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"Best of joy"...I am balling my eyes out!!!!


this song..touches my heart..i am overwhelmed with emotions...i can not put into words...

Michael is telling us "i am forever...we are forever"

i cant stop crying...this song..it just seeps into my broken heart..captures my soul

Yes michael you are forever!!!

i wish i could stop crying over you..i try really i do!....Sad

so beautiful so beautiful...i can go on and on...*sighs*

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This is such a beautiful song. Every day I listen to the new album "Michael" and focus on a different song. Today Best of Joy was the song that touched my heart. His songs are even more meaningful now that he isn't here anymore. Such a tragedy ... when will it get better?? Sad ~~tears~~

Someone mentioned kids--but why do I feel he's talking to all the loves of his life. Not only the kids but the fans too. Why couldn't all the songs on the album be as pure sounding as this one when it comes to processing?

Hi friends

It's amazing how Michael affects each and everything we do every day in our lives, I am kinder, more patient and certainly do more charitable and compassionate acts, be it giving, praying or helping others physically. I find it easier to think before I speak and to give others the benefit of the doubt, I can also see both sides of disagreements that others may be having.

The effect is profound, it's nothing short of astounding. Just imagine if the whole world were able to see and feel and 'know' what we have learned through Michael and his legacy. Just imagine what a lovely place this would be .........

I have good days when I think the tears may have dried up - then completly without warning - here they come again. Best of Joy is so special because as far as we know this may have been the last one Michael was working on - to share with us all - before we lost him. Despite all that had been thrown at him, he remained sweet and compassionate to the core - and when he said he loves his fans, you can hear the sincerity in his beautiful voice.

I think a huge wave of feeling went around this world when he left us - and that wave is still building - the love is still growing and the friendships around the world are nothing short of amazing.

Michael leaving this world has created a miracle which will never be seen again - although a light has gone out from all our lives, we are comforted a little by knowing that we share our grief with so many brothers and sisters around the world.

Every day there is a child somewhere who is learning to dance the moonwalk or copying Michael's moves, the love is growing. There are initiatives set up and operational which will influence children (as they are educated) about love and respect for others. We are involved with movements which will bring those who persecuted Michael unfairly to justice; there are demonstrations about the way Michael passed, there are groups fighting to bring the tabloid untruths and slander to public notice and force an apology from them.

United, we have planted a whole forest, sent aid to countless disasters, set up and got involved in hundreds more charities, shared joy with children around the world, sent flowers every single week to Forest Lawn which hopefully is a real comfort to Katherine and those very lovely children Prince, Paris and Blanket.

United, we will achieve so much more and ensure that Michael's legacy lives forever! We will join together in fan events and celebrate his life and his gifts - and maybe one day, one or more of his children will take the mantle as they have already pledged to do and lead the world towards love once more.

Until that day, until our last breath, we will be there for Michael and his family; we will share love and compassion with all, judging none by colour or religion becasue we are are a family and those things matter no. We will make that change within our own lives and we will remain united in our mission to bring love back to the world and to heal this planet and all who live and should co-exist here - animals, plants and humans.

Michael you are our BEST OF JOY - thank you for the music, we love you so much more ............

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my wonderful MJ family around the world - I love you all - keep Michaeling!!!!

Helen- your words are so true..all the more heartbreaking..the love he had for his kids...beautiful music for them...and yet he was taken from them so soon..i cant understand he wanted kids so much and now he finally had them and now he is gone Sad

bittersweet album indeed..
i too imagine him singin "behind the mask" in concert *sigh*

I'm moved to tears in several places on this album... such a bittersweet treat to have these new songs in Michael's voice.

Although Best of Joy was written in 2009, when his kids weren't that small anymore, because of the sweetness of Michael's voice, and the content of the lyrics, I get the feeling he's singing this to his kids. That's what I picture listening to this one, and it's so touching.

Another one that brings me to tears is Behind the Mask, because of the sound of a jubulent audience... I want him to be performing this in concert! It should have been! I fantisize Michael adding this as a treat to his O2 performances.

I've been listening to this album non-stop in my car since Dec. 10th, and I love every track.

Michaelscinderella- me neither...even to see him smile..melts your heart and you just want to cry and hug him so *sigh*
carley- aww dear ((hugs))..i have those moments too where i stop myself and think..whyy but then i try to be humble..at least we were graced with michaels magic in this lifetime..just think so many people will not know who he was and will only know of him through videos but we were lucky to live in his lifetime to see him on tv when he was alive...and even with this truth...we still want him back..i guess you are right..we should be thankful to God...it is true..nothing has touch my life too and was ..so powerful..other than the holy spirit..and michael happens to be the one..to have that effect...it must have been because God gave him a divine purpose to unite the world through love....i think through michael..many have start believing in God...and if not God...they did start to believe in a heaven...and angels..isnt that wonderful!

Chel I totally know how you feel listening to this song. I made the mistake of playing it as i was driving to work, I had to pull over I was crying so hard. and in the midst of all my sorrow i just started praising God and thanking him for the gift of Michael Joseph Jackson. Nothing short of the Holy Spirit has ever affected me this way..Michael was truly anointed and called for the purpose of uniting us all through LOVE and I miss him so much!

@cheluvmj4evr:My dear sweet sis (hugs).I hope and pray that it's ture and we will get to moonwalk with him.
But now listing to the song and reading the lyrics makes me want to cry.Why is it so hard?I don't understand why does it hurt to think about him or listing to him laugh or anything that involes him.

aww guys i am staring to feel ... i cry everytime i hear it now... We are forever!!! Laughing out loud

@cheluvmj4evr:My dear sweet sis (hugs).I hope and pray that it's ture and we will get to moonwalk with him.
But now listing to the song and reading the lyrics makes me want to cry.Why is it so hard?I don't understand why does it hurt to think about him or listing to him laugh or anything that involes him.

michaelscinderella- i totally understand how you feel *sigh*
omg bowling that is so sweet..id like to believe that in heaven we will all be moonwalking with michael in his beautiful neverneverland and no one can take that away from him...
leslie- that is indeed touching..aww ((hugs))

we will get through this together..i love you all
michael i love you so much!

wow thats touching LJMISSMJ

Hugs, Chel - Thru the pain Michael gives us so much joy! We'll get thru... I don't have a copy of my own, but I've been listening to a friends.... I am waiting for my Visions box set. Last night I listened to CRY, Will you Be There and Lost Children, with no lights on just one beautiful candle - yes, a hot mess...just when you think you can't possibly have any more water left in your body ......
Then I prayed and Thanked God for all my blessings and one of those blessings is/was Michael J. Jackson


chel: reaching my hand out...I know what u sayin´...I love that song but in the same times it gives me the creep...Like u said. It´s almost like a goodbye..."We are forever, I´am forever"....Miss my King sOOOOO much...but I know in my heart and my soul...that he´s right here, ´cause I know that there a higher force/power and one day, we moonwalking together in neverland....!!!!!That´s my "Best of joy"

I love that song the fasleto is amazing! It brings a smile to my face =)

Did you know it was written and recorded in 2009? That's awesome! So he HAD plans for a new album...

omg! I just finished listiing to it.that just makes it harder to be here without him.
''I am the one who came when you feel down
I was the only one around, the only one around
When things will hurt to you''
That parts pains me because his music was there when I felt down always.
I think I still cry because I miss him so much.

TC we're all family in Heaven. There will be no disappointment in Heaven then it wouldn't be Heaven, it'd be Earth.

TC- exactly...i sure hope God gives us that chance..at least get a hug up there...surely God understands the most about how we feel..i mean many have grieved worst for michael than people we actually knew...we all feel some kind of connection to him as a whole..surely God knows this
nieesha- right...gosh..his voice is so soothing...my heart is aching! *sighs*

i love this song oh so much... im falling in love all over again with this wonderful mAN!!!!! Laughing out loud

"what if we never see him..what if were never given that chance in heaven....i am scared we will never see him again ..i know hes up there....but were not even his family"

This totally brought tears to my eyes. I can understand where you are coming from. The uncertainty is so scary. I think Michael was a total package deal [Best of Joy just came on my iPod as I'm typing this :(] and that's what lure people to him and what makes it hurts so much because we've grown attached to him and loved him as if he was a part of our own families.

Kmorr..wow i feel you on that for sure..it makes me go aww michael your so adorable...God i love that man...it must be a combination of things...so hard to explain..we could be crying for his family for each other..for all michael endured for the fact that he is not here anymore..for our lost childhoods...the fear of never seeing him again...trying to hold on to every moment and memory we have left of him...i can go on forever *sighs*
smoothcriminal- for sure my favorite of the album as well Smiling

aww i love this song too its my fave of the new album makes me cry to

I'm like you @cheluvmj4evr EVERY single time I hear this song, it makes me tear up. The first time I heard the full version of this song, I was balling too, uncontrollably for about 15 minutes. I love this song it is so melodic and sweet, and makes me say Awwwwww Smiling I can't explain why I'm still crying; I have never cried for anyone the way I have for Michael; Maybe it is because he was taken away too soon, or thinking about what the media did to him.... I don't know Sad

monroe- I guess your right...why cant i stop crying...what is it about michael that touchs our hearts and souls..why do we still cry until this day..i have grieved before but never like this!

i feel you completely!

you know in "best of joy"...i feel like when michael says "you know i always will love you..i am forever"...i felt like it was his farewell...i feel its so much deeper than the physical sense that hes talking about...forever is our spirits..God i cant stop crying...i feel he was saying goodbye but not straight forward..like what was he thinking when he recorded this song in 09...what crossed his mind:?

I WANT MICHAEL BACK.. i dont care if its selfish anymore...
were crying here and he cant do anything about it...
i want to stop crying but i cant help it....
i am a mess right now....and the way he says "i always will love you"...breaks my heart

what if we never see him..what if were never given that chance in heaven....i am scared we will never see him again ..i know hes up there....but were not even his family

i miss him so much right now ..someone give me your hand Sad

cheluvmj4evr, don't beat yourself up about it. You did know him in a different sort of way, through his music. It may not have been personally but it was still a deep connection.

@cheluvmj4evr - I had the same experience last night while listening to Keep Your Head Up and I asked myself why was I reacting to the song this way, but I do find myself getting emotional when I could relate to certain parts of Michael's songs, actually I was crying just about the whole day on Saturday when I had the chance to listen to the whole CD over and over again.

it hurts to much...i hate myself for crying so much..i dont even know this man!!!! God! Sad

I heard that he did record this in 2009. It's a very sweet song. I'm not crying [yet] but it definitely tugs on your heart strings.