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from TSCM, a well respected and well known member of the online fan community

Heal the World, as involving Michael Jackson, was formally dissolved in 2004. Its operations had stopped in late-2002. This was made official on the tax filings from 2003. Here's an old message of mine on the issue:


The Heal the World tax filings from 2003 (based on 2002 data) state, at the end:


On the form itself they also checked 'YES' to the question: "Was there a liquidation, dissolution, termination, or substantial contraction during the year?"

Thus, by all legal accounts, the foundation was dissolved in 2004.

According to non-profit documents, Melissa Johnson recently founded another Heal the World Foundation entity, although no concrete details are available about its operations.

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Love you forever.....Michael

There are so many scam charities out there trying to benefit from MJs name and the outpouring of love from his grief stricken fans. I encourage everyone to do a little research before contributing to any charity. Check out charitynavigator.com it will give you the low down on all legit charities and will rate them on efficiency and how well they serve their intended purpose.

I posted this on MJJCommunity.com last night and want to post it here so we can all stop wondering about this:


This report by CBS News was published today. It really does say it all, and I quote, "...representatives of the Jackson estate say the foundation is not linked. "The Michael Jackson estate has no connection whatsoever to the "Heal the World Foundation” run by Melissa Johnson," said Terry Fahn, a spokesperson for John Branca, the special administrator of the Jackson estate."

Rest In Peace, Michael. I am so sick of people scamming other people in your name.

Heal The World, people! We are the world, and it is up to us to make that change!


i thought it was legit because i saw a whole bunch of stuff with him and a quote from him..now i dont even know anymoe..please keep us posted on this information!!! because it would be nice to know that we can still donate there! and help to try to make the world a better place thank you
I love michael- i love everyone here

Cool. Please keep us posted Lilly & Ida, if you find out anything further. Thank you!!!

- love you forever...Michael.

I became a basic member of the HTWF site last week sometime. It seems legit, but I want to make sure that Michael was still affiliated with the organization at the time of his passing. I know he founded it, but was he still affiliated with it. I dropped them an email asking, we'll see if I get a response.

Thanks Ida for all of your hard work Smiling

iluvmj4ever> Not yet, I was going to do it today but I read this post and it scared me alittle , I wanted to make sure this is legit. So first I'm going to contact them, I mean I read the paper work that Miss Johnson supplied the site with but I just want to be sure that everything is ok and then I'm going to submit the application.

Ida> Did you submit your stuff yet?

Awesome. Thanks Ida!!!

Moon > Thanks for the head's up!!!
- love you forever...Michael.

She does also supply some paper work to prove the legitimacy of the charity. I'm still going to try to contact them but I thought I'd post that up for you guys. If I can contact anyone that works within the foundation I'll let you know and keep everyone updated

Ok, Melissa Johnson (president of heal the world foundation) has worked closely with Michael throughout the years,and she has said that basically the site and the foundation isn't for the media it's about helping those in need. In order to donate you have to register on the site but the site is taking Donations. They are also accepting applications from volunteers, if you want to volunteer you must upload your resume to the site and submit the application!


Yeah, please keep this updated, I too was hoping to donate to Heal the World in August....

Thanks for the heads up.

I would seriously think twice about donating money or time to this. When Michael was involved, it was a proper charity, but now anyone can just set a website using the name and you have no idea where your money is going. There were even people at The O2 in London handing out flyers asking people to donate their refunded ticket money to Heal The World. To me it just smells of a scam, cos everyone knows Heal The World was a proper charity which Michael set up and now some people think it could be an easy way to get money, as grieving fans are desperate to cling to any little bit of Michael which is left.

Cool! Ida let me know if you get a hold of them. I haven't tried yet.

- love you forever...Michael.

I believe they are still taking donations as well, just go to the site and it will have a link for it. I'm going to try and contact them


please keep this thread up to date, I wanted to donate in August^^

Oh ok...great. Cause I went to the .us one...and it had postings for volunteers still. So I guess Ida & I are okay! Coolio.

- love you forever...Michael.

I agree with lilyandgish, idk the site seems active, in fact they are still taking applications for volunteers so idk..I guess I'll find out when I contact them about volunteering

Do you know why it was dissolved?

Interesting. ...check out the website. It's very active, and although they mention on the page losing their tax exempt status at one time I'm not under the impression the foundation disolved.

There is also a Heal the World dot org and a heal the world dot com, but those are not related to Michael's organization.


Thanks Moon. I hope I looked into the correct one, and not the dissolved one.

- love you forever...Michael.