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new album sales

I just read roger freidman 411,and, he said that the album was no.5 on itunes and amazon,and, he made it seem like that is a dissapointing showing. I don't know if you can make a judgement this early. I would like other thoughts on this.

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The album had been available on the east coast of the US for about 14 1/2 hours, online that is. I think that it's doing great so far!! Keep in mind that those on the west coast are 3 hours behind. And many, myself included, wanted a hard copy of the album. I bought two CD's today and may purchase it on iTunes as well just to help it climb up the charts. Most people work or have school during the day too and may not have had the opportunity to buy it first thing this morning. The Billboard charts are updated weekly so let's wait and see how well the album is doing by the end of the week. On iTunes the album was number 43 right before midnight EST now it's #4. I think that's amazing. I didn't even expect it to climb that fast. Time will tell...ya just got to let it simmer. Smiling