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I want to hear some Neverland stories please. I have 15 years worth from the other side of the fence but want to hear some fan stories.

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I don't have any Neverland stories... Sad I've never been there. But I do have a question. Is there any possible way for me to visit Neverland without being an unfortunate child or paying hundreds of dollars? If I could visit Neverland for maybe about the same price as it would cost me to go to Disneyland, I could afford it. I'm really hoping to get a chance to visit Neverland, seeing as there is no more chance for me to see Michael performing live. I don't want to wait until it's too late again...R.I.P. Michael Sad

That's quite hilarious Big Al. "Who Is It" ? It's a good thing you didn't call security. Laughing out loud

That story just reminded me of the similarities of Michael and Johnny...

It was close to the end of a long day at the ranch ... we had a VIP party of about 200 guests. I do not recall what the event was for but there were several celebrities. It was one of those nights were the temperature drops a lot after the sun goes down. There was only about a dozen or so guests left before we could call it a night and shut off the lights. I walked into the theater to warm up and see how many guests were left. I noticed a person who I thought looked out of place ... the majority of the guests were dressed formal or close to it and this person was in blue jeans, flannel shirt and a wool hat, looked like he needed a shave. He was talking to some people who I knew and who were invited guests but I just was not sure about this guy ... I walked up into the projection room and asked the projectionist to have a look ... I asked ... 'Do you know who that person is?" ... his reply ... after a he laughed at me ... "Your kidding, right?" ... "That's Johnny Depp." Boy did I feel like a Bozo. To make matters worse ... a little later when we only had a few guests to go ... I am standing behind the snack bar trying to stay warm but look like I was doing something important ... when who walks up and starts a conversation with me ... you guessed it ... and he went on about what a great place this is and how great ALL the staff were ... little did he know I was about to call security on him because I thought he was an un-invited guest.

At last ... I am back ... long story ... posted a bit of it in my other forum topic. Hope all is well ... missed you all ... please say a Prayer for Mr Jacksons kids. I will be posting soon ... Happy 4th of July.

All my best,

Big Al

Welcome back Big Al and loved the cake story! I agree it is kind of sad he had to be escorted surrounded by protection to walk across his own back yard. Im glad you got Franks book. I enjoyed it alot. Im glad MJ had a loving family like that in his life...people he could relax with and be himself. Take care and stop by whenever you are a bright spot in all our lives Smiling

Missed you around here Big Al. Glad to hear Michael wasn't hurt and it was chocolate cake Smiling

Welcome back Big Al!! Loved that story of Michaels birthday party We sure do love all your stories

Big Al!!! Awww, it's so good to see ya here again!

Loved your story, it was so easy to envision it all in my head and I can imagine your panic at discovering the chocolate cake stain. I've seen the pictures of Michael covered in it and can't hold back the smiles and it gives me such a warm feeling to know that you were there for him. And I've read Frank Cascio's book and liked it very much and I did smile upon seeing Franks special thanks to you, feel like I know you just a bit from reading your posts here.

I can't tell you enough how very much all of us appreciate the insights you share with us. It's been an unbelievable three years since we've lost Michael, but I'll never have my fill of hearing new, delightful stories of his life so thank you again for taking the time to give these small gifts to us.

God bless and keep you always,

I recently saw some photos on the internet of Mr. Jackson with cake all over him ... it was the biggest event we ever had at Neverland ... a fund raiser for 3 charities ,,, with over 2000 guests. We had a party rental company come in a set up several large tents for various uses. One of the tents was used as a large dance hall. This tent had a round stage in the middle for a DJ and his equipment. I believe the DJ was from a POP Radio station in Los Angeles. The event started around 2pm and went until about 2am. Around 10pm we had a ceremony where Mr Jackson gave a check to one of the charities. The ceremony was held at the DJ tent. After the ceremony someone decided to present a cake and sing happy birthday to Mr Jackson since his birthday was a couple of weeks earlyier. While all this was going on, a large number of Neverland employees were makeing a secure path out the back of the tent. We had two rows of about 15 employees shoulder to shoulder. It is a bit sad that we had to do this to get MJ out of there safely ... in his own back yard. I was about in the middle ... Dieter was the only 'Body Gaurd' on the property. As he and MJ approached ... Dieter looked at me and said, 'Get his left side'. I am guessing he picked me due to my largeness. So I grabed the back of Michael's shirt and put my chest against his left shoulder ... a mirror of the way Dieter had his right side. Just as I was thinking ... 'there is not going to be anyone out the back of this tent ... we made it out the back and there was crap load of crazy people trying to get Michael's attention. I just started bulldozzing my way to the car. Side note ... I almost body slammed Arron Carter. My concern was that as dark as it was and we were walking over some railroad tracks ... we were all going to the ground ... but we made it to the car. That was one of the most intense workouts ... that only lasted about 5 minutes. So now I am walking back through the tent ... now empty ... the only lights on were black lights ( ultraviolet ) ... I am wearing a suite ... I am sweating from the MJ move ... I take of my suite coat ... and I notice a large dark spot on my shirt ... I panic thinking it is blood ... maybe MJs blood ... I start to run to my golf cart and get my radio ... as I get out side I realize it is not blood ... I am covered in chocolate cake from Michael's food fight ... what a relief ... and the cake was good.

p.s. I finally got a copy of Frank Casio's book ... still reading ... update later ... it was nice to read his thanks to me.

Happy Fathers Day Big Al Smiling Hope you dont have to work today. I think Michael is sitting on a beautiful fluffy cloud above watching his beautiful children with so much pride. I don't know how often you get to see them or if you do, but here is a link to a beautiful video of Paris, Prince and Blanket....they are growing up so fast. Blanket looks more like Michael everyday. Enjoy Smiling

Hi Big Al Smiling
Hope all is post in almost a month...hoping things would have slowed a bit for you. Take care and post when you can. Smiling

Let's BUMP this back up Smiling

Good to see you Big Al...take care of yourself and get some rest...we're not going anywhere...we're the same as you...hopelessly devoted to this amazing beautiful man who brought us and the world together.

Hi Big Al
Welcome back

Where in Colorado are you? I'm in Denver

Looking forward to your next story

Big Al, it's just good to see you drop by and hoping you find time for some R & R. Laughing out loud And am very much looking forward to your forthcoming story!

YAY Al is here Smiling hope you get some rest Big Al take care

You'e been missed Big Al. Thanks for stopping by. We will look forward to your stories again.


How the heck are all you people? Once again I am apologizing for not posting in a long time ... and it is the same old excuse ... I seem to be working ALL the time.

I am now in Colorado for a few weeks and things should slow down a little.

Hope everyone is doing well.

I still have a dream at least once a month about being at Neverland ... wake up in tears ...

All my very best ... be back soon with a story ...

Big Al


We miss you Big Al Sad Come back and tell us some more of your stories Smiling

We miss you Big Al Sad Come back and tell us some more of your stories Smiling


Thanks BA for getting in touch. I've kept that information and put it with my memo.

Big Al just want to say hello and thank you for all your stories about Michael. I love when he wanted to buy a roller coaster and you had to convince him otherwise. Exactly how many conversations did it take, or was he convinced right away? Have you read Karen Moriartys book about Michael? It is excellent. Its very thoughtful and well researched. Have you or anyone heard about any future plans for Neverland? Take care, and stop by with another story soon! Love you are so missed <3



What a funny story, lol. I could you not keep a straight face.

It was a weekend ... no guests but MJ was home ... I think we were expecting guests in the next day or 2. The Chief of Security called me on the radio and asked if I could call on the phone. I was informed that security was doing some trainning today ... the exercise was to locate a reported trespasser. One of the guys from the Zoo and I were to hide anywhere we wanted and see how long it took for one of the 2 or both of the oficers that were trainning to find us. For the first episode ... we decided to hide in the Theater ... Jaun hide in an area under the stage. Under the stage is a storage area with acess stairs at each end ... and a light switch. This is almost out of a cartoon ... Jaun got busted because he was laughing too hard ... and this is why ... the gaurd would start down the west steps to look under the stage as he would turn on the lights ... Jaun would start up the east steps and turn off the lights ... the guard would turn around start back up the steps and turn on the lights ... then head back down the steps at which point Jaun would turn off the lights ... I guess this went on several times before Jaun could not hold back the laughter and the guard decided to use his flashlight to bust Jaun. I think he could have gotten away if he was not laughing so hard.

Now for me ... I chose to hide in plane sight. The other guard entered the theater ... all lights were off ... I was sitting in the chair that Mr jackson always sat in ... I saw the beam of the flashlight as the gaurd looked in the right bedroom ... then the projection booth ... I thought for sure he was going to see me at that point but he did not ... then the left bedroom ... now he walks down the left side of the theater shinning his light ... back to the lobby and then down the right side ... he finnaly shines is light on me ... and in a very professional voice he orders me to not move ... this guy was a retired Police Officer and knew the drill ... he then asked who I was as he turned on all lights ... I put on my best crazy person voice ... " Where have you been? ... I have been waiting for an hour for the movie to start ... if you are the projectionist, I am going to have you fired." At this this point the guard is still very serious and asks again who I am ... "You dont know who I am? ... I am Mrs jackson and I am going to have your job ... now get this movie going or else." Well, the guard lost ... he could not keep a straight face after that line. He said they told him there was an intruder on property but they forgot to tell him the person was crazy.

This trainning exercise went down in history as the most humorous.

Sorry it took so long ... this has been a very busy Spring for me.

My very best to all,

Big Al

No ... it was the last re-make of Planet of the Apes

What a funny story I guess this is why I love animals so much. Would this be the new Planet of the Apes movie? I've been wanting to see it looks very good.

So one day I get a call on the radio from Jose in the Zoo asking me to call him on the phone. Some guys from Hollywood are here to record some sound clips of the Chimps barking. Barking is what they call how the Chimps communicate. The reason Jose called me is because AJ ( the Chimp ) was convinced that I was his dad or brother or leader of the pack ... anyway, I would visit AJ often and we had a great relationship ... and yes, he would bark like crazy when he saw me. I tell Jose to tell the sound guys to get ready ... I parked my golf cart a long way from the Chimp barn and started walking the reailroad tracks. As soon as AJ saw me he went crazy ... the sound guys like it. Once I got there and started talking to AJ he calmed down. The sound guys wanted more and asked if there was anything I could do to get him to bark some more. I told them to get ready ... then I told AJ I had something in my pocket ... AJ started up again ... after he calmed down I reached in my pocket and pulled out a pack of the candy 'POP ROCKS' ... AJ sticks his bottom lip through the chainlink fence and I pour the candy in ... he keeps it in his mouth for a while ... it starts poping and then some green foam comes out ... the sound guys were cracking up ... then they asked for more ... I told them the only thing left to get AJ fired up again was for me to bark at him ... so I did ... the sound guys looked at me in disbelief ... AJ and I barked at each other for several minutes. After AJ and I were done the sound guys thanked me and told me I sounded just like AJ ... dont be suprised if you hear yourself in the new Planet of The Apes movie.

Just another day at Neverland ...

All my best to all,

Big Al