never drank but that night he got interested in wine. Unbelievably; he didn’t even know what wine was.

‘What’s it made of?’ he asked me.

‘Grapes’, I said.

‘I like grapes,’ Michael said. ‘I think I’ll try some.’

So we poured Michael a glass and he drank it. He obviously liked it because he drank another one. We were drinking a 1982 Pomerol that tasted like candy, so he was bound to like it.

By this time, we all had a glass or two and the bottle was finished. So Burt ordered a second bottle. This time, Michael drank virtually the whole bottle. He had really aquired a taste for wine, fine wine at that, and was guzzling the stuff down.

So we ordered a third bottle and Michael drank most of that as well. That’s when I knew we were going to have a problem that night.

The evening came to an end and I drove Michael back to my place. He was, understandably, happy. In fact, he was flying high, very high. In the car he was talking and laughing. He was singing ‘I Want To Be Where You Are’ and ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’.

Then he started singing more of his hit songs like ‘Ben’. He was giggling away all the time.

‘You’re going to be in trouble,’ he said. ‘I’m going to tell Joesph what you did.’

I wasn’t taking the bait. ‘I didn’t do it, you did,’ I said.

It took us a few minutes to get back to my place. The minute I parked the car and opened the door for him, Michael leaned out and threw up all over the place. He spent the rest of the night hanging over the toilet. He was as sick as a dog. I was up all night with him.

He kept saying, ‘I’m going to tell Joe you corrupted me,’ I was kinda worried he would but he never did.

It was his first taste of wine, something he would come to love a little too much in later years. I always felt bad about that night but it sure was funny!

Lol! Poor Mikey!

I know he drink wine at dinner time .
I heard his chief said that once

Yep he definitely did drink wine. There is a lot of evidence. For example, Brett Strong his artist friend recalls sharing a bottle of wine with MJ and LMP at Neverland. And as aoibynay pointed out below he drank wine out of soda cans. There is court evidence to support this.

Perhaps, when he wrote Moonwalk he didn't drink because he was still a Jehovah's Witness.


I heard he used to drink wine out of coke cans if he was in front of his kids on a plane. I heard that he had a wine cellar at Neverland but that's all I know. I don't think that he ever drank beer or anything like but then again I don't know everything lol so yeah he did.